Dont Buy It Whole Store Edition Ep 15

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush welcome to the 15th episode of don’t buy you don’t need it whole store edition now before i go through the whole economy and basically poopoo over every single store there is do you realize that these are just my opinions sometimes you might feel like these stores are important for you maybe they give you a great

Utility and even myself i do go to them sometimes as well as i’m going through every type of store you might go wow beat the bush you don’t go anywhere you don’t buy anything it seems if everybody is like you the whole economy basically is gonna collapse because nobody is gonna be buying anything yes it is true it almost seems like i’d never buy anything i do go to

The grocery store and buy fresh foods i don’t buy any processed foods of course but i also buy a good deal of electronics so those stores well they’re gonna survive i guess now with that said let me begin with gas station stores now anything at a gas station is likely gonna be a little bit marked up like sodas candies chips and things like that now you might also

Have other kinds of automotive stuff that you might not need but you might want to buy there if it’s an emergency so a lot of people will actually use a gas station kind of like a convenience store you just keep on buying stuff there you buy like chips you buy you know drinks and stuff but if you save yourself and just go to a grocery store instead and just buy it

There you’re gonna get it in larger quantities you’re gonna get it for cheaper yes it’s not as convenient but you just need a little bit of planning and you don’t have to go to the gas station as much now i will go to gas stations to buy certain things but this is on a very very rare occasion for example if i’m on a long-distance drive i want to drink or something

Sure i’m gonna buy but this is after i exhaust my drink supply that i brought with me on that long-distance drink usually i plan enough that yeah i would have enough drinks for at least one way of the trip maybe on the way back i might run out so then i might stop at a gas station so suffice to say gas station stuff you shouldn’t be buying on a day-to-day basis

Sometimes it is good for convenience and sometimes you can buy after all the second thing is discount clothing stores as well as outlets to me whenever i go to these stores and i look at the prices is usually not at a price at which i’m willing to pay for some reason when i go to normal stores at the mall as long as you just watch out for sales and things like

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That i feel like the sales at the mall i can get it for cheaper then if i just go to a regular discount store and buy whatever clothes there sometimes the prices will be comparable so why don’t i just buy clothes at a regular store rather than getting something of inferior quality for about the same price outlet stores i also don’t enjoy too much because you know

The last three times that i went to an outlet store whenever i buy the thing at the moment it looked like a good idea but by the time i bring it back i usually find something wrong with it down the line you know there’s like you know maybe a piece of fabric is slightly a little lopsided or something or maybe there’ll be a hole a certain place dieted in spa they

Generally produce specific outlet quality stuff for outlet stores so you’re not gonna get the same quality as the regular stores now i’m not an expert at this i don’t go to the outlets all that much so maybe you have a different experience so personally for me i make it a rule to you know basically never go to outlet so i never go you know go to an outlet area i

Don’t drive an hour to just go to the outlet to buy something for really cheap you know spend a whole day there or something so this whole industry it’s just completely wiped out for me i haven’t bought anything at an outlet for i don’t know last ten years at least so you know this is just something that is you know not on my plate and i never have to spend money

On the third item is whole paycheck grocery store now i’m not gonna name the name of the store you obviously probably can tell which store i’m talking about for that store my general experiences whenever i’ve gone in and i’ve gone in it plenty of times it’s very rare that i would find something for a really good deal sometimes i might be able to buy something that

Is rare that other stores don’t offer so they offer things that are you know sort of premium so sometimes you can find premium things for example i like to buy chanterelle mushrooms they’re these little golden mushrooms they go very well sauteed with butter and yes they would be priced at a premium level but this is what i expect if you go there and buy you know

Wait regular white mushroom you’re gonna get charged little bit more maybe $5 a pound rather than $3 a pound at a regular place so you’re looking at whatever normal stuff there is that you can buy at a regular store it’s likely gonna cost you maybe like 50% more overall so when you go to a whole paycheck grocery store it’s likely going to be hard to find regular

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Everyday items for just as cheap as you know the cheaper grocery stores now where do i go instead i go to a whole bunch of other stores usually the non national brand ones sometimes they’re more local ones sometimes they’re cheaper so you just gotta have a feel for which stores or cheaper don’t be afraid to explore go check out other you know smaller grocery stores

Sometimes you might be surprised i recently found one that’s quite a bit cheaper for seafood and stuff as well the fourth item is dedicated liquor stores now sometimes they have big stores that sells you know vodka you know beers and stuff and this is all his cell i’m surprised that they have such stores that only sell liquors they’re not just regular small liquor

Stores or like big like a big grocery store size and they only sell liquor it is my personal choice i think i made this choice maybe half a year i go to one year ago to not drink as much so i try to not drink as much these days sometimes i might be convinced to do so so you know this is kind of like relapse i would consider but i still have a stock of liquor at

My home and i still drink it every now and then but i try not to drink too much i try not to buy as much beer when i go out and these days i don’t go to the grocery store i haven’t bought beer at a grocery store for at least a year or two now so if you make this choice you’re likely gonna be healthier i feel like my kidneys are thanking me i feel like my health is

Better i feel like you know if i don’t drink a few drinks you know the next day recovery time i don’t have to recover at all i feel you know generally healthier and just by doing this you’re gonna save a lot of money just from not spending money on alcohol because you know alcohol is pretty expensive the fifth and final thing is boba tea and coffee this is obvious

And people talk about this all the time make your own coffee make your own milk tea coffee people have talked about but milk tea there a lot of milk tea stores these days and i know some people that keep on going out to buy milk teas maybe they like the boba’s or something but personally i make my own milk tea and i make it to such a level okay and i have this

Video on how to make really good milk tea that it beats the regular milk tea places now there are a few that are still better than my own personal milk tea but those are few and rare for example i tried the cheese foam milk tea over in new york and that was really good and that would be something i will spend my money on and sometimes have milk foam milk tea and

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Those are really good so going to buy regular milk tea you know just the regular kind is probably a waste of money if you build up your skills at home so that you can make it yourself these days i’ve gotten a little bit even more fancier and not use dairy i use almond milk and i’ve even tried cashew milk that some of you guys have suggested unfortunately though i

Still feel like almond milk tastes a little bit better than cashew cash you’ll has this extra flavor to it that you may or may not like i feel like this takes away from my milk tea because it detracts from it there’s this extra cashew flavor i might feel like it some days and some not but you know just my initial impression i only tried it once so far i feel like

Almond is a better contender for replacing milk for myself so i hope this was interesting for you and i can go on and on about any single industry and you do realize that for any category i still go to it sometimes it’s just that i don’t make it a habit to go you know all the time i make it an exception it would be an exception for me to go to a boba tea store it

Would also bring me all that much more satisfaction because it would be an elevated satisfaction level because i only go to the really really really good places i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking of not going to full categories of stores and helping you save money and therefore improving your net worth all that much faster if you’re interested in supporting

This channel now don’t think of it as spending money think of it as supporting this channel because perhaps it helps you reduce your spending and increase your net worth all that much faster if you’re interested i have my honey badger infinite occation t-shirt sell down in a video description below there’s other ways to support this channel such as through my all

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Dont Buy It Whole Store Edition Ep 15 By BeatTheBush

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