Dont Buy It Toiletries Edition Ep 14

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush welcome to the 14th episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it this is a series where i try to convince you to not buy certain items so that you can reduce your burn rate increase your net worth all that much faster now i do realize that sometimes there are very valid reasons for you to buy certain things for example

Maybe you absolutely require it for your livelihood in those cases sure you can still buy anyway but kind of look at this video more like me trying to convince you not to buy certain things to help you along generally in our day-to-day lives we often buy a lot of things that we don’t actually need in my case i’ve created various methods for every single item so

That i do not have to buy those things i’m gonna share this with you in this video now everyone has their own tolerance for frugality and maybe you have a higher standard of living than i do usually once you move up to a higher standard of living it’s really hard to move back down if you find yourself barking at whatever item that i’m talking about and saying oh

I’m not gonna give that up this in essence it’s your standard of living that’s moved up and then you’re unwilling to move back down from that all i have to say it does take sacrifice to not buy so much stuff and so that you can apply it towards your network so that you can retire earlier what i like to recommend of course is every single thing that i mentioned

I kind of think of it as a method there’s a trick to not buying it and once you know it i feel like it should make it easier in order for you to not buy such items if all else fails you can just try out this method and not buy that certain item and then if it fails and if you don’t like it okay you can just go back and you know go back to how you were before at

Least you give it a try now the first thing i like to talk about is shampoo for some reason personally i’ve been shampooing my hair and conditioning it every single day for many many years in a row for guys this is absolutely unnecessary but at the time i was like you know i really need to shampoo my hair or else my heads gets itchy the thing that realizes that the

Pores on your scalp has been conditioned to produce a lot of oil so if you just stopped shampooing for one day it’s gonna get itchy so this is more like retraining your body to not produce so much oils and then you can skip shampooing maybe one day two days or three days this is actually really healthy for your hair and why do i recommend to do this the less times

That you wash your hair the less shampoo that you use it’s significant let’s say you used to wash your hair seven days a week and suddenly you wash at two times a week this is three and a half times less shampoo oh the course of the year let’s say you buy three and a half bottles of shampoo all of a sudden you only need to buy one savings the second thing i want to

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Mention is a bathroom mirror i used to get one ladies all the time and i put it in the shower and i would shave in the shower there’s a two-fold benefit here if you stop getting this mirror in order to shave in the shower first one if you don’t get the mirror it means there’s one less thing to break when i used to get mirrors i remember it breaking roughly about 2

3 years and i have to buy a new one and what happens is i just keep on buying every few years and then well that’s wasted money so instead of buying this i just stopped using it altogether and just go well i’m gonna shave instead after a shower the hairs on your face will get a bit softer after your shower anyway so once you jump out of it then you shave this has

A second fold of benefit here because then you would shorten your shower time as well now this is more for guys and i’m not too sure what women can do to not shave in the shower perhaps you can shave outside and then jump in the shower i’m not too sure the third item is electronics such as a radio that you can put in your shower any kind of electronic item that

You put inside your shower it’s not gonna last too long because of all the water that’s flowing through there usually rubber seals within these electronic items that prevents water from getting in it works great the first six months one year even but after that the rubber starts to get brittle and then the water would start seeping it once water starts seeping in

Its gonna destroy your electron so if you ever had some sort of electronic item like a radio or something in your shower you realize that it doesn’t last too long so what do i say don’t get this at all if you really want to listen to something stick your phone outside of your shower use a bluetooth speaker or something to amplify the sound and that external thing

That never gets wet it’s gonna last you a lot longer the fourth item is an automatic shower cleaner now this is something that you may not even be familiar with i heard about this item many years ago it’s for people that don’t really want to clean their shower they just put this electronic item there it has some sort of solution that the shower thing is gonna spray

Right after every time you shower so during some period it’s gonna spray a bunch of solution onto the walls and then when you take your shower all this water is gonna rinse everything off and it’s gonna keep your shower clean now i actually never had one of these before but i know that anything that runs water through it’s usually not that durable so by extension


Of what i said before this is something that you should also not get well if you really want your shower to be continually clean well you just need a brush and clean it manually the fifth item that you do not absolutely have to buy is a towel why do i talk about not buying towels of course you need a few there’s an interesting story behind us because long ago i

Used to not be as frugal i remember acutely that i was visiting someone and then i saw their towel hanging on the wall and it was a very very old towel it didn’t have holes on it or anything but it was very rundown it looked very used but it was still usable at the time i was very young i think i was in high school or something but when i looked at it i was like

Oh my gosh i cannot believe that looks ugly why don’t they just buy a brand new towel a brand new towel only cost like couple dollars i mentioned this because i don’t think that way anymore if you have something and just because it’s ugly but it’s still usable why should you go around just discarding it and then buying a brand new one this is more like keeping an

Image or if you like things to look brand new all the time this is a very dangerous thing because just because it looks old and yet functional you go around replacing it just so that it’ll look new this switch of mindset here and you might not like this because your standard of living might be high enough that you always want things to look pretty new but if you

Switch to this mindset where as long as this is usable even if it looks really torn up and you still keep on using it until it’s not usable anymore then you’re gonna save yourself a lot of money including this towel the last thing i want to talk about which is not really a bathroom item is my honey badger t-shirt whenever i have these financial videos that tries

To convince people not to buy anything and then at the end i try to sell you guys a honey badger t-shirt at the end of those videos i always get comments like oh don’t buy anything but buy my t-shirt when you’ve been on youtube long enough you kind of see similar type of comments those trainer thoughts it’s not new anymore i’ve heard that type of comment like a

Hundred times people think they’re being original but you know it’s not so with so many of those types of comments and i might even get those comments at the end of this video if they didn’t watch this section of this video this is more like a person where they like to point out flaws and everybody if you go read how to win friends and influence people one of the

Items that’s talked about in that book is to go very lightly on your criticism if every single thing that comes out of your mouth it’s a criticism if you hang out with friends every single time they show you something brand-new you go oh you know this is something wrong with it i show you something i’m really proud of and then you go oh yeah you could have make it

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Better like this people that do this pisses a lot of people off that’s all i have to say about it anyway i still offered a honey badger t-shirt but if you have a lot of key shirts of course you don’t need another one most people have way too many shirts already if you just buy another t-shirt it’ll just be another piece of clothing that you don’t need so unless you

Have a bunch of holes and you only have you know about ten items of shirts to wear and then one or two of them goes bad then yeah maybe you need to buy a new shirt and then maybe you want to buy a honey badger t-shirt but if you have more than that and most people do think of this more like a support from my channel i would not ask brand new subscribers to buy this

T-shirt of course because i did not give anything to them i would not even ask regular subscribers who did not greatly benefit from my channel to get this t-shirt even who do i intend to buy this t-shirt but absolutely not required before are those people that are longtime subscribers and if you happen to watch a whole bunch of my videos and you actually gained a

Lot if you actually saved a lot of money more than $100 more than $1000 even i think if you watch enough of my videos and i actually change their lives you probably notice and you probably have a rough figure in mind of how much i actually saved you for those people i would absolutely appreciate if you get my t-shirt think of it as a donation and then you get the

T-shirt as a prize this is merely a suggestion so even if you don’t get it i’m not gonna mind just if you see me in person don’t tell me oh i absolutely did not buy our t-shirt just so that i know i don’t know who bought my t-shirt i don’t remember all the names but if you do buy it tag me on instagram send me a picture or something and i would really appreciate

It so thanks for watching everybody i still have that t-shirt so as an ongoing thing i’ll leave a link to that down in a video description below if you absolutely don’t want a t-shirt and you’re interested in supporting my channel in other ways i have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audio book and if you find out that

You don’t like this book or this service you can still keep this audio book for free and help benefit this channel i also have a patreon over here if you’re interested in getting early access to my videos and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon so that you get a new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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