Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It Ep. 18

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna do a video you guys have been asking for forever i don’t buy it you don’t need it video however i’ve done so many of these that i probably covered almost every single item that i can think of so today i’m just gonna go on my favorite website this is not a sponsored website or anything i

Just like to use this one to see what all the latest deals and stuff are with that said this video is brought to you by weeble don’t forget to get your two free shares it’s stock just for signing up and depositing one cent signing up will get you one free share depositing one cent or more will get you another free share valued at up to like two thousand dollars

Or something so check out my affiliate link down in the video description below now this website is very very similar to what used to be and they used to have really really good deals but they sort of sold out to all the companies i guess and they post all these ads on here and they make it look like it’s a deal so then you know you can kind of

Spot those they just don’t have that many good deals anymore so apparently this has pretty good deals every now and then sometimes they have freebies but there are little ads sprinkled across here that you can see once in a while but it’s still usable i think so that’s why i’m using this right now so here we go today is september 9th the first thing

They want to sell you is disney movie rewards points let’s see what this is disney movie insider is offering free 10 points with your disney account i might have to research some more since it’s free you’re not really buying anything so let’s skip on over to the next thing apple gift card with amazon promo credit anytime you have a gift card it actually makes

You spend more unless you have something specific in mind if you buy this maybe you want to buy the next iphone but that’s a separate video over there iphone 13 i’m not even sure if i’m gonna buy it but i’ll make a case for not buying it later uno premium 50th anniversary edition i actually have two packs of uno that i actually donated away i don’t even play

That much it’s not that fun when i’m with a group of people and we play uno we have a lot of other board games when uno comes up we like just don’t play that anymore and even we play we might only play one or two games so no need for uno 20 off cvs with paypal or promo this might be pretty good cvs is offering 20 off of first touch free in-store orders of 20 or

More download the paypal app click here and scan the qr code after completing the purchase 20 will be sent to your account okay so i guess this thing you know you can probably just go to cvs and buy a twenty dollar amazon gift card and you’ll essentially get that for free i think melatonin sleep aid supplement you really don’t need this unless you have a really

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Irregular sleep schedule your sleep can be fixed by just having a regular sleep schedule and you don’t need this melatonin stuff at least for me personally whenever midnight rolls around i’m like okay i gotta sleep you know i like do all the preparation probably starting at 11 or so and by the time um 12 o’clock rolls around i’m really sleepy already so just

Have a good sleep schedule and you don’t need melatonin two adidas i delight slides looks like slippers and for forty dollars i just bought a pair of slippers for really really cheap at the korean supermarket they’re i’m not sure where they’re made in but they’re really really good they have this softer foam stuff so go to those korean supermarkets and buy your

Slippers for a lot cheaper it’s like seven dollars i bought mine for not forty dollars so you don’t you don’t need that kodak crazy art 1000 pieces kodak jigsaw puzzle what is this it looks like a jigsaw puzzle honestly um with premium pictures or whatnot so i don’t know i guess these things you just kind of assemble and then i guess it’s an activity and then you

Can hang it up but most the time i don’t think i have any art pieces at my home actually so you know if i assemble something like this it’s not gonna go on the wall so for me personally i’m not into this so you know i don’t need to get that three dog bakery soft baked woofers dog treats i have no dog i could borrow my sister’s dog and maybe i might need some dog

Treats then but you know that’s on a rare occasion so i don’t really need to dog treats i don’t have dogs but if you happen to have a dog this might be a good thing 674 for an hp pavilion notebook what can i say about this it’s like if you have a laptop already if you have a good one you don’t have to keep on buying laptops best friends by sherry the original

Calming donut cat and dog bed you know pet stuff i don’t need that sun joe electric pressure washer ooh i’m actually a little tempted on this because pressure washing you can i guess clean things that would otherwise be much harder where you have to you know i was using a metal brush to brush my driveway at one point so maybe i’m not quite sold on it because i

Just kind of leave it as is it looks a little a little dirty because of the weather you know when the rain comes down moss or whatever dirt gets trapped in your cement and stuff so pressure washing is good for that but i’m not sure if i’m ready to pull the trigger on something like this just you know right on this video but this is a don’t buy it you don’t need it


Video don’t buy random stuff 50 single use pull out comfort ear loop disposable face masks i get plenty of free face masks everywhere i go sometimes when you go into the store they hand you one if you don’t have one so you know i just put those on i have cloth ones that i use already but if they happen to give out free ones i’ll just take that and then i’ll just

Keep on using it for like a week and after that i toss it away so you don’t really need need face mask unless you are around an area that never have places that gives out free face masks benzera slick finish fox marble and pinewood dining table usually with these tables that are on sale it’s it has something weird with it like it looks weird or something yeah

If you’re really gonna buy a table set maybe you should buy a set that you really really like rather than just some random one that’s on sale that’s my thoughts on it commando joe jr 13.5 inch charcoal grille this looks kind of neat but at 13 13 and a half inches like this big and it’s a small one of these like kind of like a thermal barbecue grill i’ve heard

Of that green egg grill thing that people rave about right but i don’t know why is it so expensive it’s like this clay barbecue thing and it’s really heavy so if you’re gonna buy it you’re gonna have to like set it in your yard and it’s never gonna move it’s not very portable you’re gonna put it there and it’s gonna stay there apparently these type of barbecue

It’s supposed to heat up the whole thing like the outside is kind of like a type of clay so then once it’s heated up it radiates heat so it’s kind of like cooking your food all around all the sides it’s supposed to make it more even more juicy or whatnot so i never tried it myself so you know maybe once i try a very expensive grill i might actually want it sony

Wf-1000xm4 noise canceling wireless earbuds here’s the thing i think you need wireless earbuds if you are on the commute now it’s like the thing to get because no one uses wired earbuds anymore and they’re really annoying because now that we have fully wireless earbuds with you know no wires attaching to both sides uh but i think if you really are in the market

For one i’ll probably just pick up some apple ones because that seems like the de facto standard i’ve used them before the i have apple pro ones but i personally don’t need them why because i don’t commute on a train or a bus and i don’t like sticking things in my ear and listening to something so you know i haven’t had a need for wearing earbuds for a really long

Time sometimes the only time i might near earbuds if i happen to work at a coffee shop and i need to edit videos then i need to put those on so you know i don’t blast audio all over to people on my neighbors or whatnot right now i have a wired pair because i use it so infrequently and i don’t need to upgrade but yeah you probably don’t need those if you’re going

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To get one you know get the pair right the apple one even though i am sort of recommending them i’m not recommending them because you really have to look at your personal use case do you use them a lot for me i don’t even though i think they’re really good i’m not going to buy them myself then you have this anchor power cube with three outlets with three usb ports

Personally i think this is going to be kind of awkward to use because if you plug things on all three sides it’s going to come out on every which end i don’t know yeah it’s it’s not going to look very neat i guess it’s going to be like a like a like an octopus sticking out everywhere giant jingle tumbling timber toy i actually have a friend that has this set you

Bring this thing out to like a barbecue gathering with all your friends outdoor at a park at a picnic or something and then you set this thing up it looks really neat but i’m not too sure about owning it because it’s so big and it takes up so much room so something i don’t need to get four degree ultra clear antiperspirant antiperspir anti per pers perspirant

Per per four degree deodorant sticks i have to admit that i don’t really use uh deodorant because i don’t sweat all that much um do i smell if i sweat a lot apparently i do but not in the armpit area i don’t like have like these little wet spots you know unless i’m really really working out like running miles and miles or whatnot but day to day i don’t i don’t

Get these you know antiperspirant spots so there’s no need for me to get deodorant seven command wire hooks value pack you actually don’t need this unless you’re gonna hang something so unless you have uh an immediately need for this then you won’t get it whenever i applied these things on the wall and i applied these kind of uh sound proofing stuff right i put

It there and it sits there for like a year or two and then later on i’m like maybe i don’t like this and then i end up removing them so then these command hooks it’s one time use only so once i used them they were gone so you know you might want to think about something that’s a little bit more reusable yes it’s harder to put a nail in the wall but at least the

Nail is a lot cheaper and you can actually take your painting off and hang something on it as well so i think that’s long enough for today thank you for watching today’s don’t buy you don’t need it video and as always don’t forget to click like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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Don't Buy It, You Don't Need It Ep. 18 By BeatTheBush

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