Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It: Ep. 5

Low-Cost Bidet:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush welcome to the fifth episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it this is a series where i pick several day-to-day items and i try to convince you to not buy such an item in order to save your money and increase your net worth sort of like an unsalable tactic if you will now as a disclaimer some of these items you may

Not completely agree that you should not buy them at all now there are very very specific instances where yes there are very very good reasons that you should buy such an item after all the first thing i have a grape with is much of the items next to the checkout stand at a grocery store such as packs of gum candy magazines and things like that generally cost a

Little bit more than if you bought in a larger packing size or whatnot these items are there to get you to spend more money they are intentionally small so that you would actually have to go back and keep on buying these items because they run out pretty quickly not to mention these are candies after all there’s a lot of sugar in it it’s not very good for you if

You want to get a magazine at the checkout stand sure you can get it if you are going to make good use of the full magazine so the way to deal with this magazine thing is if you have a magazine that you like to read just get the subscription and make sure that you will actually read every single magazine all 12 issues in a year the only instance where you should buy

A magazine at the checkout stand is if it’s a really good magazine that you want to read and you only read it maybe once a year for some reason rather than a recurring thing where you want to read it every single month now the second thing that you should not buy and that you do not really need is a hotel minibar or the snacks inside a hotel room these everybody

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Know is marked up an incredible amount you just have like a tiny bag of chips and they’ll be like $4 $5 it’s just insane this is a sort of convenience fee for anybody that eats out of the mini-fridge or minibar this fee is paid by those who do not plan ahead to get enough food and bring it back to their hotel room because you can easily just stop by a convenience

Store buy something for a lot cheaper buy your chips you know it’ll be a lot bigger by whatever drinks that you want and have a lot more volume the third thing you should not buy and you guys probably know that i was gonna go here eventually is toilet paper now i’m not saying to not buy toilet paper at all because this is something that people need what i’m saying

Is you can just supplement your toilet paper with a bidet where you install this thing in your bathroom it’s going to you know flush with water instead and you can essentially use a lot less toilet paper the initial cost of a bidet yes it might cost very expensive if you go and buy the japanese kind except there are cheaper ones where it’s not heated see you know

It doesn’t have all these fancy you know digital readouts and stuff it can get a lot cheaper where you just connect it to the water source now i personally have not gotten one of these bidet ziya but i have used them before and i think yeah it’s mixed sense to get one of these and i’m looking to get one of these myself in the future the fourth thing is not buying

Food at the cafeteria this is kind of related to going to restaurants all the time during lunch time if you minimize on the amount of time that you go by cafeteria food or go to restaurants you’re going to save a lot of money now it does make sense to occasionally go out with your co-workers to have lunch or whatnot but i do not think that you really need to go

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Every single day because this is essentially a big waste of money and i think maybe once every week or once every two weeks is a good amount of time to keep up a good relationship with your coworkers now cafeteria food most of the time it’s just as unhealthy as eating a restaurant where it’s high insult high in sugar things are just not very healthy in general

Even if your cafeteria serves relatively healthy food you’re still paying a premium of eating out sort of cafeteria is kind of like eating out you’re paying premium you know five to ten dollars for a lunch versus making one yourself that would cost maybe one to three dollars instead the fifth and final thing that you should not buy is digital picture frames now

I’ve seen a lot of these around and i myself have itch to buy one of these so that i can just sit it around and you know put all kinds of pictures in it the problem i have with digital picture frames is the larger it is the larger a screen it has the more power it’s gonna consume now this thing it’s gonna be on 24/7 it’s going to build up and heat and most likely

You can just plug it in for i don’t know i estimate maybe three to five years the screen is gonna start to darken because it’s an lcd screen or whatever type of screen it is it’s gonna start to dim at the same time because it’s on 24/7 it’s consuming a lot of electricity the picture frame itself is likely gonna cost more than $100 and judging if it uses maybe one

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Watt to five watts it’s gonna cost anywhere between 10 cents to $1 to run every single month this is in contrast to good ole printed out pictures it’s so cheap these days you can print out 4×6 picture for just 29 cents you can you know print it out much bigger if you want to and you know you just have enough picture frames and if you want to rotate the picture go

Ahead rotate it you do not need to plug this picture into the wall or anything and it won’t continuously suck up electricity it won’t break after several years and then you have to go oh i have to buy another to do digital picture frame and then replace the one that you have so i hope these suggestions help you not buy these items don’t forget to give me a like on

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Don't Buy It, You Don't Need It: Ep. 5 By BeatTheBush

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