Eat Well for a Day for 14 Days

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How’s it going everybody this is meet the bush a lot of you have asked me how i am able to get my grocery bill so low so today i’m gonna give you an example of what i spent over the last two weeks for the majority of the time i’m able to eat for only $3 a day so let me show you what i actually bought but first benq sent me this light bar and let me show it to you

Guys anyway this is actually for your monitor and what’s good about this thing is that it does not cause glare on your monitor it takes up no desk space so if you have a lamp on there before you can’t reclaim that spot it illuminates your whole desk space rather than just part of it with a desk lamp it plugs right into your usb port it has an ambient light sensor

So that it can do auto brightness as well as change your color temperature if you’re interested in one of these benq space-saving light bars check out my referral link down in the video description below now here is my spreadsheet for what i ate in the last 14 days this spreadsheet takes a little bit of explaining because some items have more than one ingredient

On it and i just sort of lumped it off to the side first of all let me just say in the morning i have a milk tea i don’t really eat anything else i have a lunch and a dinner and i don’t usually eat a snack in between because it’s filling enough so let’s look at the top row over here i have milk tea i put the meat and proteins in the first few columns you can see

Mackerel pike golden pompano chicken feet pork cutlet and then i put the vegetables you see green beans eggplant tong whole kimchi and then i have the grains barley rice and then after that i have the sweets which is tober alone mochi and then i have fruits after that which are cuties and then at the very end i have total groceries as well as the cost of eating

Out as you can see here milk tea is not free and even tea being by itself you would think that it’s so cheap that you know maybe it’s a couple of cents but it’s not i actually have really high quality tea i think i bought a pound if of for like ten dollars i don’t really know how long it lasts so i estimate some things like oh it’s about ten cents worth of black

Tea right there with me making my milk tea i only need the black tea water which is basically free condensed milk which i counted as about eighteen cents so you can see over here the total is about twenty-eight cents per milk tea that i have every single day kimchi is not something i just bought at the store i just made a video about how to make kimchi and the

Ingredients are napa salt sauce garlic red pepper all those things add up to be about 15 cents per serving now i counted how many times i was able to eat a certain recipe and then i divided it down that’s why it’s only 15 cents each the pork cutlet i just did a video about that and i had pork loin in there which is a dollar oh nine i use part of an egg because

I kind of put it back in the fridge and then i reuse the egg because it doesn’t make sense for me to keep on opening up one egg when it only needs part of an egg for that pork cutlet of course you can just cook the rest of the egg and eat that but i found that cooking part of an egg it’s just not very tasty so i rather just save it and then make more pork chop

Instead and then you have the breadcrumb $0.07 cornstarch i counted that about five cents the total is about dollar 28 there now this is my best guess estimate sometimes i have to go well you know cornstarch one whole box i can probably get about 50 coatings of the pork chop with that so i have to divide that down so there’s a little bit of guesswork here i also

Use things like salt pepper cumin powder those things are non zero but they’re actually very low you can say it’s about five cents or something but i did not add that in here over here in the first row you can see barley is nine cents rice is three cents now what i personally do is i take two cups of barley and one cup of rice and i mix that together and i put it

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In the rice cooker and i create this concoction of barley / rice with three cups like grain i divide that down into six portions so barley costs about 79 cents every single pound rice costs about 50 cents every single pound if you do the math it comes out to be nine cents for barley three cents for rice so in the first day that i logged this in the morning i had

My milk tea and had nothing else twenty-eight cents there and then for lunch i had a mackerel pike i had two fishes and that turned out to be a dollar 22 with some green beans and you’ll see that it’s actually zero here because i went on this little cabin trip thing and there were a lot of leftover so i got this for free you could say it’s a little bit of cheating

But you can see later on in my eating habits even if i bought these vegetables is not likely gonna affect my bottom line all that much on a per day basis if you just kind of look forward a little bit vegetables usually cost maybe eighty-nine cents for eggplant per day or if i eat that tongue whole thing it’s 23 cents so you add all this up and having a fish some

Grain some vegetable cost me a dollar 62 for one meal and then basically for dinner i had the same thing and i saw at that point found out hey maybe the mack rolled having two of them was a bit too much because by the time i’m done with one macro i’m basically done with all the rice i’m like uh it’s kind of weird when i eat only the fish itself it’s not as tasty

And you know i basically don’t need to fish it’s about this big in order to finish my meal so over here for a dinner i basically had the same thing and then i had a piece of chocolate tolbert alone the table alone is about one dollar per candy bar eleven pieces in each roughly so it’s ten cents a piece and i only have one piece because when i have more than that i

Don’t feel really good so i still like having a little bit of sweets i do eat fruits and stuff and usually i eat more but for some reason these days i haven’t been having that much i usually integrate it into my meal maybe one or two fruits per day right there you can see qts is about 40 cents for that it’s about 20 cents each qt that’s how much i estimated as so

The total groceries for that day is dollar sixty two plus a dollar eighty four that comes out to be three dollars and forty six cents not bad for eating for one day usually people eat for a lot more expensive maybe they can only get away with like ten dollars if you go eat fast food it’s definitely gonna cost you more than ten dollars if you go once it might cost

You six or seven dollars you go twice it’s about fifteen dollars a day already this is a lot compared to eating for three dollars and 46 cents and this is really healthy for you so you can just keep on looking down at the list over here at what i ate i keep on eating the mackerel pike the next few days i ate one fish instead of two fish i’m just adjusting it because

You know it’s more comfortable that way i’ve tried to not eat as much meat and just you know eat more vegetables in place of eating fish and you have to see every single time i have a run of stuff i usually only cooked it only once the mackerel pike i actually cooked it twice because i got it two times in a row the green beans i just cooked one big pot of it and

I just stick it in the fridge i take it out and take a little bit out the back pikas precooked from the first time i take one fish out the barley and rice i cook six servings at the same time so i just divide a little bit out put it in a bowl i heat everything up with a microwave and then i eat and then you know very quickly within about 10 minutes i’ve already

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Reheated everything and i’m able to finish the meal i don’t know half an hour or so later on whenever i run out of one type of vegetables i move on to another type you can see over here on day four i started having eggplant i bought two big servings of eggplant i think it was like five or six eggplants and i just chopped them all up i put it in a pot and i cook

That basically steaming it eggplant takes a little bit longer to cook so then i had to do that passive heat method where i cook it and then i stick it in the oven and i just wait a while i actually had to do that twice before the eggplant was fully cooked through after eating the mackerel pike i switched over the golden pompano because i just wanted to eat that it

Actually tastes really good and i also made a video on how to make that i said that was about a three dollar meal over there and you can see at the end over here i actually spent about two dollars and fifteen cents on that meal because i happen to divide that fish into five servings it’s just the way it works out every single day you see i have the milk tea this

Time i have the golden pompano i have some eggplant i have some kimchi i finish making the kimchi and i started having a little plate of it every single time i also made a video on how to make that kimchi and yes the kimchi is what i eat after i show it to you on the hill i actually finished eating it and then you can see every single time i have a meal i’m always

Having some barley and some rice the tober lone mochi and cuties i have sparingly sometimes i have it sometimes i don’t depending on my mood if i feel like something sweet i go and eat it i don’t restrict myself and then say oh i have to eat it and according to this plan it’s just basically what i feel like sometimes i have feel like having sweets sometimes maybe

I feel like having something more expensive than i’ll get those after the golden pompano i happen to go eat out this is the time where i did the vlog and i ate that batmen oh that was $11 as you can see $11 is quite expensive compared to what i normally eat every single meal every single meal is about three dollars that means that one ramen that one meal is three

Times the cost of my rig their meals but i don’t actually sweat over it over the long term i don’t really eat out all that much so it’s okay to spend a little bit more now and then and then after that you see i made a whole batch of chicken feet i actually like chicken feet it’s not because it’s cheap or anything is because i actually like how chicken feet taste

I like how its chewy i like how its vinegary tasting i also made a video on how to do this i’ll leave that video over here and it turns out one batch actually lasts me a really really long time i counted over here roughly about eight meals or so so each meal cost me about sixty-two cents worth of chicken feet while i was having the chicken feet i was having this

Vegetable it’s a chinese vegetable called tong ho i got a really huge bag of it and again i made it the same when i put it in a giant pot i basically steamed / boiled it with a little bit of water just so that it’s soft enough to eat and not completely raw and then you can see i also have kimchi with that i have barley rice same thing the tober low mochi cuties i

Have it sparingly every now and then whenever i feel like it and over here you can see when i was having the chicken feet it’s like dollar thirty-nine for lunch dollar fifty-nine for dinner it’s like roughly three dollars again three dollars for day nine $3 for day ten three dollars for day 11 three dollars for day twelve and then after that i started making the

Pork cutlet because i wanted to make the video for you guys to show you how to make it turns out it is actually really good and i think i’m gonna integrate this into what i eat normally you can see as i added it up before depart cutlet cost me a dollar twenty eight and this pork cutlet if you saw the video it’s really really good if you go outside and eat something

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Like this it’ll cost you like i don’t know $10 $15 or something it’s crunchy the middle is tender if you know how to make it right so when you make stuff at home it’s really really cheap if you know how to make it you can make it really really tasty along with that i’ll so i’ll have some tahoe vegetable barley rice again it’s always like some sort of meat some

Sort of vegetables and some sort of grain all together and then i have that as a meal again a piece of chocolate or a mochi or a qt is my dessert basically it’s like something a little bit sweet after you have your meal you might want to have it don’t have it all the time just whenever i feel like it again this evening i plan to go all and i think what i’m gonna

Spend is roughly $15 so that’s an estimate right now if you look at the total for two whole weeks of grocery shopping this is forty two dollars and seventy two cents this is two weeks now so if you double this i just do the same thing okay one month is gonna cost me roughly eighty five dollars of groceries now keep in mind i’m not even really trying very hard to

Eat as cheap as possible i am eating things i actually want to eat when i go to the grocery store i look at the fish and i’m like oh yeah you know that’s a good deal i’ll get that i’ll eat that or maybe sometimes i feel like oh yeah you know if that golden pompano i want to eat some of that i do avoid the chilean sea bass though which is like twenty five dollars

A pound once in a blue moon i do opt to get something that i haven’t had a long time and i crave for it i will get something more expensive the total for my eating out is thirty dollars and forty-five cents i forgot to mention about the taco bell that i bought for that taco bell video four dollars and fifty eight cents when you add all this up thirty dollars and

Forty-five cents it’s very comparable to my grocery budget actually an average per day spending is five dollars and 23 cents now if i don’t eat out at all it’s gonna cost me about three dollars and twenty-nine cents just for groceries this i’m sure is really really low for some people because i’ve had people message me saying oh my gosh they spend like $100 just

On themselves this in contrast is twenty one dollars a week versus one hundred dollars a week how do i do it hopefully this video explains how i exactly do it i basically eat every single drop of food that i bought at the market nothing goes to waste here i hope this was informative in how i’m able to do this now you might look at this and then go oh my gosh poor

Guy he’s like spending so little i don’t feel that way i feel like i’m eating very well when comes the next meal i actually look forward to it because i feel like it’s very tasty and i want to eat it this is in comparison to maybe someone that’s trying to spend as little as possible and then you go and buy bread or something and then buy peanut butter i feel like

If i had to eat bread and peanut butter that would be forcing myself i don’t really want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day nor do i want to eat instant ramen every day that’s not good for you so it’s very important to say that i don’t feel restricted here i’m buying things i really would like to eat so i hope this serves as a good blueprint

On how to spend really little on your groceries while eating really well again if you guys are interested in this light bar check out my affiliate link down in the video description below i also have an audible down over there where you can get a free audiobook i have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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