Don’t Compare Yourself to Others [250000 Sub Special w/FirstTrend]

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how to make yourself a happier person by stopping yourself from comparing yourself to other people but first this video is brought to you by first trend high-definition security cameras it has a 2 terabyte storage capacity and you’re viewing me from the very first high-definition camera over

There this particular model has 4 high-definition cameras it can go up to an 8 of them now i set up all the cameras already and you can connect a monitor to this thing so the base thing is actually like a tiny little computer you only need power to connect each unit as each unit has a little antenna and it can connect via wi-fi if you guys are interested in this

High-definition camera check out my affiliate link down in the video description below so just here is just to stop yourself from comparing because i find that every single time that i do i come out not feeling so well but if the other channel let’s say it happens to not do as well maybe the growth rate is not as high something like that and then i go ho ho great

But then that great feeling it’s kind of like a guilty feeling right yes it does feel a little bit better but i feel bad to feel good right so this little guilty pleasure i just find that it’s so not worth it because if you come against the channel if you’re comparing yourself to something better not just channels right you could compare to your neighbors you can

Look at their car you can find out how much it costs you can like look at the things that they own so the biggest recommendation i can give regarding this is to stop yourself recognize it as soon as you can and don’t indulge yourself in it because as soon as you do it could go either way you can feel terrible about it or you can just feel a tiny bit better for a

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Short time i find that to not do it at all really brings up my mood because then i’m not affected by other people if i want to compare i just look at myself look at my own channel i go hey you know i am growing at a certain rate here compared to last year compared to two years before it’s doing just fine if i compare to myself in fact just yesterday this channel

Reach 250,000 subscribers a quarter million i watch other channels video where they celebrate whenever they reach a certain milestone with their subscribers and of course i feel like it’s sort of cliche whenever someone says hey thanks subscriber is because of you it is because of you but then when i say you it means you as a single person because you are one

Subscriber but then on my side when i’m talking to you i’m probably speaking to maybe 10,000 people 20,000 people during the first week of this video release there are indeed 250,000 subscribers that chose to click that button isn’t that amazing let me get my silver play button over here i got it not long after i quit my job 100,000 so it’s two and a half of these

At this point i want to say something about reaching 1 million subscribers some channels are able to reach 1 million so much more quickly some channels may seemingly be very very effortless in terms of how much fame they get suddenly they make a video and you know it’s a big hit with everybody but not everyone has some sort of youtube talent they just know exactly

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What to do to make themselves grow really really big really really fast but of course there’s this like second tier of people that are not having explosive growth channels like my own where i just kind of make the videos after videos and then there’s this kind of chugging along and it just kind of grows a little bit at a time in a linear rate although the first

I think up to 100,000 it kind of sort of grew more and more as a time passed maybe is something i don’t know what i’m doing i need to tweak some things i will make things better but i want you guys to notice thank you so much for subscribing for even watching this video as it comes out i’m gonna get emotional again so i’m gonna stop that line of thought know that

I am very thankful about this and let me talk a little bit about heading to 1 million subscribers and not comparing yourself to other people because as a youtuber you can easily look at a lot of 1 million subscriber or more even 10 million subscriber or more channels there’s of so many of them there so many people have so much more talent than i do music talent

Dancing talent i don’t know like squawking chicken talent sometimes they do like pranks on other people like completely something that i totally cannot do you can kind of say that if you just do it linearly okay every 250,000 more subscribers is going to take me another four years that means in order for me to reach 1 million subscribers i need about 12 years so

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Let’s be a little bit more optimistic about this and that it’s gonna reach there in half the time six years okay i think i’m okay with this i can just chug along i do not have to push myself so hard because that’s the thing with early retirement and doing youtube at the same time because if i push myself too hard i might win in a very short race but not the marathon

So just look at my eyes here i feel like no matter what i’m gonna push this to 1 million subscribers is it gonna take six years or is it gonna take 12 years but even if it takes 12 years i’m gonna still be here i’m gonna still be making these finance videos for you guys trying to find brand new things make you money save you money so just remember everyone is a

Little bit different people have different kind of talents if you pit yourself against someone else that has a bit more talent and it’s gonna be really detrimental to your own happiness compared to yourself compared to your self improvement if you are improving upon yourself from last year this is better already so rather than comparing to your neighbors to other

Youtube channels you’re gonna find yourself a lot more happier if you just compare to yourself thanks for watching

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