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Well guys what he will say is today’s video is the most relevant to my us of viewers out there which is about 60% of people that watch my channel the 40% of you guys that watch my channel that are international today’s video will still be important to you because what happens in this video here today will absolutely affect the overall economy in the united states

And the stock market and a lot of people’s perception on what’s going on okay so i hope you guys enjoy this always smash the thumbs up button and by the way before we get into this guys i just want to let you know there’s less than 24 hours left on that private group sale we’re happening i’ll pin the comment down there for all that wants you to take advantage of

That once you get in get in the discord say hello to everybody okay so let’s start out by looking at one of my bank accounts which i’m not so happy about cuz i just paid the irs like seventy five thousand dollars almost seventy six thousand dollars literally just last week because we just did our taxes and i’m just like all this story i’m about to read you just

Frustrates me so bad because if we just paid in all this money after i paid them a disgusting amount of money throughout 2019 we paid this large amount that’s just literally just no it’s just gone it’s just gone and here we are treasury and ire has to delay tax season deadlines by 90 days all man oh man that’s just painful for me to read that but hey for some of

You guys haven’t filed yet you know you might be looking pretty dang good okay tax payers will get a 3-month reprieve on paying the income taxes they owe for 2019 treasury secretary stephen manukan said on tuesday as part of this press conference as part of its roni response the federal government will give filers 90 days to pay income taxes due up to 1 million

Dollars in taxes owed renuka said in washington the reprieve on that amount would cover many pass-through entities and small businesses ok this is big-time all right core profilers would get the same length of time to pay amounts do up to ten million dollars in taxes owed manukan said during the three-month deferral period taxpayers won’t be subject to interest

And penalties so you don’t even get a you don’t have to accrue any interest you know get any penalties for deferring for three months the text delay pushes the due date for last year’s taxes from april 15th to july 15th okay no you might want to ask yourself you know what if you’re somebody that’s in a position that you would actually get a tax return like you

Would actually get money back from the irs what do you do in that situation well they say we encourage those americans who can file their taxes to continue to file their taxes on april 15th manukan said because for many americans you will get tax refunds so for a lot of you guys that might be in a situation where you’re looking to get a refund like like definitely

Still file your taxes hoa sap and try to get that payment asap but if you’re somebody like myself for instance that is still owed the government of ton of money even though you might have paid in a ton of money in 2019 there’s somebody like myself like it would have been nice to get this delay you know like literally just like two weeks ago before we filed taxes

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Or something like that but it is what it is so for all you guys that are late filers hey you know what sometimes the early bird doesn’t catch the worm and you guys you know you guys are looking pretty dang good right now okay now indeed the irs processed more than 65 million income tax returns as of march 6 all of these fifty two point seven million filers received

Tax refunds averaging $3,000 according to the irs okay so i guess a lot of you guys maybe watch this video might get some refunds but at the same time a lot of rich people watching my videos too so you guys you’re probably in my boat and you probably have to pay in a lot of money and you know what the only thing i think that can make up for this situation because

I want to be audit exempt for the rest of my life like i don’t think i should ever get audited i mean i was a good boy adam hated all my taxes in 2019 before i even had to i think the irs should give me a lifetime exempt light-like badge for like auditing man like like that’s the only thing that can make this situation right okay now that’s not the only thing we

Got to talk about in this video we’ve got a couple other things one of them being a thousand dollars for free wouldn’t that be nice a thousand bucks for free okay manoogian said that trump administration is looking to get cash in americans hands immediately treasury secretary stephen manoogian i don’t know if i’m pronouncing his name right you know sorry if i’m

Not you know it is what it is said tuesday that the trump administration wants to get emergency funds americans pockets immediately immediately americans need cash now manukan said during a white house press briefing on the administration’s latest effort to combat the roni okay i mean now in in the next two weeks the president has instructed me to do this now

Manukan said okay manukan how many times i say manoogian okay moluccan said that the idea of the administration’s plan will come into focus by the end of the day today on tuesday okay he added that the united states is unlikely to send checks to millionaires i call bs on that because there’s really no way to like i like check i mean you would have to go it would be

Such a problem in the system just to check okay who’s a millionaire and who’s not i mean if you know it is difficult the one person i think should not get a check is for sure graham stefan because he puts millionaire in his titles of videos at least like late like like neela’s at least like a hundred videos on youtube i think of millionaire in the title so so graham

If you’re watching this you’re not getting a check you might be the only one that doesn’t get the check okay he says i think it’s clear we don’t need to send people who make a million dollars a year check manukan said i think we’re going to do something that gets money to them as quickly as possible that may not be an accurate way of doing it some people obviously

Shouldn’t be getting a check for $1,000 but we’ll have an idea by the end of the day of what we will be doing okay and you know it’s you know hilarious to me about this whole situation that the specific amount is sending $1,000 so likely if you’re an adult and you live in the united sates of america you’ll likely receive a thousand-dollar check in the mail i would

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Guess within the next you know a couple weeks now that is my guess and we’ll see wow you know when all the details come out but that’s probably will happen there’s somewhat similar to what they did basically i think was around 2001 2002 bush actually sent like a $300 i think it was called a stimulus check or something like that and i remember my parents actually

Got one i was you know probably a teenager back then or her 11 years old or something like that i remember they got like 300 bucks in i don’t know i guess the money was to be spent out there an economy and now they’re talking about a thousand dollars it’s just hilarious to me that’s the specific amount is a thousand dollars because remember that remember the yang

Gang andrew yay like remember his like plan was to send a thousand dollars to each person each month and it’s funny i guess supposedly his phone is like blowing up now as a white house is considering sending these thousand dollar checks to americans this is funny how things work out like that huh and so needless to say maybe maybe the yang gang maybe they were onto

Something no no no well we’ll see what happens over time no the stock market is definitely liking what’s kind of going on out there i mean the markets having a pretty decent day today dials up a thousand over a thousand actually as of right now and they’re still about an hour and a half or a little under an hour and a half left in the trading day now its market is

Extremely volatile so i mean i wouldn’t be surprised if the dow loses all its gains for the day at some point today and i wouldn’t be surprised as the dow doesn’t finish up two thousand plus points because the market is extremely volatile right now i mean i mean pretty much the most volatile i’ve ever seen it and that’s saying a lot because i’ve seen some volatile

Markets over the last 11 12 years up in the stock market needless to say okay and if you missed this news this was big news this came out just a little over a day ago the fed slashed interest rates close to zero and they boosted asset buys by 700 billion dollars okay the target range for the federal funds rate is now lowered to zero to 0.25 percent now at this

Point in time so needless to say the fed just wants banks to be able to lend as much as possible out there the fed does it basically just wants people to you know get money businesses to get money and have to pay hopefully as small of interest rates as possible here in the short term then they want to just you know flood the market with liquidity and needless to

Say i will say if i’m looking at how serious you know the feds taking this the administration’s taking this and just the overall uus i mean it’s a situation that’s being taken extremely extremely seriously and i know i was just watching a little cnbc just a minute ago and they had i think there’s somebody from marriott on an executive there might have been the ceo

And he was saying something about 15 percent occupancy rates right now i mean that’s unbelievable guys like 15 percent is our don’t feel like how low that is needless to say so the fed they want to just flood them mark with money right now they don’t want any liquidity issues because if you get a credit crunch then that’s what ultimately can really take down the

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Economy and if you want to really take it you cause a massive global recession that takes you know two years to get out of three years to get out of basically dry up the credit lines that’s what happens and that’s what happened in 2008-2009 that’s why it was so ugly and that’s one of the reasons why it took you know many many years to really start to climb out

Of that like keep in mind the recession started in 2007 most folks weren’t feeling like we started to get out of that till like 2012 like we’re talking about four or five years where which is really really ugly and it’s cuz credit just really dried up in a major major way and basically the us government the fed everybody is just trying to avoid a situation like

That this time they don’t want that because that’s that’s no fun when you have a four or five year period where things are not so good need to say okay we see some businesses doing some interesting things that are the the right decision to make but might also benefit some of these businesses long-term you see i got an email from glu breeds today they’re basically

Putting a zero dollar delivery fee on local restaurants now that is something that hurts uber eats business and in the short term profitability and all those sorts of things but i think it’s the right move to do in a situation like this supporting local restaurants i think it’s good i think local restaurants will remember this long term for somebody like uber

Ubers a stock trading at $19 a share right now and i think people forget that in this whole situation most restaurants are the inside you can’t even go to them you can’t sit down a lot of restaurants are still open especially a lot of local restaurants but they’re basically for take-out food or delivery food i mean we see even mcdonald’s mcdonald’s closed their

Seating areas mcdonald’s and you can’t even like go in there and like sit down or something like that you know have kids play in the play area or something like that like this is unprecedented so needless to say a lot of folks are gonna be ordering from food delivery apps like an uber uber eats obviously right or maybe they’re doing a door – or a grubhub or what

Are those but need to say uber eat should benefit in a big way it’s gonna build habits of people ordering from delivery and you might think no businesses can benefit from something like this a business ball like this can absolutely benefit and get people into the habit of basically ordering on their phone food that’s delivered to their house guys so neither say

You gotta always look for opportunities out there in the market regardless of what type of more you are in okay now that covers the story for today hope you guys enjoy this always don’t forget the sale is ending in less than 24 hours that will be the pin comment down there to get in the private group i hope to see as many of you guys in there as possible and make

Sure once you join join us in the discord chat say hello introduce yourself to everybody tell us how long you’ve been in the market and kind of what stocks you own and all those sorts of things and with that being said thank you for watching and have a great day

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