Eating Rampage in NYC

Places I went or ate in this vlog. Ootoya for tonkatsu, Grand Central, MET Museum, Momofuku Milk Bar, WeWork place, Domino’s Pizza in NYC, Nintendo Store, Eataly Pizza, Joe’s Pizza, Turntable Korean Fried Chicken, and Junior’s Cheesecake.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this morning in new york city i am in a hotel not in an airbnb using points today i’m gonna hang out with a subscriber over at butoh yeah it’s just down the street over there i heard they have really good tonkatsu so let’s head over there right now okay i’m gonna have this second bite no i think it’s a bit soggy it’s

Good no we’ve estimated here i’ll read it later this was italia and i thought the charwoman she was excellent the tonkatsu was a little bit on the soggy side so it’s definitely not you know you wouldn’t come here for the tonkatsu i don’t think the first place i reviewed for us actually better but it’s relatively low price at $22 plus there’s no tip just tax on top

Of that the salad dressing was just like one tablespoon it was a little bit too little i think they need like two or three instead on there i might have gotten the wrong thing maybe this is not the most popular thing at this restaurant here we are again grand central smells like oysters she always stirs underneath her and sensual then you can go on your dreams

So george says we’re gonna go up to his friends workplace and have a beer we’re gonna try to get in there right now i didn’t know you can use the subway password riding the bus it’s like a chimney so the steam won’t get in your face i guess we are at the matt george where why are we at the museum some art yeah i don’t know let’s try it i’m very milky

Let’s try the chocolate side chocolate pretzel hmmm chocolate pretzels pretty good too hmm okay i see why people come here it’s good how will i compare this to mcdonald’s mcdonald’s soft-serve is really good too but maybe not as milky all right but i’d say it’s like 20-30 percent better it is better wife’s no i make the home stop service like a dollar six times

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This is six dollars okay let’s try some domino’s pizza in new york city you know 99-cent pizzas he’s better than domino’s pizza babbles what is this i’m not too sure what this is the piano thing robot thing this thing robot stand clear of the closing doors please there it is very portobello mushroom taste there’s like a little bit of glaze on top i think this is

Exact on top joe’s pizza we’re at okay now we’re gonna have some joe’s pizza i’m gonna compare this to a bunch of other pizza i already have okay it’s trip boot duping it’s very thin compared to all their pizzas sinnard and 99-cent pizzas certainly this is $4 i can feel the cheese aroma very good when i have it it’s not like you know bam you know wow hold that

That type of thing it’s very punchy if you can see the bottom of the pizza the tomato is like not too sour it’s not sour at all so it’s you know good tomato i have to think about this people are compared to the other pizzas but what well this is it okay let’s try this it’s like part of the wing tip over here oh my god very firm suit it’s really good wow i’m

Surprised we have this place in the bay area called coco chicken this is better i am at junior’s famous cheesecake and i’m gonna be pitting this cheesecake against eileen’s cheesecake so let’s go check it out all right it’s over here yes out i got the cheesecake over here let’s go home so i got my junior’s cheesecake here and well cheesecake it’s normally called

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A new york cheesecake so it’s from new york i better have some real new york cheesecake i got the plain version because i normally like the plain and it allows me to really taste the true flavor of the cheesecake itself now like i said i’m gonna compare this between eileen’s cheesecake this cheesecake my cheesecake which i have had a recipe on this channel before

As well as the general taste of this thing so let me have the first bite let me tell you this thing caught seven dollars and 75 cents over there at one five one five broadway it’s really really close to times square so if you’re around the area then you can just grab a piece so before i taste it let me show you what it looks like as you can see it looks very very

Smooth and i assume it’s gonna be very very smooth tasting as well it almost looks like a little bit of custardy look so now let me give it a taste test hmm very smooth the ones i make there’s not creamy like this crumbly the kind of i make i leaves cheesecake has a different texture eileen’s cheesecake have a bit of graham cracker crust at the bottom and it’s in

A little puck form here this is about 50 to 70 percent more cheesecake in here so let me dig at the bottom to see if i can find any of the graham cracker crumbs there’s a little bit in it yeah so let me show you actor barroom you see the bottom over here yes it does have a little bit of graham cracker it’s very smooth it’s not like a crunchy graham cracker where

You have a graham cracker and you just crush it all up and when you eat into it it’ll just be like kind of you know a bit of crunchy so it tastes more like the surface of a sara lee pound cake and you know that tastes really good except not at the very burnt parts at the lighter color one like this so tastes good i usually really like the quest of a sara lee pound

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Cake aroma wise very good i like it i prefer this over my cheesecake recipe and if i need to make one i think i should make it somewhat more like this something more smooth a bit less cake like texture mmm that’s good sometimes after you eat it you get this cream cheese aroma in your mouth and it’s a good thing yeah there you go i’ve got nothing to complain about

This thing it’s really good well i get an eileen’s cheesecake or this one i think it’s it’s very hard to decide between the two if the price is the same and if the sizing of the content is about the same then i think it’s about equal so i’m gonna slowly finish that thanks for watching everybody you guys i know i kind of like pig down everything i ate a lot of food

Today i also burned a lot of calories this is how i normally end i think maybe my appetite increase a lot more because i’m walking around so much so thanks for watching everybody and coming with me to new york and checking out all those little hotspots of food places to eat if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video

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Eating Rampage in NYC By BeatTheBush

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