Dow 20000 – Stock Market Going UP!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel i am jeremy and as always my goal is to provide the best financial education possible on youtube so let’s go ahead and talk about the subject today today we’re talking about a stock market to on its way to 20,000 the dow is on its way to 20,000 markets closed at all-time

Highs today all-time highs what does all this mean well about two or three weeks ago i did a video titled stock market crashed 2016 and it was kind of a misleading title because in that video if you go back and watch it i say it was you know they were talking about the uk leaving the eu and all this crap and the dow was getting near 17,000 low 17,000 approaching

16,000 and everybody thought it was the end of the world and in that video i told you stay the course this is just another blah blah blah thing it will pass it’s nothing meaningful at all and look at this a few weeks later we’re at all-time highs so now go into 20,000 does that seem crazy not in my opinion at all and i’ll give you a few reasons 2007 that was you

Know over nine years ago the market had an all-time high oval for 14,000 now when you put into this context and think wow doubt 20,000 big deal that means the stock market’s gone up twenty five thirty percent in over nine years almost a decade that’s a horrible rate of return absolutely appalling that’s pathetic so to think down twenty thousand that’s not out of

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The realm of possibility and you think about all the companies in the dow all the companies in sp there’s so much more profitable than they were back then you could go look at the numbers if you don’t believe me the companies now are much more profitable they’re also much more financially stable as far as cash on the balance sheets versus long-term debt sure term

Debt those kinds of things so to think doubt 20,000 to even think doubt 25,000 is out of the realm of possibility i do not think so at all and you look at all the stuff going on right now with the terrorist attacks in other countries you got the cop stuff going on here we got cops getting shot left and right we have a political election coming up here in a few

Months where the two candidates to pick from or some of the most hate it ever in history and you look at all that in the stock market still going all-time highs i see no reason you know with all that crap going on that when that stuff clears up and it gets even more stable in china you know becomes even more stable we could be looking at a stock market going to

30,000 and i don’t think it’s crazy at all when you look at where we were in 2007 now if you go back to 2009 you say oh my gosh adele was at you know 6800 points yeah we had a horrible recession was one of the worst in decades if not the worst since the great depression was horrible everything looks so bleak yeah when you take it to that yeah well how the stock

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Mark is triple quadruple if it goes 25,000 or whatnot since that time but 2007 we were over 14,000 so many people forget that so many people forget that and they see the numbers now over 18,000 i think over value those kinds of things look at the p/e ratios i would say everything is fairly valued right now and if we didn’t get growth going again these companies

And a little bit stronger growth here in the us my goodness watch out above anyways thank you so much for watching this video today guys stock market i feel like over time it’s going to go a lot higher every now and then like i told you you’re gonna have these little blips you’re going to have this little crap you need to learn to decipher between the real stuff

And the stuff that’s just a bunch of crap like the that when the uk left the eu there was nothing that was going to change the economy from day to day or even really year to year and if and like i told you even the uk could even be better in this situation so anyways thank you so much for watching guys subscribe if you want to hit that thumbs up button if you agree

With this hit this thumbs down button if you’re short seller anyways thank you so much for watching guys and have a great day

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Dow 20000 – Stock Market Going UP! By Financial Education

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