Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It: Ep. 6

Many items are a waste of money. Here I offer you reasons to not buy these items so that you can save money and gain more Net Worth faster. Items covered in this episode:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush welcome to the sixth episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it this is a series where i try to convince you to not buy certain common items in order to help you save money and increase your net worth now offer this just as an opinion to help encourage you to not buy such an item sometimes you may not agree with me

100% where you have very good reasons to buy such an item and yes so if you do have very good reasons go ahead and buy anyway the first thing i like to cover is microwave popcorn did you know that the popcorn it’s inside this bag and this bag is lined with plastic whenever you heat something to a very high temperature the plastic tends to melt even if it’s very

Heat-resistant when you heat something up together like that there are chemicals in the plastic that would leach into your food now i may be a very small amount but it certainly makes me very uncomfortable eating some popcorn that is essentially cooked in a microwave right makes me some plastic so my determination of this is that no i do not have solid proof that

This causes cancer but whenever there’s food next to plastic that’s being microwave i certainly try to avoid this in general so i don’t buy microwave popcorn and i think neither should you the second thing is instant cup of noodles you have some dry noodles that’s inside this cup you just open up the lid you boil some water and then pour it into this cup if you ever

Notice that if you pour boiling water in there the top edge of it gets a little crinkly it looks like it’s a little bit melted with all the oils and the hot water that little melted part really makes me uncomfortable because i certainly do not want to melt some styrofoam and then ingest it because that’s essentially what you’re doing you pour in hot water and melt

So sara frome it’s in the soup then you’re drinking it what’s a little bit better if you have these cup of noodles is you just rip open the styrofoam cup take all the contents put it in a mug instead or something like that where it’s not a styrofoam thing and then you put hot water in there instead essentially remove the styrofoam cup don’t use it at all the third

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Thing you should not buy is a game console now i know a lot of people have very strong feelings about playing games a lot of people like games i myself really like games i used to play many many hours of it like seven eight hours 1012 hours even in one single day whenever i was playing video games i keep on hearing successful people where they essentially don’t

Have time to play video games at all all their time is being poured into their businesses or whatnot they’re not just sitting there playing video games now what change for me is as time progressed whenever i’m playing a video game i suddenly realize that whatever a game i’m playing is that at the end of the game yes is pure entertainment but at the end of it i

Do not get anything back knowing that whatever i do after i complete the game let’s say i’ve completely finish it after everything is over myself i’ve absorbed you know more entertainment you know maybe the storyline of the game itself but at the end of the day after i finish said game i’m not a better person per se i might be able to play the video game a little

Bit better i might have you know maybe better eye hand coordination or whatnot however in my experience of playing video games especially the rpgs and things like that i essentially feel like i did not learn new knowledge essentially if you actually want to buy a brand new ps4 console just think about this if you find a brand new hobby something that would improve

Yourself and you start working at it you’re not gonna have enough time to put into the video games and you’re gonna thank yourself for doing this because whatever time you put yourself into you’re going to improve yourself all that much maybe it will make you money maybe not but if it’s something that would improve your skills as a person rather than a video game

Unless you are a pro gamer or something then yeah go ahead and buy this you know video game console and and you know spend all your time on it but if you’re not going for a pro gamer you’re likely just spending this time and pouring it into a video game and wasting all your time on it to me it’s kind of like watching a show and if you get hooked on some video game

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It’s gonna suck more and more time out of your day and prevent you from doing something that’s better so the best thing to prevent yourself from buying a brand new console is to invest more of your time into something else that you’re interested in you essentially cannot be successful in other aspects of life if you most of your time every single day playing video

Games you really need to take that time time is really valuable you can’t just you know just waste it on games and use this instead to whatever endeavors that you want to go after the fourth thing you should consider is whenever you go to a fast-food restaurant or a restaurant skip that soda you should not need to drink a soda at all not only do they cost a lot to

$3 the soda itself only costs about 10 cents for the company to make itself so whenever you’re buying something like this you do not get very good value so if you just skip all of this as a habit all the time which is what i do i i never get a soda i just get a cup of water and it’s just as good for me i rather drink that right then bunch of sugar inside this

Sugar water in the soda if you do this you’re gonna be a lot more healthier and then you’re gonna save a lot of money as well of course in order to do this you need to wean yourself off soda first which means you have to just kind of taper yourself off if you normally drink a lot of soda every single meal you just want a soda you want something fizzy something

Like that i might have drank one soda every day and then i just kind of cut it back to maybe three or four and then i did like two a week and then one a week and then one every two weeks and then one every three weeks now i haven’t drank a soda and i believe two or three months now and basically i don’t even want soda anymore so in order to not buy soda you have

To train yourself so this is a little bit more difficult for some people the fifth thing is ground beef at the grocery store usually they’re marked at 85/15 85% beef 15% fat yes i have bought this before and after every single time i cook it i am amazed and wondered why there is so much oil afterwards it’s basically you know this big volume of beef and you think

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You’re buying something that big but by the time you cook it all this oil leaks out and you only get something a lot less what i do is i just basically don’t buy these i always just buy a huge chunk of meat you know you can look at how lean it is and then you just shave off all the fat and then essentially if you grind your own meat you can essentially get i don’t

Know three five percent beef fat in it so it’s gonna be a lot more healthier for you not only should you not buy pre ground beef you can take it a step further and try to wean yourself off red meats because i’ve noticed myself that if i eat too much red meat in a row i physically do not feel very good i mean i can have a steak every now and then it’s just fine but

Then if i make it a habit of eating three or four meals of beef in a row then i physically do not feel well and there’s something wrong with that if you cannot continuously eat certain meal it just says something about the health issues of this food that you’re eating i hope you guys will learn something new from all of this and maybe convince you to not buy some

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