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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush some of you have asked me which video editor do i use and i’ve recently switched to a brand new one i typically have been using some free ones but they’re not very efficient in terms of cpu usage movavi video editor has supplied me with their software and i tested it out and it seems like it’s something i can actually

Use in my typical laptop now to tie this all in i managed to get them to be a sponsor and i get to be able to use their software for free now if you’ve been watching the resolution of my videos i started at 720p videos and then i moved on to 1080p recently i’ve been doing 4k videos at 30 frames a second and even more recently i’ve been doing 4k videos at 60 frames

A second this is a top-of-the-line dell xps 15 and when i use a free software i actually cannot easily edit in 4k videos even if it’s 30 frames a second when i was in tokyo in hong kong i was recording in 4k 30 frames a second but when i edit videos for long duration the cpu tends to heat up because it’s using so much of its power and then it throttles it down

And i can no longer edit it very smoothly so when i uses movavi editor i was really surprised that it did not tax my cpu as much therefore i can essentially use this laptop again to edit 4k 60 frames a second videos whereas otherwise i could not have now actually had to spend $300 on the video card in order to get my desktop to be able to edit 4k 60 frames a


Second video i went back and uninstalled that $300 video card and put back in the stock one it was really cheap thing i think its costs about $25.00 i used of movavi video editor and lo and behold it can still edit 4k 60 frames of second video so this is a very simple and easy to use video editor however it won’t have the very fine adjustments that you see in the

High-end video editors however it is still very very capable for example it can still do 4k video editing it has chroma screen editing and it has some animations that i always wanted to do but it was not able to integrate because the high-end software takes a lot of time to learn in order to make those effects now if you’re thinking about doing youtube videos and

Just starting now this is a great way to start because all you have to do is just plug in your videos it’s very simple to use you can just cut your video add your music add your animation and basically you’re just piecing things together and you can just click explore all the controls are very simple this video editor can upload directly to youtube as well as well

As export in many different kinds of formats so that you can put whatever video inside your tablet inside your phone so that you can watch those for later now you can probably see all the 3d graphics transitions and titles i’ve used already in this video it also comes with a bunch of filters a bunch of free music that you can use a bunch of stickers that you can

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Use it’s just an all-in-one thing where you can get up and go and really just produce a video using whatever camera that you have now you have to understand going forward i’m actually going to use this software on the go on my laptop in order to edit 4k 60 frames a second video i cannot do that otherwise without this software so without further ado let’s check out

The interface itself you see over here you can just import your files and it loads directly into your timeline there’s a whole bunch of royalty-free sounds music video samples backgrounds that you can use and you can put all these in your youtube videos what i found is that it does not come pre-loaded if you want that sound it’ll download it immediately within the

Software there’s also a bunch of filters that you can use transitions letterings that you can add the stickers that i talked about a bunch of animation call-outs with little arrows and stuff and i generally find it very easy to use however it is a bit simplistic so you’re only gonna get the canned of stuff that’s included in this if you want to get really really

Fancy then well you’re stuck there you have to understand even with all this canned stuff that it does for you you can still do a lot it certainly does a bit more including the intro of this video that i was not able to do before this video is edited within this movavi software all the music all the transitions all the stickers that i use within this video was


Edited with this software so thanks for watching this review video of the movavi video editor plus you can indeed try to software out free for seven days and you can test out if it will actually work with the format output from your camera i try to suffer out in the free mode before i activated it and it’s actually good in order to test stop if it’s compatible

With the files that your camera makes it’s also important to try to software out before buying to make sure that your computer is powerful enough in order to run whatever files that you want to edit and of course when you render in the free trial mode you see this movavi video at trial bar over here if you guys are interested in this software i have a thirty

Percent off coupon down in the video description below so thanks for watching everybody if you’re interested in supporting this her know i have an audible link down in the video description below a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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Easy to Use Video Editor for YouTube: Movavi By BeatTheBush

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