Don’t Buy It: Toys R Us Edition Ep. 13

Toys R Us is having liquidation sales due to their recent bankruptcy. The sales are paltry and will come in increasingly larger discounts. However, as the discounts increase, so will the quality of the items as they are picked up by people going to the store. Watch to find out the reasons to avoid going into the store and keep your money in your pocket!

How’s it going everybody does it beat the bush welcome to another episode of don’t buy you don’t need it today i’m gonna cover toys r us as you know toys r us has announced their bankruptcy and they’re closing all their stores they’re closed as sales started on friday march 24 2018 the reported discount is about 30 percent off of original and people have said that

The discount isn’t all that great you can probably get better discounts in other times now you have to look at the toys are point of view here they’re trying to extract as much value from the inventory that they’re holding already now how do you do this while trying to get rid of all their stock at the same time they’re certainly not going to set everything up at

7080 percent off right off the bat because then they’re gonna sell a lot of good items at 80 percent off which is at a loss to them the more efficient way to do this and the way that they can extract the most value is to do this in little steps at a time so initially they’re gonna have a 30 percent off and they’re gonna step down to maybe 40 percent 50 percent 60

70 80 90 percent an even more efficient way to do this is rather than stepping at 10 percent at a time they can step down one percent at a time they can just announce it in the beginning they can say okay the first day is gonna be one percent off the next day is gonna be two percent off so every additional day they’re gonna have another percent off so by the time

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90 days has passed it’s gonna be 90 percent off now why should toasters employ this is because every step along the way there’s going to be someone that wants to buy a certain item they’re gonna value that item as a certain amount when they step down gradually like this it means people cannot just swoop in and then go okay i can have an additional ten percent off

Right away because they’re stepping up the discount 10% at a time and i think they’re gonna do ten percent at a time what you can do is you have to closely monitor how many percent off they have on that day and once they make a jump to the next level you should go in and check out if there’s anything you want to buy because when they set it at thirty percent off

And you go two weeks later a lot of people would have seen that very same item or the entire store for thirty percent off and if it’s worth it to them they’re going to buy already and likely people are gonna already have bought it but let’s say people did not buy a 30 percent off and then it stepped up to 40 percent off if you are the first person to see it right

When it’s 40 percent off then you get the 10 percent additional off deal now why should you not go to this liquidation so it’s because the deals are not that great there’s gonna be a lot of people there as people buy the items in the so are you gonna start to notice that it’s pretty empty in the store you’re not going to have a great selection of what you want to

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Get the best way to do this of course is to have something in mind that you want to buy you go into the store to see if they have it and if they have it you can buy it but then not get tempted by certain random items that they have at a really great discount and then you pick those up as well so obviously by the time they have 7080 percent what do you think they’re

Gonna have there they’re not going to have the latest video game console because someone probably already bought it at 30 percent off what they will have is all the stuff that no one wants like chargers for phones that don’t exist anymore stickers for old model video game console or accessories for things that do not exist anymore or things that are outdated so

Let me just say it’s just kind of weird that toys a dress won’t be around anymore because i sometimes go in there to check out all the toys as well it almost seems like all the stores are consolidating in the future maybe we just have one single store for one single neighborhood everything that you want to buy in one single store so i hope you guys enjoyed this

Way of thinking about not going to toys r us to buy into their liquidation sale but for those of you that are thinking about reselling the items from the liquidation sale most of time you cannot get good items for a large enough percentage off so that you can actually make a profit yes you can probably catch a few items here and there at a good discount but you

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Most likely cannot make that big a margin if you try to resell on ebay i hope you guys enjoyed this way of thinking about not going to the liquidation so of course you might be still curious just to see what kind of deals that you might have of course every single item that you look at you need to evaluate if it’s a good deal or not if you can actually resell it

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