Drop Shipping For Beginners

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Imagine a business where you do not have to take any inventory and you can sell products for a profit all you have to get is attention that is drop shipping today i’m going to do a full drop shipping for beginners video one of the most requested videos i’ve ever gotten in the history of the channel i’ve get so many people all the time asking me to do a video

Explaining what drop shipping is and kind of the basics behind it and that is what we’re gonna get into here today guys i hope you really enjoy this this is a business model that you know there are people that are killing it right now on this exact business model is something that’s really gotten popular within the past two or three years and there’s still a lot of

Opportunities in the space for you to land grab right now five years from now ten years from now i can guarantee you there’s gonna be way less opportunity then there is today in this space so i hope you guys really enjoy this so drop shipping basically what it has to do with is first of you guys got to start with an idea you’ve got to have an idea to do something

You’ve got a research aside eeeh so maybe there’s you think there’s an opportunity for you to sell different color hint headbands let’s just use that for an example you you want to sell headbands you know you think they’re gonna make a comeback you think if you have a website set up where you can sell web you know headbands on it you think that’s a brilliant

Idea okay maybe that’s a brilliant idea maybe it’s a crap idea who knows but this is your idea okay so your idea is to sell headbands on a website alright and you think this is this is gonna sell like crazy so what you first need to do you need to set up a website you’re gonna probably do it through shopify okay shopify is probably gonna be the service you’re

Gonna want to use for something like this shopify has really benefited huge from the whole drop shipping game alright shopify if you know anything about shopify stock the stock is got a massive for your last few years so you probably must set up a shopify store alright and what you need to do is you need to figure out okay how do i get headbands like like i want

To sell headbands how do i go about doing this well in an old-school business model you would have to manufacture those headbands yourself okay then you would have to take the inventory of it so you have to order 10,000 headbands or whatever and and hope you sell out of these headbands that was one was very capital-intensive the other part was very stressful of

Trying to you know get the manufacturer and all that it’s like insane it was an insane process but now there’s something called a d express okay ally express and this is kind of changed the game and what you have on aliexpress is you have a massive amount of manufacturers who already manufacture headbands okay and on aliexpress you can see pricing so they have

Pricing for you know all these different headbands and whatnot now you can contact the manufacturers if you need a customized product so you can contact them and see about you know maybe doing a customized product and than that they just have a ton of general products on there from a ton of different manufacturers and a lot of them have ratings and whatnot you can

Look up you can actually contact them if you have questions and whatnot i mean that is what aliexpress is for alright so what you can do is you can link headbands from aliexpress websites you can even use their pictures if you want onto your shopify head website as for headbands okay so basically you’re basically wanting to sell things off of aliexpress but people

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Don’t know you’re selling off aliexpress you’re actually selling off shopify alright but the question is okay that that’s great and what now you don’t take inventory you place orders when a customer places an order you basically go onto aliexpress and you put in the shipping the shipping address and whatnot in that space girl you do and you basically want to tell

How the aliexpress manufacturer that you know don’t include a receipt in that because you don’t want them to know that the headbands coming from aliexpress you want them to kind of think it’s coming from your business and whatnot okay and that’s basically all the work you need to do but the issue is how do you get attention how do you get attention to your shopify

Store hey that’s that’s the main thing if you want to sell headbands you need to get attention over there okay so some ideas is alright you got headbands let’s say you part of the headbands you’re selling is for athletics okay so if you’re selling you know for athletes all right then part of what you’re gonna want to do you might want to do facebook ads alright you

Might want to do facebook ads to people who have liked certain athletic things okay maybe they’re the fans of under armour okay maybe they’re fans of night okay maybe they like football and generally they play football or something like that maybe it’s high school kids you could actually run ads to specific segments on facebook okay so you can run ads to specific

Segments of people that have liked certain things all right that way your your athletic headbands the picture will show up in those ads and whatnot and people can see it and maybe click on it and and buy it and things like that now the only issue is with something like headband so they’re probably gonna sell for a cheap price right you might be selling those for

I don’t know 10 bucks or something like that facebook ads can can get a little pricey at times they’re still i would say undervalued compared to what they’re gonna be five years from now but on something like headbands it might be a little harder you might want to go with a product that’s a little priced a little a little higher than headband so you might want

To do something that’s priced you know $30 in up $30 in up products then you can do a lot more advertising obviously hopefully make your roi well i’m not saying it’s impossible as long as you’re your advertising to the correct things now with something like facebook advertising or instagram advertising you know you can go on insta as well also owned by facebook

Which are gonna be usually the two main platforms you’re gonna want to advertise on because google adwords is so expensive nowadays so you’re gonna want to do facebook and instagram when you are advertising on those platforms and trying to get your shopify you know site seen out there you don’t want to make sure you’re not spending your whole ad budget at one time

So let’s say you got a thousand dollars you willing to spend or $100 or whatever let’s just say a thousand dollars that’s what you have a little to spend don’t go out there and spend $500 on it facebook and finds about $100 on instagram immediately on to things and think that’s gonna work okay you’re gonna want to you know advertise in like $10 increments okay so

Do like $10 maybe $15 worth of facebook advertising same thing with instagram and see what results do you get back do you get 10 to 15 dollars in return on investment on that are you doubling your money on those ads so if you do you know 10 $10 worth of ads on facebook are you getting you know 20 30 dollars worth of sales which maybe nets you 15 to 20 dollars in


Profit are you getting that are you getting even better than that see if you’re getting any better than that then you definitely want to start amping up those ads however on the on the flipside if you’re not getting a return on investment if you do thirty dollars worth of ads on facebook and instagram and you get no sales out of that you’re probably not you know

Your products either crap and people aren’t interested bad pictures or something like that or you’re not going after the right things you’re not going after the right segments maybe you need to go even a little more niche on things maybe you need to start doing you know ads just to people that play ultimate frisbee or something like that like you never really know

Where the specific the you know target segment you need to go with this niche is you’ve got to just figure that out over time by kind of you know basically you know experimenting okay you spend $10 $15 what do you get back from that did you get any sales no okay let’s spend another ten to fifteen doing something else do we get any sales yes okay let’s go after that

A little bigger it’s also experiment over here oh we did even better over here we need to funnel more advertising over to this side and that is how you do it and it’s all about getting attention okay now that’s getting non-organic attention i call it there’s also ways you can get organic attention you know maybe you have an idea on headbands and maybe you’d start

Doing youtube videos around headbands ie these are the best headbands you can buy the top ten headbands you know that people would want out there are things like that you start making youtube videos driving traffic hopefully you know 5 10 15 20 views a day this makes me free free views you’re getting okay think about if you’re getting you know if you’re running

Ads on facebook and instagram you’re paying for every time somebody sees your headbands if you’re gonna put out free content out there and it starts getting views it doesn’t have to get a million views if it just gets five ten fifteen views a day that’s free views on youtube right same thing with facebook and instagram it’s just hard to get discovered on there it’s

Much easier in my personal opinion to get discovered on youtube through search and things like that and from recommended videos as long as you’re doing videos that are you know somewhat in relation to other videos that would pop up and whatnot so i don’t know you could you could take this as far as like talking about i don’t know i think lebron wears a headband

Right you could talk about lebron james headband and why he should be wearing some other kind of headband or something like that like you could make videos on whatever you want and as long as it’s driving the traffic in you’re probably gonna get some sales off of that and have the links in your description and whatnot this is drop shipping business you don’t ever

Have to take inventory in this business okay you don’t ever have to take inventory in this business it’s a beautiful thing you don’t ever have to worry about the manufacturing side all you do is when somebody places an order on your shopify store or whatever website you got created all you got to do is then go in into aliexpress put in their shipping information

How many they ordered and pay out aliexpress and in your you should have already been paid in your paypal account or your shopify account or whatever it is you should have already been paid at that time so the money’s already in your account so it’s not even like you ever had to come up with the money in between there guys it’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful thing


And the best thing is once you start getting built and you start getting in more and more orders the compounding effect starts right so once you start making let’s say a thousand dollars profit a month also you have a lot more money that you can funnel in toward advertising if you wish and if you have something that’s really going well on advertising side where you

Know you’re making you know four or five ten times roi on that you can really start going heavy at that point in it’s just a compounding affecting you have more and more money to spend out there and on advertising get more and more sales and try more and more things guys and then go into the next product category when headbands is one then you want to go into the

Next thing you want to start selling watches or whatever that there you go you can start doing that thing after thing something you want to watch out for is things that are copyrighted okay so or have trademarks and things like that so you know you might want to think all might be a brilliant idea to do black panther merchandise let me sell black panther headbands

Let me sell black panther watches and whatever it is at this particular time black panther hats because black panther movie is so big in the movie theaters right now you might think this is a huge opportunity let me start a shopify store and start doing that well the issue is disney’s gonna have an issue with that especially once you start getting discovered out

There and you start placing ads disney will eventually find you and shut that down immediately and you know that will kind of go away maybe you could have got some quick sales but you know it’s gonna eventually go away and the unfortunate thing if you got big enough disney will actually literally go after you you know or whatever companies out there they will go

After you whatever big company they’re will after you because that’s their that’s their product at then the day you can’t just slap your logo on and say it’s yours when you didn’t get approval for them so you got a really watch out for those type of things but general merchandise that don’t it doesn’t really have branding or something you can you can certainly

Make money off it guys and you just kind of go one category at a time and maybe you get up to a point at some point in time where you know you have somebody hired out or maybe multiple employees hired out that they’re actually the ones that you know put in the shipping codes and all that type of stuff oh you know somebody order two two headbands in in raleigh north

Carolina or whatever maybe you hire somebody out to do that full-time if you get to a big enough place where you don’t have time to do that and you’re just kind of thinking about okay what’s the next place i want to go with my drop shipping game where’s the next opportunity and things like that guys and that is drop shipping 101 that is drop shipping for beginners

Guys i hope you really enjoyed this i hope this kind of give you an overview of the the basics around drop shipping and now you can kind of go out there and research more and do things like that guys and let me know if you end up you know going through with drop shipping and then you end up starting to make money from it i would love to hear from you guys on that

Anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Drop Shipping For Beginners By Financial Education

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