Earnings Insanity! Apple, Google, Amazon

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Well hello there guys it’s a early morning livestream early-morning livestream how about this this is rare so i’m on vacation right now so i’m not even in vegas but i thought we’d do a livestream hopefully the notification goes out and some people join me here but basically i want to talk about all these crazy earnings apple reported numbers google reported numbers

Amazon reported numbers so we got earnings insanity and i’m on vacation right now so i’m not even in vegas to record a video so i was like i don’t have my equipment with me or anything so i’m like let’s just go live from the smartphone so that’s what we’re doing guys but anyway so we’re gonna get to apple we’re going to talk amazon we’re gonna talk google i’m

Gonna talk all these craziness of earnings that came out as far as any companies that i actually own reporting i think the only one really was ebay they reported on wednesday night and their stock went up big yesterday so i’m happy for that that’s always good that was a good way to start the vacation like yesterday ebay going up dig so bad and then as far as

Wednesday i think was it amd i think reported and from what i saw amd’s numbers were really good there is a lot going on in the crypto game right now as far as the markets not doing so well in crypto so i’m not sure if that’s gonna just be a short-term hiccup for amd as far as that goes or if people are gonna keep investing in crypto mining equipment cuz amd is

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A big beneficiary of the whole crypto game and whatnot so let’s talk a polly got going on with apple is i thought the numbers were very solid very impressive like it was funny if people were like saying oh it’s not that impressive like the numbers and whatnot apple did billion dollars in profit in a three-month span can you guys believe that like like when i saw

That number it just like hit me like how insane that was to do twenty billion dollars in profit and a three-month span is just ridiculous so apple you know it’s insane and their average selling price of the iphone would up somewhere around it was a up of around $100 from the same time last so you know it’s phenomenal i think they moved 78 million iphones 77 or 78

Million iphones in a was at a three month span that’s crazy guys a three month span so apple numbers were really good i i think the stocks not doing much as far as the on the open and whatnot i don’t know if it will go up or whatnot but i thought the numbers were really impressive so we’ll see what happens there and i think they increased revenue somewhere around

Nine billion dollars year-over-year and people are like oh big deal 9 billion and that’s like crazy so and then google google know a lot of people didn’t like the google numbers i guess cuz they missed on eps from what i saw but the revenue was really strong i think the revenue was up 24 percent year-over-year so you know really strong growth out of out of google

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As far as the revenue goes you know youtube continues to be a growth engine for them the cloud team used to be a growth engine for them so i really i mean i thought the google numbers are really good but the problem is sometimes we stocks like apple and google they’re expecting so much because those stocks are up big in the past year right both those stocks are

Huge corporations and they’re both up big so maybe people just expect it a little too much and then amazon oh my goodness amazon company’s amazing so they do 60 billion dollars in revenue it’s like 38% revenue growth year over year like amazon i don’t know if that’s companies gonna slow down anytime soon it’s unreal i mean 30 38 percent revenue growth is it’s

Crazy the way that company’s growing i think amazon web services was up somewhere around from what i saw around 45 percent revenue it’s insane guys so uh pretty crazy stuff but uh yeah so that’s that’s kind of my feeling as far as the earnings i mean apple google and amazon i thought they all had very good earnings amazon was only one that really blew me away but

As far as though i think amazon is only one of the bunch that’s actually going up and i think that one’s over like 1,400 bucks now so pretty crazy stuff button anyways uh i am just gonna probably get off this livestream in a second i don’t really know if i feel like doing q&a today because i am on vacation right now shouldn’t even be recording this video this


Is what happens when your workaholic but i mean i went on vacation it was like all the big companies report numbers it’s not cool man it’s not cool but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this thanks for joining and whatnot i just kind of want to talk about all this and then yeah that’s about it so anyways hope you guys are doing well i got videos coming for you over

The next few days that i pre-recorded when i was in vegas so they’ll still be videos coming over the next few days for you guys so hope you enjoy those and colluding for stocks i own which is coming out tomorrow so for stocks i own is coming out tomorrow guys where i’m sharing the four stocks and it’s the first one it’s the first episode that doesn’t have wynn

Resorts or gopro in it can you believe that the first episode in the history that doesn’t have either of those two stocks in it neither one of those made it so we got new stocks on four stocks i own guys so i hope you enjoy that that’s coming out tomorrow and like i said the other days i’ll be on vacation there will be new videos for you guys so anyways hope you

Guys are doing wonderful out there and have a great one as always peace you

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