Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It: Unsalesman Ep. 0

You can try painfully hard in trying to not buy a product you want or know some piece of knowledge that completely renders the product you want unnecessary. Let me offer my views on how you can skip buying several selected products and not even want to buy them at all. By doing so you save yourself more money, are able to more easily budge your money, and it the building block of becoming financially secure slated for early retirement.

Probably going crazy this is beat the bush today i’m going to do my job as an unfailing and do the best i can in trying to unseld you in as many products as i can i’m going to try to render some things that you normally buy to be completely unnecessary this is done on my part by pointing out certain aspects of the product so that you wouldn’t even want to buy

Anymore before i begin let me just tell you don’t buy it you don’t need it this is a clip at the grocery store that you may buy in order to close your chips now you can actually close this bag of chips without needing one of these clips just fold one corner over and then go about one third away here and then fold it down again and then you can see the triangle form

Here tuck this underneath and then wrap that little triangle further in one more time and then you try to make it all neat again voila no clip needed now this is a bag of options and it’s relatively more healthy than regular pride potato chips but let me look through the ingredients and show you what’s bad about it drive potato rice flour it’s all these starches it

Actually converts the sugar in your body these type of starches actually contributes to diabetes if you eat a lot of starches it will be just as bad for you as if you eat a lot of sugar get about 200 milligrams of salt per serving and there’s three and a half servings here i think i can actually eat this whole bag in just one sitting so it’s not 8% it’s actually 28%

Worth of salt that you’re going to eat with this bag you’ll have to note that the ingredients in here whenever is this yeast extract it’s just another form of saying msg now some people may say msu is not all that bad but for me if i eat too much msg i get really thirsty so there you go even with a relatively healthier type of potato chip that’s not fried in oil

It’s still a little bad for you for consuming all this starch this is a lemon squeezer that i’ve reviewed before ever since i reviewed this i actually have not even used it once now yes i can put this in and squeeze the lime i’m not be squeezing a lemon because i rather like some lime juice so okay after i use this thing i actually have to watch this little gizmo

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Here this looks to be about one and a half tablespoon but guess what i can do it just as easily with my hand and let me show you if you have a good grip there’s no need for a lemon squeezer so after i squeeze it with my hand let me try and squeeze it with the squeezer nmc one two three four okay about five drops of more lime juice coming out that’s good so i could

Have very easily just squeeze it with my hand add some sparkling water and there you go i got a little drink right here about three four years ago i went to the mall to a sunglass hut and i bought this versace pair of sunglasses for roughly $200 i was like yeah i got a bonus maybe i can just spend a little bit sure i really like these glasses see it looks great

However i realize if i use cheap e sunglasses the uv protection is just as good if it’s polarized it’s just as good as well the market bongi sign got this is incredible if you go to like any department store sunglass hut or whatever it’s actually made by the same company now it’s not the fact that it’s made by the same company that bothers me but these sunglasses

Being charged $200 for such little material yes there’s design in it but i think it’s a little bit overpriced i got this pair of sunglasses for free from home connect they actually use the device to check the uv protection in all of these sunglasses it turns out this pair actually had the best uv protection if you’re interested in how i tested these i’ll leave my

Video over here now on top of that having superior uv protection it also does not look bad because it’s white and i kind of like this look of this white sunglasses compared to these aviator ones which looks like this so they’re cheap or even free sunglasses does not necessarily mean that it’s going to look ugly i actually prefer this y pair of sunglasses these days

And these are actually my favorites on to the next thing you actually do not need to buy a tire pump that plugs into your cigarette lighter why because you can go to any gas station and they’re legally required to provide you with air for your tires what this means is that if you have your own personal air inflator device for your car you just end up having to keep

This device alive and you just kind of have to service if it ever breaks you just have to go on buy a new one so if you do not have this device that all you can just go to the gas station yes it takes a little bit more time but you don’t have to keep a new yet another device around i used to be really big on to me cooking because this new style of cooking hot water


Temp bath something like that but i’ve since realized that packaging all your meat in plastic bags and putting it in a warm bath is not necessarily very good for your food my reasoning here is that keeping plastic next-year food and an elevated temperature could have the plastic leaked into your food now they have those chemical safe bags that are especially made

For sous-vide however i do not quite trust those because regulations says they only need to be below a certain parts per million of leakage this completely means that if you put your food in those bag it’s going to be a non zero parts per million leakage now how much chemical leakage is too much well i don’t know but i prefer to have zero rather than a couple parts

Per million so with that in mind i’ve generally made a lot less steaks using the sous-vide method instead i’m just putting eggs in there without any plastic bags the next thing unfortunately our restaurants think back at the number of times where you dine at a restaurant and you actually did not feel well after i’d say it’s about one in ten chance where after i eat

I feel a little not right i did not quite get sick but there’s a little thing something not right maybe it’s not clean or something where it causes my digestive system to not functioning as well food poisoning is also quite a possibility and it depends on if you go to a reputable restaurant i’ve been to reputable ones and i still got food poisoning before now in

Addition to all this when they prepare the food you’re not there looking at them okay people at home if you’re in control of your food if you dropped it on some dirt or something you’re not just going to wipe it off and put it back on your plate whereas in a restaurant if no one’s looking you might just have something that drops on the ground pick back up and

Put on your plate from what i hear from all the people that work at restaurants depending on which restaurant of course you’re not going to like what you hear based on what they actually reuse sometimes the food might not be the freshest and they try to cover it with spices or whatnot and now all of these are quite a danger and i know whenever i cook my own food

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There’s really really low chance of me feeling unwell the next thing is a toothpaste squeezer you may see some of those little tiny gadgets where you feed this end in it and you twist and twist and it turns it into like a little loop and it squeeze all the toothpaste out and holds it there now i’m telling you you don’t really need all this there’s nothing wrong

With pushing all your toothpaste up to the top flip the bottom over and put a rubber band over the bottom and look problem solved using this method i actually only need to redo the toothpaste maybe two or three times over the life of the whole tube so there you go no toothpaste squeezer needed no item that you need to buy next thing is gym membership and this might

Be a bit controversial for me if i really want to lift weights i can go to the gym at my work and lift weight therefore i don’t need to buy a gym membership some people argue that they don’t want to see their course that’s why they buy a separate gym membership outside of their work i think this is just silly if i do not have the option of using a gym networked and

A lot of people actually do not can use one in your apartment complex or you can just do away with the whole gym thing for me i rather run around the park or hike instead if i really want to lift weights i can just do it at home with simple weight the list goes on and on and i hope these ideas completely render some of these card is completely unnecessary for you

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