Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTCQB: ETST)

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTCQB: ETST) – RICH TV LIVE – September 17, 2018 – ETST this week announced uplisting to OTCQB Venture Market

Hi guys how you doing this is your boy rich here on behalf of rich tv live and we are 29 days 15 hours four minutes away from history in canada recreational cannabis will be legalized it’s true and it looks as though america is following suit and the entire industry is green again today and your boy ridge was the first to predict that the cannabis stocks would

Explode this fall and that’s exactly what’s happened and your boy rich also last week predicted that our cannabis would go up a hundred percent it is up now over 30 percent since i did my video and i also predicted the lift would be a new ipo today that would launch and be a success and guess what guess what let’s take a look see if we can find lift let’s just

Go to rich tv live guys you can find all the tools at rich tv wwh tv hover over stocks everything is there let’s see if they have it at trading view they might not even have it there yet it’s so new brand new ipo lifts will be here oh it’s there let’s see bama brand new ipo your boy rich brought these to last night late night and it’s a 64%

What i said what yeah it’s true your boy brought you this big before anybody else on the planet brand-new ipo i told you guys it was gonna be a winner and it’s up 64% wow what a winner remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners but we bring them to you first so i got a new winner for you guys okay that’s not what this videos about

Today but a new winner because i want to bring you guys new winners before anybody else in the planet before i do that let’s look at the daily advancers k t and n f up 62 % nt rb up 49 % p vh o up 43 % sk vi up 42 % e kk h up 38% wow so e t st put on your radar put on your watch list it is now up 11% it is on full alert earth science tech inc and let’s talk about

Why obviously the marijuana index is up nine point nine percent you can see it is just steadily climbing this was a normal consolidation after it came down it’s going back up you could see in the last five days the highest it’s been is over 900 you’re a boy rich predicted when it was at 400 it would go to a thousand we’re getting so close it came back down last

Week after a bunch of bad news it bounced back came back down bounced back up it is climbing again and there’s some news that is broken on the marijuana index and i’m gonna tell it to you guys first so let’s talk about it earth science tech inc ets d execute perfect timing for up listing as feds appeared to abandon legal high ground on cannabis et st this week

Announced up listening to the otc qb venture exchange they are moving up to a higher tier exchange this is very bullish news for ets t check out this news the fda approved product containing cannabinoid oil cbd that is enormous news that the fda has approved cbds congressional panel to vote on cannabis research bill on september 13th dea plans to quit quintuple

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Amount of marijuana for research wow the official up listing of earth science tech inc °o° t cq b et to the otcqb venture market right there on this link on september 12 2018 comes at a time when auspicious news graces the cannabis community on thursday september 13th the us house judiciary committee will vote on a bill to increase opportunities for research

Into the medicinal medical benefits of marijuana this follows a report that the drug enforcement administration the dea gotta love the dea right plans to quintuple the amount of cannabis that can legally be grown in the us for research purposes from roughly 1,000 pounds in 2018 to more than 5,400 pounds next year an announcement on june 25th by the us food and

Drug administration highlighted the organization’s approval of a drug containing cannabinoid oil cbd marking the first time ever the agency has given a drug based on substances to right from marijuana the green lights ah here are we got people i told you guys the opportunity was in america i told you it’s in america such action by congress and federal agencies

One of which falls under its purview undoubtedly puts pressure on the justice department to review its stance on cannabis hopefully this soon will be forth coming i love it i love it with an up listening to the otcqb venture exchange earth sciences tech expects an increase in visibility and share liquidity yet think it’s already up people it is up already 11%

Remember rich tv line is strictly from education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talked about here on rich tv live the volume is very light only 41,000 be careful if you liked the video smash the like button share it everywhere remember if i win and you win we all win they only

Have 49 million shares out i love that tight float tight amount of shares not a bunch of dilution here this looks good from the outside looking in and clearly the market is doing well let’s take a look at ets t real quickly once again we’ll just go a trading view and we’re gonna go to charts and we’re gonna look at a tst tst earth sciences tech ets t at 89 cents up

11% so you can see here on the stochastic they’re pointing down so be careful it might come back down here but the macd is pointing up here the blue is straight the red is up the bollinger bands had a massive explosion that a retraction now it’s coming back up so it seems to be climbing up again up 11% and the news has started to circulate obviously your boy rich is

On top of it first one on top of everything first that’s what we do best here okay but you need to put ets t on full alert put it on your radar make sure it’s on your watchlist so now that it is an otc qb company understand it used to be a pink sheet company now it’s an otc qb company and i’m gonna explain to you what that means the company will now be mandated to

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File annual reports with the sec on form 10-k s quarterly reports on form 10-q and periodic reports on form 8-k s as well as subjecting itself to additional reporting obligations related to proxies shareholder actions and stock ownership rules this is huge they now need to be fully transparent when you go from pink sheet to fully reporting bulletin board company you

Need to report everything you’re doing it that’s material so anything that you’re doing that is considered a material development for your company that investors should know about you have to report it you need to do a press release you need to put it on your website you need to let people know what your profits and losses so this is a great step for ets t in the

News release ets t president director and chairman nicholas s tamra commented historically up listening to the otcqb and being fully reporting has resulted in greater liquidity and awareness we are committed to the higher level of corporate and financial disclosures required as an otc qb fully reporting company demonstrating our commitment to our loyal shoulders the

Fda ruling on june 25th is likely to have a ripple effect it is the first time a product that contains a purified drug substance derived from marijuana has been approved by the fda do you understand what this means this is a historic approval by the fda the favored drug is gw pharmaceuticals nasdaq g wp h which is trading over $100 my goodness an oral cannabinoid

Ile cbd solution for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy lennox gaston syndrome and dravet syndrome in patients two years of age and older it is also the fda approval of a drug for the treatment of patients with dravet syndrome its authorization should overcome justice department’s inertia since cannabis is presently

Classified as a schedule 1 drug with no medical use the fda must ask the dea for a reclassification wow this is huge moreover although the justice department has promised to relax the rules on cannabis research since 2016 it has so far approved none of the applications submitted however now that the fda which is under the department of health and human services

Has pushed it into a corner in may be forced to do so here we go people this is a revolution this is the rich tv live revolution we bring you the winners we bring them to you first we break it down to understand and know the truth the brightening environment is bolstering earth science texts prospects two subsidiary cannabis therapeutics inc cti it aims to take a

Leadership role in the development of new leading-edge cannabinoid eel based pharmaceutical and natural suitable products now listen eat est your boy riches in the cbd business if you like to get in touch with your boy contact your boy at rich tv lab at we can do business your boys got some of the best cbd products in the universe it’s true contact your

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Boy just put it out there at present cgi is studying various medicinal effects of cbd oh and so are we the company holds a provisional application patent for a cbd product that is focused on developing treatments for breast and ovarian cancers fantastic so does your boy rich eat est we’re speaking the same language maybe we could do a joint venture maybe we could

Get you on our show maybe we could come to your facilities let the people know what you’re doing bring it to the people another subsidiary earth sciences pharma inc is developing low-cost non-invasive diagnostic tools medical devices testing processes and vaccines for sexually transmitted infections and or diseases huge the division is targeting medical devices

And vaccines that meet the specific needs of women this is very much needed its first medical device ms – – is a home kit designed for the detection of sexually transmitted infections sti’s such as chlamydia from a self obtained jonica logical specimen wow the future is bright a third subsidiary cannabinoid oil canna by d-o-d kbd provides a wide variety of products

Geared toward the recreational cannabis market kb ds unique canna and cbd formulation is sold and distributed in cbd infused edibles and vapes eliquids products canna and cbd synergistic illegally enhanced one another providing optimal relaxation an uplifting sensation enhance focused and the added benefit of assisting with nicotine reduction therapy wow for more

Information follow and visit wwsz instead calm what do you think about this news is this a company you’re interested in will you by ets tea the volume is very low like i said so it’s not like exploding and with volume but it is up 11% on this news it is on the marijuana index it’s the biggest news right now that just broke and your boy rich is on top of the news

First like usual the markets are green we are winning and we are 29 days 14 hours 49 minutes and 34 seconds away from history earth science tech et st it’s a big winner it’s true let’s just quickly take a look at some of the winners on investing calm where your boys got a winning watch list and you go to your portfolio and we will see all the winners right now

There we go relentless resources rrl up 15% khr n up 14% aurora cannabis up 14% tilray now at 121 dollars where are you andrew left up 11% and huge up 10% just some of the winners now you’re a boy rage brings to you every single day absolutely free let me just add ets t to this list ets t no they’re not even on there yet they’re so new they’re so young this news

Is so breaking they’re not even on yet it’s true but you’re a boy rich we brought it to you first remember we bring it to first all right hello 29 days from history recreational cannabis will be legalized in canada it’s true your boys oh peace

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