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Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and interactive and i want to bring your attention to e-l-e-c-f in america e-l-e-c in canada electric royalties limited we love royalty companies we love anything to do with electrification of vehicles as

The world goes electric we need to identify companies that are undervalued unappreciated underexposed that are going to benefit from the electrification of vehicles and how about electric royalties limited put on your radar put on your watch list we think it has a chance to be a big winner and we’re going to talk about it right here exclusively on rich tv don’t

Touch that dial let’s take a look at electro royalties limited all right i want to bring your attention to electric royalties that’s the website you can see the symbol elec on the tsxv and on the otcqb in america e-l-e-c-f also important to take a look at all their socials this is their linkedin right here royalties on metals that will benefit from the drive

To electrification value through long-term sustainable investments and right here this is their twitter we are following them on twitter electric royalties is a royalty company set to take advantage of the demand for a wide range of commodities that will benefit from the drive to electrification this is their youtube we’ve subscribed to their youtube this

Is their facebook right here and we like their facebook now let’s take a look at them on weeble they’re currently at 29 cents and we’re gonna mark this chart up so first and foremost it’s been as high as 45. that’s the high high i always like to mark the high high and the low low and the low low is about 13 cents so the low low is 13 high highs 45 and we’re

Currently sitting right at kind of kind of in the middle right at 29. so what this tells me as an investor is if it dips i’d like to kind of get in on a dip on these dips you want to buy it and if it rips back up to that 45 cent mark or even like around that 39 cent mark that’s typically where it’s starting to get a little bit of resistance so if you’re looking

To take a trade i’d like to get it in on a little dip if it dips back to like this 22 cents or lower range buy it and then if it rips back up to that 30 cent 39 to 45 cent range that’s typically where it’s getting resistance you can also see here on the rsi that it’s made a nice big move up and it’s actually sitting very close to the cell zone and the rsi at 66

So maybe if you get a chance if it does dip try to buy it on the dip because it is getting to a zone where typically the cell zone here the 66 zone is typically where they’re going to be a lot of selling pressure not saying you can’t go higher anything’s possible big news could come and just rip it through but as a trader it’s always important to look at the rsi

And try to buy when it’s at like around 30 rsi or lower and try to sell when it’s at like a 65 or a higher rsi and you can clearly see that when it got to that boat that 35 rsi was right when it was about 22 cents so that looks like a great entry point and you can see it’s made this little move up here uh from 22 cents to 29 cents just in the last little while

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Here like in the last few weeks you can see this trend up from that 22 cent zone all the way to the 29 cent zone so some news might continue to rip this up this momentum might continue uh you can see here on the macd that the orange line crossed the blue and it’s going up and it looks extremely bullish so this channel basically looks like it’s going to continue

To go higher so we’re going to watch it very very closely and see if that continues this is their corporate presentation and you can find it right on their website electricroyalties.com this is the corporate presentation and you can see here electric royalties why invest in electric royalties a growing portfolio of royalties on metals required for the drive

To sustainable electrification lithium manganese zinc copper nickel tin graphite cobalt and vanadium exponential growth forecast in demand for clean energy metals management team and advisors with proven track record in creating value for shareholders revenue generating royalty portfolio and we love royalty companies in this type of market environment you can

See here the different areas of focus so a lot of different metals you can see the different countries canada australia united states africa and europe and you can see the share structure cash and debt position one of the things i want to bring to your attention zero debt that’s huge zero debt is something we look for 1.5 million in cash and cash equivalents

And a 22.9 million market cap so a baby market cap and 93 million shares issued outstanding 7 million warrants sorry 7 million options 22 million warrants and fully diluted 123 million shares so a tight and responsible share structure it’s very important to us here at rich tv this is their royalty portfolio so very impressive royalty portfolio as you can

See and you can see the development stage the mineral the royalty the location the operator and the market cap so we love royalty companies because they don’t have to spend any money actually drilling they just invest in companies that are essentially pulling the metals out of the ground and they help them give them some bridge funding essentially and get a

Piece of the royalty it’s it’s a great business model we love this model and we’ve seen other success stories in this industry as well key upcoming project catalyst so it’s always important to know as an investor what’s coming up you can see here lots coming up here q2 2022 seymour lake lithium update mineral resource estimate q2 2022 gramata graphite update

Mineral resource estimate q2 2022 battery hill manganese preliminary economic assessment now we’re talking about the the quarter we’re in q3 2022 mont sorcier vanadium preliminary economic assessment 2022 off the a lithium feasibility study early 2023 can set lithium inaugural mineral resource estimate and q1 2023 mont sorcier vanadium feasibility study and

2023 zonia copper pre-visibility study so lots to look forward to a lot of catalysts for electric royalties the clean energy transition is mineral intensive you can see the breakdown and the importance there low technologies will demand a higher percentage of the world’s mineral production so you can see here the trend and the 2050 projected annual demand

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From energy technologies as percent of 2018 or 2019 annual production now i also wanted you to look at their latest news so latest news right here on september 6th electric royalties closes zonia copper royalty acquisition on september 12th elec announces filing a preliminary economic assessment for mont sorcia you can find that all on their website at

Electricroys.com just click on latest news and you can get access to all of that you can also take a look at the us symbol e l ecf is the us symbol and i wanted to show you the three-month chart because this chart looks extremely bullish to me you can see it’s been as low as 10 cents been as high as 24 and it’s really holding strong at this level so this looks

Extremely bullish to me and it looks like it is going to most likely continue higher based on the trend based on the news based on everything that’s happening so we’ll keep you updated on that as well that’s the u.s symbol e-l-e-c-f for electric royalties in america and once again the corporate presentation that we’re looking at royalty company advantages the

Royalty streaming business model has been proven to outperform mining companies and they don’t have all the overhead that mining companies do so you can see all the advantages of royalty companies over mining companies royalty companies do not operate mines nor need large and highly specialized teams to carry out on their regular course of business diversifies

Investments and mitigates risk royalties are generally registered against mineral titles and lower risk royalties are typically based on revenues and paid irrespective of underlying profitability with no further capital outlay required this is why royalty companies should be on your radar and should be on your watch list right here right now this is the process

Of acquiring royalties electric royalties payment to acquire a mining royalty then they work with the mining company and payment is invested in the mining operation and then the mining company gives a royalty of cash flow for the life of the mine i love this model estimating annual royalty cash flow royalty rate times annual production times metal price equals

Gross revenue royalty otherwise known as grr and transport refining and or smelter costs etc you just minus that and that equals the net smell to royalty otherwise known as the nsr and you can see our lithium royalty assets are primarily in eastern canada a major hub for battery plants so you can see the areas of focus a north american battery initiatives and

You can see their lithium portfolio lithium prices up 290 percent year over year clearly that’s due to the electrification of vehicles and you can see these areas of focus all in canada and their lithium royalty spotlight the authea and you can see the areas of focus there in quebec canada and more lithium royalty spotlights this is the canset project and the

Seymour lake project and the canset is in quebec and the seymour lake project is in ontario canada this is their graphite portfolio in madagascar canada and australia and the gramata mine in madagascar this is the bisset creek in ontario canada this is their zinc portfolio this is the manganese portfolio both in canada this is the vanadium portfolio also in

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Canada so you can see a very rich portfolio here this is the copper portfolio in australia and the united states and the cobalt portfolio in australia this is the nickel portfolio in norway i mean this is impressive we’re talking international here and the tin portfolio in the united states this is the directors officers and management team brendan urich who

We’ve interviewed is the ceo and director founder and ceo of evanor investments limited a financial advisory group to junior mining companies for alternative financing debt equity and m a with experience in over 2 billion in mining financing transactions throughout his career prior global experience as a research analyst as well as in business development and

Mining financial advisory roles with endeavor financial cambrian mining finance limited northern vertex mining corp and king and bay west management corp you can see their chairman marchand cinnamon you can see director robert shaffer another director craig lindsey cfo luckman khan and chief geoscientist david gaunt these are their advisors gregory bowes

Rodney cooper marcel schlumberger nicholas schlumberger richard williams and darcy marrod and a high value growth and income investment opportunity increasing electric vehicle and battery production is set to drastically increase demand growth across electric metals over the next decade this is why i think you need to put electric royalties on your radar and

On your watches right here and right now i must remind you that rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe they are targeting

Long-term recurring and diversified royalty cash flows with no ongoing holding costs royalty companies have been shown to outperform investing directly in operating mining companies and underlying commodities associated with them which is why i love royalty companies and experience management team and board to drive the company forward including experienced

Royalty executives geologists engineers and mining financiers there’s the contact information for electric royalties feel free to contact brendan urich the ceo if you have general inquiries you can email them at info electric royalties.com and their phone number is there with their address all right love to know what you guys think about electric royalties

Once again their website is electricroyalties.com website is a very nice website breaks down their royalties events media and latest news featured videos and corporate presentations thank you guys for watching if you have any questions please put it in the description of this video thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching

We bring in the winners we bring in the analysis we bring you ceo interviews and we love to bring it to you first i’ve never heard anyone talk about electric royalties until today love to know what you think do you think it’s a big winner so you’re host with the most your boy rich and wish to be live and i’m out you

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