Drive from Casalinda Villa 613 to Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

Drive from Casalinda Villa 613 to Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

Hey guys how you guys doing this is rich from rich tv live we’re here at villa 613 casa linda i’m going to show you guys a little bit of what casa linda looks like this is space 6 they also have a phase 7 and 8 and i believe that are even starting to build phase 9 now where you can actually buy your own villa you can essentially create a villa from the ground up you

Buy literally the land and then you build your own home with your own style your own color scheme your own layout most company most of the properties here have pools everything from two-bedroom villas to now this is phase six so there’s no opportunity to build any more properties here in phase six but if you’re looking to buy a villa and build your own villa you

Could build in a new phase like i said phase seven eight and nine just a whole nother face just to the right once we get out here and we exit there’s a road to your right just take that road down and you can look at some of the villas in phase seven eight and nine which maybe we’ll do one of these days but not today as you can see it’s a beautiful sunny day today

I would say it’s probably close to around 27 28 degrees maybe a little hotter and there’s a little bit of wind which makes it nice we’re gonna do a drive to sosua beach plot playa sosua and we are right now at casa linda which is in-between sousou and cabarete tell me go as you can see these are they’re probably going to please seven eight and nine down that road

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To your right and this is the road that will take us to the main road which i believe is highway five highway number five and then we’ll take a left which will take us to sosua beach and it should only take us a few minutes to get this two of each it’s not that far away so anybody wants to know like literally door to door from villa 613 casa linda to the playas

Is – exactly how long it will take we’re literally gonna do it right now all time now one of the things that i’ve been talking about is i don’t understand how you can see how the cows are it’s just just different you know it’s not i’m not accustomed to these methods of farming and this is what i’m saying needs to be addressed here in this country because this is

A beautiful country there’s so much potential but in so many ways they’re so far behind in some ways they’re very far ahead as far as in north america we’re all searching for this whether we don’t have we had they have something that we all i mean unless you live in florida or california or one of those states where the weather is nice literally all year long

You can’t really beat this weather this weather is the best the most tropical the best weather i’ve ever seen and any country ever meant to be it’s pretty much perfect all year long but you can see all the shops you can see the poverty there’s beautiful properties and big shops and gas stations amongst the poverty everywhere so there’s a lot of social economic

Issues company name for you and they have two tokens with door next token and the saabs tokens i’m trying to find some government officials that have at least 15 years of experience in a certain field social-economic genius and if i can find that person identifies them door next the substance then those tokens can be used fun projects to build schools to create

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Clean drinking water to infrastructure better roads more jobs reducing the unemployment rate there’s a lot of issues that need to be addressed here in these countries but yet the people are beautiful people it’s a great country they make the most of what they have but as you can see like we’ve been driving for some time you don’t see any lights there’s no stops

There’s no lights there’s no there’s very there’s a big lack of infrastructure but this is a very large island and there’s a lot of people are they deserve to have the same opportunities that everybody else has in first world countries and in some ways i don’t feel like they’re very far behind in some ways i feel like they’re ahead but then in some ways i know

That they’re very far behind and a lot of the houses here are protected with bars and chains they put on the top of their walls to try to protect the intruders from getting it and the question is why is there so many intruders that are trying to get in is because these people are starving so there’s a lot of money and the gap between the rich and poor is very

Large and they’re beautiful people and they enjoy life and they they really appreciate culture and family but you can see a garage like this is where you would get your car fix it doesn’t look that different than a mechanic shop it recommends some ways in some ways if you purchased driving like maniacs everywhere this is pretty normal this isn’t like there’s no

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Stop signs there’s no like even where there is stop signs nobody really stops so you don’t know if you’re supposed to stop or not if you try to stop that people start honking horns crashing team we gotta hear this stuff we’ve been driving for a long we’ve got our first stop lee but usually people don’t really even stop at that li well yes watch these turns okay

So we’re coming to places so right here we’re right coming up right now mr. and that little spot i hear yeah is going in circles this is the parking it’s thanks bro okay bro probably you watch for you a bro yeah you know the zero the drills the contra yeah yeah you know i gave you last time we do this right yeah do this we know how to do this okay so hundred pesos

Well i gave you a hundred on the way back up i watched my car okay thanks brother that’s how it works there just like that in the dominican you know he has a security shirt and he has a security shirt but at the end of day he doesn’t he doesn’t really officially work for anybody he just works here and that’s kind of the way it goes all right guys this is richard

Wish to be live or what applies to sue i’ll make some videos when i get there peace

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Drive from Casalinda Villa 613 to Sosua Beach Dominican Republic By RICH TV LIVE

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