Easy Kimchi Recipe with Only 6 Ingredients

My garlic press:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush an effective way of saving money is finding the items that you really like to eat and learning how to make them yourself for me kimchi is something one of them although i’m not korean i do like eating it whenever i go to a restaurant for the longest time i thought only older korean ladies would know how to make kimchi

But when i looked up how to actually make it it was actually much easier than i thought now what i’m gonna do in this video is take a lot of shortcuts so that it’s really really easy to make your own if you go to a korean market they’re likely gonna sell you kimchi at greatly higher prices because this thing only really cost me about 350 or $4 if you buy the same

Amount of kimchi it’s likely gonna cost you many many times more so basically to make kimchi is just to pickle it with salt and then let it ferment at room temperature for about two to five days the fermenting at room temperature is what gives you that unique flavor so let’s just get to the lazy way of making kimchi napa cabbage right here it’s extremely cheap

About 80 cents a pound this is a little bit too big you only need about two pounds of this i’m gonna separate this into two portions to make it two different times so i’m just gonna cut it in the center and now i’m gonna cut it into about two inch strips so i’m gonna cut this into thirds i’m gonna cut the core out over here so that all the leaves are separate and

Then now i’m just pre cutting them to the size that you want to eat gonna rinse them a little bit now i’m gonna wash the cabbage i have a quarter cup of salt over here it’s gonna pour it in gonna dissolve the salt in the water and now we put our cabbage back into this salt water now we want to completely submerge the cabbage with this salt water so i’m just gonna

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Fill the rest up with water here so what we’re trying to do is just salt the cabbage here the salt water is going to seep into this cabbage so i filled the rest of this container up almost filled with water because when i press down on here it’s gonna submerge all the vegetables and now we just leave this for about two hours so that all the salt will go in the

Cabbage first and then come back okay it’s two hours later so the cabbage should be pretty salty by now you can just take a little bit and taste it i’m gonna drain out all the water gonna put it back in here now we want a whole clove of garlic so just open this up and seal everything off i take the thickest knife i have and i’m gonna crush these guys so i can feel

Them easier i like crushing them first before putting it in through the garlic press i have this fancy-pants garlic press over here so i’m going to press all the garlic into just cabbage over here press them one after another then i have some of this korean crushed red pepper it’s only in korean stores that i see really big bags of red pepper like this because i

Think they use a lot of red pepper in their cooking so you do need to somewhat get large amounts of this stuff if you want to make a lot of korean food so this is the lazy way i’m gonna put in about five tablespoons of this stuff in here two three three i think–for would actually do typically you have to go around rubbing all this stuff in red pepper and things so

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I’ve devised this way where you pre-cut it and just kind of mix it around because this is a lazy way after all and so this allows you to not need to do each leaf of the napa use your hands use gloves if you want to but you know i’m just going to go in there just mix it all up it’s just salt garlic and crushed red pepper so far and it smelled really really good and

I have done this recipe before and yes it does taste very close to your typical kimchi at your korean restaurant since i don’t have any ginger on hand i’m gonna put a little bit of ginger powder in here mix it some more so so far quarter cup salt 4 tbsp crushed red pepper 1 clove of garlic and a dash of ginger powder and this is basically it you just do this and

After it’s all mixed up just compress it down like this because you want it to firm it without oxygen so press it down so that you know it doesn’t have much oxygen left this is the lazy man’s way and the quick method after all and then if i covered this like this it’s gonna have too much air so what i’m gonna do is put this saran wrap over here on top and then

Try to minimize the amount of air that this cabbage comes in contact with so that it’ll ferment of course i’m not gonna lock this in case it builds too much pressure because when it ferments it actually generates more gases so i don’t want this explode so i’m just gonna loosely cover it like this and you let this sit for two to five days you can taste it once a

Day you know go in here open it up you know taste it see if it’s to the level of fermentation that you like once it’s ready from three to five days then you put this in the fridge so for now you just put this aside and sit it at room temperature this is 12 hours later 24 hours later 36 hours later 48 hours later now it’s actually smelling like kimchi it needs

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A little spit sourness in order to do it now i’m gonna mix it around and make sure all the spices gets in there i’m gonna add a little bit of fish sauce to it this is just to taste because i feel like it could get a little bit more salty two days would be the minimum you want to ferment it of course you can do it up to five days so let’s give this a try it could

Be a little bit more spicy for me so you definitely want to adjust to your taste how spicy you want it how salty do you want it and also how sour you want it which is how long you want to ferment it after you’re done with your adjustment just put the lid on and store it in the fridge and then you can take it out eat just a little bit of it at a time and it goes

Great with rice so thanks for watching everybody i hope you enjoyed this lazy method of making kimchi apparently this pickled part of this vegetable is actually really healthy for you so do give this a try if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audio book i don’t like

This audiobook you can cancel it before the subscription expires you can still keep this audiobook for free and help with nif at this channel i also have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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