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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about buying an electric scooter and when is it actually worth it to actually own one yourself you could have various transportation situations for example you could be owning a car and you could be trying to supplement it with an electric scooter yeah another situation is perhaps you live in

The city and sometimes you rent a lime or a bird scooter and instead of doing that you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter to replace that rental cost today i’m gonna talk about the break-even point of buying an electric scooter now this is going to be different for everybody but i’m gonna go through a few examples just to have a somewhat of a ballpark

Idea of how long does it take before you can make back this large amount of money because sometimes these scooters are pretty costly today’s video is sponsored by eko rico they provided me the electric scooter at which i can test all these theories on they cost $1,100 another $100 worth of taxes i drove it as long as i could until it ran out of litter city so this

Would be a typical usage scenario i got 22 miles out of it and this means you can go about 11 miles before you have to start turning back otherwise you might have to push the scooter a little bit it went reasonably fast at 22 to 25 mile an hour now this would be you know a little bit faster than typical electric scooters now i have to say scootering is not without

Danger because it’s similar to riding a road bike at 25 miles an hour and when you’re going that fast you know there are dangers related to it when you are right in the bicycle lane in the traffic to me there are several benefits including you do not have to buy insurance but there are also drawbacks because when you’re in a car you’re essentially wrapped around

In a metal cage whereas if you’re in a scooter there’s nothing wrap around you but at least you can sort of you know dive out of the way if you see something coming okay so for this scenario i’m really thinking about if i don’t drive my porsche boxster instead i ride the scooter which i have been doing if it’s just couple of miles i find that the time cost of

Riding a scooter is it’s you know sort of equivalent and at the same time i can kind of have a nice view because if you ever ride a scooter it’s a lot different than when you’re in a car because in a car you’re all covered up and you do not see everything whereas when you’re in a scooter electric scooter gas power scooter all of these allows you to see kind of

Like a panoramic view so to me it’s a little bit enjoyable because you know you get the wind and everything you’re just kind of like out in the open so here’s a rough spreadsheet i made on the cost breakdown of driving a car in particular my particular car which is a porsche boxster 2001 and i’m gonna add in some interesting numbers for you guys because some of

You have asked me how much does it cost me in terms of maintenance or all this stuff on my porsche boxster so now you’re gonna get a little glimpse of that gasoline costs about $4 per gallon right now and my car within the city i’ve noticed it only gets 24 miles per gallon versus if i’m driving to la or something i get 28 miles per gallon because i’m going a lot

Faster i’m not slowing down and speeding up so in the city i only get 24 miles per gallon roughly so this equates to about 17 cents a mile you know on irs deduction for miles you can actually deduct fifty four point five cents per mile this is a lot more than the gasoline cost because they factor in maintenance insurance tires and things like that so today i’m

Gonna add in some of these things not all of them because if you have the car still you cannot necessarily you know reduce your insurance unless you change their mileage on it sometimes there’s a minimum to the amount of maintenance that you have to do but you do not always do maintenance every fifteen thousand miles if you just let the car sit for a whole year

You still sometimes have to change the oil so anyway my oil and filter change cost me about seventy dollars the frequency is about every fifteen thousand miles cost per mile it’s about half a penny okay and a little bit more to the total cost you’ll notice i didn’t add in the engine belt which sometimes i have to replace the cabin air filter the car air filter and

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So those things add a few pennies hires cost me about a thousand dollars and i get a life of about thirty thousand miles and i have seen the records of you know my tires they last about that long so the cost per mile for my tires is actually three point three cents and then you have maintenance which is really about changing the big things the things that you have

To bring the car into the shop i remember i had a few instances one time i had white smoke coming out and that cost me maybe two thousand dollars one time my coolant hose broke and that cost me $1,000 one time my coolant tank broke down cost me another thousand dollars one time my alternator broke that cost me about fourteen seventeen hundred dollars or something

So just those things alone it’s about five six thousand dollars over the course of the car life which has been about ten years so i add all those things where i brought it into the car shop and i’m estimating about ten thousand dollars and during that time i drove two hundred forty thousand miles roughly so that equates to be about four point one seven cents every

Single mount in terms of maintenance the car depreciation i bought it for twenty thousand dollars right now it’s worth about $6,000 so fourteen thousand dollars of depreciation and for those of you that bought a new car will know that this is extremely low considering that i drove it for like ten years or something so 240,000 miles the depreciation per mile is

5.83 cents now do i consider subtracting the insurance from this in terms of per mom no because i feel like my insurance gonna stay at roughly the same cost even if i you know ride this east scooter around the only instance where i might reduce the insurance cost is if somehow i reduce it by let’s say a thousand miles every single year and i entered this into my

Insurance and they also lowered it but i’m gonna ignore this for now the car itself you have to drive around whenever there’s parking fees and stuff so you know you might want to consider it a for the area i live in generally there’s no parking fee so you know plenty of free parking everywhere so if you add all these things up this is going to be different for

Everybody so you might want to go download my spreadsheet i’m gonna link it down in the video description below and do these calculations for yourself based on your own car so the cost per mile to drive for me personally is thirty point four cents this is extremely low compared to probably average you might even want to just use the average of fifty four point

Five you know cents the irs average the cost of the scooter is actually eleven hundred dollars now some of you might say wow this is kind of expensive compared to you know the other scooters that you can get well this is more expensive because it can go up to twenty five mile an hour versus you know some other ones which are slower so these things do you change

Their price and how much capacity it does and how fast they can go so based on these capacities it is $1100 scooter plus another hundred dollars for tax if you divide twelve hundred by thirty cents i essentially have to ride this thing for three thousand nine hundred thirty nine miles my typical round trip length for every single trip i took you know so far i did

Maybe five six trips or something and it’s been averaging about ten to twenty miles every single trip i take so you know this is gonna take me about three hundred ninety-four trips so roughly every single day riding it you know to do something for an entire year so this personally gives me a good ballpark of you know how long i have to use this thing before i can

Recoup the cost because you know twelve hundred dollars is a lot of money and i want to get this back as soon as possible this will essentially be in terms of me not having to put as much money into my maintenance costs and also i would directly see it by not buying as much gasoline one-handed scooter is not a good idea this gets pretty unstable i don’t want

To go faster than this with only one hand right now it says ten mile an hour so let me jump right over to the scooter charging cost because this might be on some people’s mind how much does it cost to charge the darn thing is it just a penny to charge it one time or is it like a dollar right it consumes about a hundred ten watts right when i start charging it and

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If you know about battery technology it sort of tapers off later on four or five hours to charger so the battery capacity is 11 amp hours the battery voltage is 48 volts you actually have to multiply these two in order to get the watt hour this is a measurement of energy so it’s about 528 watt hour i get about 24 cents per kilowatt hour over here so you multiply

Those two well if the battery is completely drained and i need to charge this all the way back up it’s gonna cost me 11.6 cents now this is not that much right this is in addition to the cost of the scooter it’s suffer already so you don’t go oh i only paid 12 cents to get there well electricity costs yes they only cost you 12 cents but you know you still have to

Pay for the scooter itself so if some point in the future you already made back your money in terms of cost savings then you can go oh yeah you know i only have to pay another 12 cents so then you would start saving money so this thing to buy or not really depends on if you’re gonna use it long enough miles for a full capacity charge which i personally measured at

22 miles so to keep in mind i did go over four or five overpasses so this will reduce the range because it takes a lot more electricity to go up hill versus if you’re just always on flat ground 0.528 cents for every single mile travel in terms of electricity costs now you might ask how long will this scooter last generally if you discharge it all the way and then

Charge it back up you can do this about 500 times before the capacity reduces by about 20 percent so before you charge and discharge at 500 times you’re likely gonna make back the amount of the scooter itself already now 500 times of charge/discharge cycles is actually a very aggressive thing to do generally if you know about the battery technology it’s not very

Good to discharge it all the way generally if you do not discharge it all the way and if you just drain it you know 20 percent you know as soon as you come back home you know you only use 30 percent capacity or 50 percent you plug it back in then the battery’s gonna last a lot longer this doesn’t mean it’ll last longer in terms of oh you can charge it 500 times

Because if you charge it from 50% capacity of course you’re charging it less right so it means that if you charge it before it’s fully drained you can charge it more full cycles maybe a thousand or 2,000 full cycles you know in aggregate now when you buy a scooter you also have to think about the security of it and also requiring to haul it somewhere when you rent

A scooter you just have an app because those things are littered all over the city everywhere you just use an app and then you unlock it you did not have to bring that scooter to wherever you started riding that thing and wherever you end up you can just kind of go blah you know just leave it on the street somewhere you don’t have to you know lock it or anything

Because they have these locking mechanism that’s inside the scooter but when you buy your own scooter you have to lock it up somehow you have to buy a lock and you also have to worry about it getting stolen because once it’s stolen within the first year of you trying to use it so that you can recoup the cost if someone happens to steal it then you’re gonna be out

You know a thousand dollars or something so security is a concern so this might work a lot better if let’s say you are commuting to work or something and you are able to somehow also ride this all the way inside your cubicle and then you can store your electric scooter somewhere inside so that’s you know people can’t take your scooter with i said i generally ride

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Mine in the daytime just kind of wrap it with chains around a pole or something it tends to work out pretty well now let’s talk about scooter rental costs they have those things called lime bird generally though things when you start the scooter they cost $1 no matter what you do so the longer that you ride it for the cheaper it’s gonna get per mile but then they

Don’t charge per mom they charge you per minute so you have to go okay once you get on those things don’t just lounge around once you start it you can’t just have a chat with your neighbor you know that’s getting a coffee or something once you start the app you better like halt and go as fast as possible to wherever you need go when there’s a traffic light you’re

Actually wasting 15 cents every single minute so it costs 15 cents a minute let’s say you ride it on average 15 minutes then the total cost per ride might be about 325 average mile per hour in my scooter is actually about 12 miles an hour even though you know my peak is 25 mile an hour but you do have to come to a stop so i’m gonna go okay about 12 miles an hour if

You ride it for one hour they charge you $10 so it’s about 83 cents every single mouth if you ride it for just 15 minutes the cost increase to about a dollar and 8 so now you know the ballpark of cost per mile roughly 80 cents to a dollar or so but cost per ride is still about 325 so you divide this from $1,200 you have to ride it about 360 nine times now this is

Each way each way is three dollars and 25 cents so if you think about it in terms of round-trip you got to make 185 round trips of these you know relatively short trips before it would be more worth it to buying an electric scooter now 185 round trips yeah this might take you about half a year or one year of riding every other day before you can hit this amount

Now personally i already put about a hundred miles on it so at 30 cents a mile i already did not have to spend $30 in terms of maintenance costs on my car and also gasoline now i would say riding a scooter is a little bit more freer than taking a car everywhere with you because when i’m driving my car everywhere i don’t just drive it and leisurely to wherever i

Think about where i want to go and i try to time it so that okay i’m doing purposeful things wherever i’m going i don’t just kind of go oh look at that oh i’m just gonna ride around there and just kind of cruise around slowly this is exactly what i do on the scooter because i go ok i’m you know electricity is not gonna cost me that much i – well you know just ride

It some more to get my money’s worth so in an electric scooter it’s like a different form of transportation where you know you might not be able to get to certain places with the car i can like just kind of go in very narrow roads sometimes i can like go on the sidewalk a little bit you know just kind of go through places just kind of explore so because of all

This with the scooter i kind of explored more different places and i was able to do all of this more leisurely i’m able to stop whenever i want because stopping in a car you actually have to turn off the engine get out of the car and go look at something right but for a scooter i can just go stop and then i just you know i’m there already so thanks for watching

This video on how much an electric scooter costs and your break-even point if you guys are interested i do have a referral down in the video description below there’s a coupon code you can get it for a certain percentage off i’ll leave it down over there don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re considering getting a scooter and as

Always don’t forget to click that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching over here these people actually well decided to buy some food here i’m not coming because oh no i get $10 it’s not google ruvo enough so thank you say hello you’re all gonna be on the video and the guys back there

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