Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. CEO Stuart Lowther (CSE: ELMT)

Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. CEO Stuart Lowther (CSE: ELMT) – RICH TV LIVE – June 22, 2021 – Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. (CSE:ELMT) (the “Company” or “Element”), is pleased to announce that its Rejuvenate™ ready to drink organic plant protein beverage is now available on shelves at 8,468 Walgreens locations in 50 states across the United States. Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy in the United States.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to richpixdaily.com and find the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest stuart lowther the founder of element nutrition how you doing today stuart i’m doing excellent how are you doing

I’m doing fantastic thank you for joining us on our show now element nutrition is a nutraceutical company developing clinically proven cpg products targeting muscle loss in people age 50 and over can you tell us a little bit more about the company uh well we’ve decided to target the 50-plus market because mostly they’re mostly ignored actually most marketing

Dollars get spent on millions actually only 10 of marketing dollars gets spent on the 50-plus market also that market is the largest demographic uh that we have in north america actually globally they also control almost 73 percent of all the financial wealth in north america and on top of that you know they’re looking to self-medicate to look at nutrition

To help themselves stay healthier you know and live with to say live stronger longer and the whole nutrition industry in the us alone is over 50 billion market so it’s really a good sweet spot to go and we’re bringing innovation to that piece of the marketplace that hasn’t existed before very good now there’s been a ton of research and development that went

Into rejuvenate can you tell us a little bit more about that um sure the actual research or the concept started way back uh 17 almost 18 years ago now by dr robert wolf out of texas they’re doing research with amino acid formulations to help increase muscle protein synthesis in full body burn patients mostly kids at the shriners burn clinic and then from

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That they just noticed they got some really great results with some early stage data and ironically enough i read the data back when i was in grad school um and thought hey you know what this could really be something so it just started a whole path of research that took us down an entire line of over 25 clinical studies basically testing the formulation and

Fine-tuning the formulation to get to we are now with the rejuvenate product we have on the market today very good and what is the market opportunity in treating muscle loss for people over 50 uh it’s a very large market opportunity um there’s been press releases and experts out there are saying that sarcopenia which is the medical term for muscle loss to the

Aging is the next osteoporosis so most people know what osteoporosis is going just between that and encyclopedia is that it’s in your muscles and the actual negative impact on your health is greater with muscle loss than it is with bone loss actually by maintaining your lean muscle you can actually help prevent osteoporosis the nostril process market is over

60 billion dollars so if you think of that and the size of that market and the fact that um muscle loss or sarcopenia is gonna be just as big if not bigger then it’s a very huge market opportunity now element’s leadership team has experience working with major brands like premier protein and muscle tech how has that experience influenced the company uh i think

It’s made it easier for us to get out of the gate quickly um you know we have a really veteran team in here we’ve all worked together and some of us uh like steve brown who’s running operations for us he worked with me at iowa which formerly called muscletech and you know we grew from there from like 40 million dollars in revenue to over 200 in revenue with

A period of two years so we know how to manage growth we know how to structure things internally we know how to not make expensive mistakes that other companies with lesser experience or startups what it would make so it gives a great advantage how important is element nutrition’s online marketing strategy to the product’s launch well it gives us an initial

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Easy gate to market i mean e-commerce does that so we have an e-commerce site on both sides of the border we’re also on amazon.com on amazon.ca on both sides of the border so it does give an opportunity to start creating new sales and creating revenue uh but at the same time you know even though our friend kova has created a big growth in the online shopping

It’s still in about 14 of the actual market share in our in our customer package goods market so you have to run it omni channels omni omnichannel being yeah we’re focused online sales we’re making sure we capture that and constantly we’re working to grow it uh and move that piece of business forward at the same time we are working with the major retailers

Such as walgreens and cvs and shops drug mart and loblaws and rexella so we approached both sides of the business to drive the market can you tell us about element’s retail distribution strategy how is the company able to get the product into so many stores so quickly well the scent lancer is experienced um just simple fact that we’re an experienced team in

Here um you know this is the second company i founded so we’ve worked with these retailers for a number of years and we know the process and then additionally you know over the last decade i’ve really noticed that retailers become more and more savvy so you just can’t take a me too proctor and say yeah we won’t want to put this on your shelf they’re looking

For something new and innovative and we bring that to the marketplace so you know our product you know as we talked about earlier we have 25 clinical studies using this development uh we have clinical data that shows its effectiveness and then also we’ve brought it to the market with our plant-based technology which is a big piece of the market because 63 of

Consumers are looking to put more plant-based foods in their diet so we’ve really brought our experience to market and then we’ve really hit the nail in the head as it were with the retailers and bringing something to them that they’re looking for how will denise austin’s expertise and reputation as a fitness guru benefit the company well denise is a great fit

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For us you know she’s had a long career in in health and nutrition and fitness you know she had she sold over 24 million fitness videos she’s probably 12 number one selling uh books on nutrition and fitness uh she had a longest running fitness show on espn for a number of years um and on top of that she brings great energy to the brand as well and she’s right

In the sweet spot of our demographic i mean she’s 63 and you would never even guess she’s 63. so she’s perfect for our demographic in our market and she also has a large force and following in the social media area she has almost 500 000 fully engaged followers which really allows us to help hit the people on the social media side that’s very impressive and

Lastly how can investors get in contact with the company uh easiest way is to go straight to our corporate website which is elmt inc.com otherwise from there you can get to our main switchboard and uh if you really get to me they’ll find they’ll find a way to get you to meet that’s fantastic well thank you so much for joining us today i wish you all the best

Of luck in your future endeavors this is the founder ceo chairman of element nutrition stuart lowther thank you for joining us today stuart thanks very much really appreciate the time always a pleasure now before anybody goes please remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before

You invest in anything that we discuss and talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates i do believe this is a company that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed put on your watch list put it on your radar this is rich from rich to be

Live have a nice day everybody you

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