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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about draw my financial life i’m going to take you guys through my financial life which really began in 2008 all the way through today which is february 2017 and we’re going to kind of look at look at this chart i drew up here and

Kind of view it and view some of the great things i’ve done and some of the bad things that cost me a lot of money guys and i think you can just kind of learn from this and a little bit more about my background and kind of some of the things i’ve done really well and some of the things i might not have done well and then kind of think of yourself if you draw your

Own graph like i have here where would you be you know is it a straight up line if it is that’s phenomenal or do you have a little bit of a rollercoaster like i do because i do have a bit of a rollercoaster here guys so leave me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this yet today guys annual it let’s just get right into this i remember back in like it was like three or four

Years ago it was like a popular thing for like youtubers to do a thing called draw my life and it would like sketch out their life and tell all about it i thought this would be much more interesting for me since the financial base channel i might as well draw out my financial life so all right so we start way over here way over here we have 2008 which is when i

Kind of started my financial life because i got my first real job and whatnot over here we have now which is february 2017 so you can tell it’s a little bit of a rollercoaster here so 2008 i had crappy jobs you know working as eighteen 19 year old i was mainly focused on track at that time i was mainly focused on college learning learning about investing all those

Kinds of things and i was working you know jobs from paying eight nine dollars an hour or whatever is crappy job but i was still saving so as you can see i was still my net wealth and this is by the way it’s like a net wealth chart it was still going up so i was still saving some money i was still investing it was very small investment it might take me two months

To save like 500 bucks just to put it toward a stock or whatever so it certainly wasn’t easy it wasn’t easy and so things kind of went really slow up until 2010 late 2010 when i got a really good job at company name quick trip and this job started me around 40,000 dollars a year which is it all the money in the world but when you’re doing there like 20 21 years

Old a lot of money so that’s a really good job and then so that’s when things started to dramatically increase here and then throughout the years i got promoted more i started making 5060 thousand dollars a year in all during this time i was getting really good stock market gains i started getting like 20 percent a year which is phenomenal and i started getting

More toward 30 40 percent in between how much money i was able to save and the type of stock market gains i was getting you can see the chart just went up and up and up and up it was it was you know phenomenal gains year after year after year after year exid i was just knocking the ball out and on top of me picking great stocks today in the markets in general did

Very well from 2010 to 2014 it was a really good time to be in the stock market regardless of what stock you own i mean the chances are you probably had games don’t matter what but for me personally i had was taking a lot of great stocks and had a lot of things going for me that i had i had hey you know age things dramatically increased dramatically increase so

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We get all the way here and right around here is actually when i left quick trip and i started focusing all my time on just spending time with my newborn son or just been born who i really wanted to just take the first year off with them because i have it quoted it of welcome you know max i just want to take a year off and enjoy his life and then also wanted to

Focus more on stocks and i thought i would be able to make a living from just investing a living just from stock and i mean who could blame me when you get those type of games or so many years in a row you get a little bit full yourself you get a little bit cocky i’ll be completely honest it doesn’t matter really how humble you are when you’re just sitting 20 30

40 percent gains year after year after year after year you start thinking man i can just do this for a living i was i was at a point where i was making more from investment then i was making from my actual job and that’s when i was like i need to just start focus on this full-time and if i folk full-time my things will get even better maybe i’ll start making fifty

Or sixty percent a year or something that’s kind of a mentality you start thinking with when you have so much success you know sometimes it just goes to your head a little bit and that’s what i thought and i thought literally i would be able to make a living for investing stocks so i left right about there my wealth kept increasing kept increasing right around

Here spring 2014 is actually when i maxed out that was when i i hit my the highest wealth i had ever hit before and the highest i’ve ever hit same so i’ve never hit anything that high sim now right around here is actually a really bad time because i left my job i had no income and whatnot and the worst thing was i also started to kind of panic a little bit and

Think you know because i was thinking i was literally going to trade stocks arrest my life and i started thinking huh i need more money to invest i need more money to invest to be able to make even more money faster so i don’t have to worry so much about basically bills and all those kinds of things i don’t have to take so much out of savings because i was living

All completely off of savings at that point so right around here i started getting involved with margin which is margin if you guys don’t know that investing money that’s not even yours taking out debt to basically invest and then you also pay interest on that i was saying like five six percent interest on that and i was borrowing and i was starting to go heavy

On it and at first it was doing really well because my stocks were i happen to be going up at the same time so i was margining out stocks going up and i hit an all-time record right around spring 2014 then what happened is my stocks began to struggle and i begin to even margin out super heavy super heavy so that’s when awesome one of my stocks really struggled

At that point in time we’re going into late 2014 now into 2015 and then what really sent me down is then i would start playing earnings i started thinking i could like be a short-term trader and i could make ought to make ten twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars you know time trading earnings because i have really good insight on knowing if a company’s kind

Of beat numbers or missed number i’m you know if it’s a company i follow at least i mean if it’s some random company i have no clue about but i have a pretty good insight about that quickly found out is just because maybe i was writing most of the time i was right everything 85% of time i was right 15% of time i was wrong the problem is with that it doesn’t mean

Your stocks going to go up because guidance is something that people might look for gross margin something people might like look for something like maybe the stock doesn’t matter how good of numbers they could have posted sometimes they still go down guys i quickly found that out and i lost a disgusting amount of money in here i don’t even want to tell you guys

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The amount of money i walk because some of you will probably throw up it’s disgusting and i lost it and it’s just i i got so unfocused what got me all the way to here did not get me all the way down here what got me all the way down here was starting that margin account right around here was trying to play short-term earnings play short-term things try to try to

Gamble money on earnings calls and things like that and try to be a short-term trader which is not what made me successful so i went completely against what made me a successful and it’s so silly like any time in life you you go against you know what made you successful it’s silly it’s like imagine on this channel i just started posting on cooking videos all the

Time or something baking videos would be like what the hell jeremy that’s not what made you successful this channel what made you successful the financial channel stock market entrepreneurship and personal finance and now you’re doing cooking videos what the hell are you doing on your channel is that what made you successful so that’s exactly what i did i just

This made me successful long term investing in companies thinking about next 1 to 3 years and this is what made me unsuccessful short term trading margin trading oh and so what happened here guys is i had a bond i bottomed out january 2016 january 2016 was the darkest time in my adult financial life guys dark this time because i had all-time low account you know

Brokerage accounts i had a situation where i was just starting my photography and videography business and i had virtually no customers so i had basically no business i just started i got the equipment whatnot i had customer so i had nothing going for me and that was actually the same month i started this channel which this channel was never meant to be a way of

Making money i do make money on it now and i make actually decent money on this channel now but it didn’t start at that what this channel started at is a way for me to educate people in a way for me to get away from watching stocks all day because i would watch stocks all day the stock prices go up and down and that’s what would make me want to trade more often

In and worried about my stocks and whatnot and i had a little bit of what i call stock market addiction i have to show you have a video on this channel about stock market addiction it’s a serious thing it’s a real thing that’s out there guys and so i started this channel because i needed a hobby to do something i needed to do something else with my life because

My business was growing super slow you know i was i had no customers down here i was just starting to get some and i needed a win and outlet i needed a way to educate people something that would be fun and whatnot i thought if i just had ten twenty you know people i could help a day that’d be fabulous now a year later we have you know thousands and thousands of

People i hope today so it’s fabulous so that was the bottom right down there january 2016 and now we’re in recovery mode and it’s been an upward what upward thing ever said it’s because my business that builds out you know this channel actually helps out a lot now financially this channel does phenomenal so the good thing about everything is is actually by the

End of 2017 i have a legit shot of being higher than this mark and that’s not even if like anything goes crazy that’s not even if my sock mark you know all my stocks go crazy and whatnot i’ve a legit shot just based upon my actual business and based upon this channel that i could actually hit something close to this number it’s not above this number i was adam in

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The spring 2014 guys so that’s the bright news for me and another super religious person i haven’t been mature tchen i would say years and years but i am a believer in god and i do believe god has a purpose the fact is and this is a fact if this never happened this channel would have never happened if this would have never happened my photography and videography

Business would have never happened and all the customers that nice you know things they say in that business and whatnot that would have never happened it took this to happen to get me off my ass in life and get to do something before before this happened i was okay if i just made up fifty a hundred thousand dollars a year in and sat around watching stock prices all

Day and watching cnbc and bloomberg i was okay with that and i look back and i’m like that’s a pretty pathetic way there’s so many experiences there’s so many things there’s so much potential i have and i had that that would have been a damn shame if i was just sat in this room at this desk every day watching stock prices all day and that was my life and that was

My life that would have been a damn shame because that’s a lot of wasted potential that that would have never got unlocked dies because i never would have been motivated to do anything about it so the worst thing i could have done as if this line was just kept going up slowly and i’m kept making 50 100k a year off stocks and it just kept going up that would have

Been the worst thing that could have ever happened to me and i know it sounds crazy because we’re talking about a dramatic amount of money was locked over over this you know portion of time but it’s absolutely true guys i had a lot of potential that i was not even tapping all because i was basically up here with the stocks and whatnot so i’m actually extremely

Thankful would happen if i def i would turn back and ah do i have any regrets i mean it’s not fun to lose that much money i did really not it’s not fun to lose that much money but do i really regret probably not because like i said this channel would have never existed and now i you know we’re going to approach 20,000 subscribers next week and i’m like this would

Never happen guys my photography and videography business all those customers i help out you know when i actually have a sustainable business first time ever in my life actually had a business that worked i failed so many businesses trying to create that i didn’t really try hard enough because i was working making good money and i had the stock so i would always

Like get him focused and i did it was just throwing business away there was a first business that i ever proved to myself i could be a success him and and this channel you know and it’s a great feeling for me so i don’t have any regrets you know that’s my financial life down there i hope you guys kind of kind of see you know good insight there and draw your own

Financial life out you know how your grass look are you just getting started like i was in 2008 two other nine or you been going strong for 10 20 years you know what is your guys financial graph i would love to know so anyways if you enjoyed this video today guys hit a thumbs up share it if you want twitter link is down at the bottom at the one of their social

Media have on this channel if you just came across the team you not subscribed yet you may want to we talk personal finance in this channel i’m an actual business owner i give away a lot of my business tips we talked the stock market the most material including videos on like how to make your money into money thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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