Element’s Rejuvenate(TM) Now Available in Over 8,400 Walgreens

Element’s Rejuvenate(TM) Now Available in Over 8,400 Walgreens Locations in the United States – RICH TV LIVE – June 21, 2021 – Rejuvenate™ products are now available at over 15,500 points of distribution in the United States (through Walgreens, CVS and Food Lion) and 750 locations in Canada (through Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Market, and Rexall). These retail partnerships complement the Company’s e-commerce network which includes amazon.com, amazon.ca, rejuvenatemuscle.com and rejuvenatemuscle.ca, and will soon include shipments to Sam’s Club and iHerb. #elementnutrition #news #richtvlive

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Analysis join our trading club at richpixdaily.com and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and today i want to speak to you about element nutrition i was the first one ever to bring you

Element nutrition sciences and their mission is built by science our mission is to employ plant-based technology along with research-based nutritional science to deliver high-value products to our customers allowing them to live life to the fullest this is their website e-l-m-t-i-n-c e-l-m-t is their symbol inc dot com feel free to go to their website learn

More about them get information as an investor news and contact you can take a look at the price and see that they’ve been as high as 88 cents it’s been trending down it’s been trending down from 88 down to 77 which is the low low 88’s the high high so kind of at a bottom right now if if you ask me where it’s been uh very close to the bottom so we’ve seen

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It be higher and we’ve seen it be a little bit lower currently at 79 cents we’ve seen it be as low as 77 and we’ve been seeing it go as high as 88 so definitely want to put on your watch let’s put on your radar i think it’s got some huge potential and there’s some news that everyone should be aware of and this could be a huge catalyst for the stock elements

Rejuvenate trademark now available in over 8 400 walgreen locations in the united states that right 8 400 walgreen locations in the united states rejuvenate trademark products are now on shelves at over 15 500 locations in the united states including that 8 400 now and 750 in canada in addition to e-commerce channels so they are really pushing this is

Element nutrition sciences inc elmt is pleased to announce that it’s rejuvenate trademark ready to drink organic plant protein beverage is now available on shelves at 8468 walgreens locations in 50 states across the united states rejuvenate trademark products are now available at over 15 500 points of distribution in the united states through walgreens cvs

And food lion walgreens is huge and 750 locations in canada through loblaws shoppers drug mart and rexell some big names in canada as well these retail partnerships complement the company’s ecommerce network which includes amazon.com huge amazon.ca and rejuvenate muscle.com and rejuvenate muscle.ca and will soon be available and will include shipments to

Sam’s club and iherb sam’s club is another huge huge name we have scaled our points of distribution for rejuvenate trademark products across north america at a very rapid pace and we have an innovative new product pipeline to increase the velocity of sales with these partners and to establish new relationships in north america and internationally the benefits

Of rejuvenate trademark are clear the market potential is exceptional and we have a focused strategy to drive long-term results said stuart lowther chief executive officer of element nutritional science about element element is an innovative and research driven canadian nutraceutical company specializing in the development of science-based products for the


Global consumer packaged goods market with a portfolio focused specifically on men and women over the age of 50 elements lead product rejuvenate trademark is a proprietary formulation that is clinically proven to assist in the rebuilding restoration and rejuvenation of natural loss of muscle mass due to aging or other medical conditions element also offers j

A k t r x jack tricks trademark an elite brand of performance supplements element was founded in 2015 and located in burlington ontario for more information you can go to the website let me show you a quick video here on their website so down this is stuart lowther the founder of element nutrition here we go let’s just see what stewart has to say well the

Main problem that exists in the industry has been one innovation and two a lack of products that have true clinical efficacy behind them that really benefit people’s health and nutrition the goal of rejuvenate is to be the go-to household brand for everybody over 45 we have a formulation that is patented and clinically proven to help people prevent muscle

Loss through the aging which is a huge health condition in the marketplace and at the same time give our consumers a super high quality choice with a plant protein we focus on organic plant-based products for a number of reasons we know that 63 of consumers are looking to buy or put more plant-based foods into their diet there’s been nothing like this on the

Market in the past it’s made with 15 grams of clean organic protein it has our patented rejuvenate formulation in it it has no artificial sweeteners sugars or fillers it’s very clean label very effective and only has 100 calories in it the retailers have been very excited as we are at the current time we’re on track to be in about 11 000 retail stores by

The end of this year and we expect to be in over 20 000 retail stores by the middle of next year our company has a significant pipeline not just on the beverage side but also in other areas of human health which is why we’ve recently developed and getting ready to bring to market early next year is our rejuvenate immune health which is a great product that

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Helps support and strengthen immune systems we’re all veterans in the industry we’ve all done it before but that behind is you know it’s always about people we’ve got great people we’ve got a great product when you have those two things you manage it properly the profits and the sales almost look after themselves there you go guys so i hope you guys like this

Video if you do please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we ever talk about or discuss in saying that i do believe that this is a company that’s undervalued under

Appreciated underexposed put on your watch list put on your radar you can see here the plant-based food market is expected to grow at a cagr compound annual growth rate of 11.9 from 2020 to 2027 to reach a 74.2 billion market 63 of north american consumers are looking for plant-based foods as a healthier source of protein and 1.6 billion u.s ready-to-drink

Market expected to expand at a cagr compound annual growth rate of 8.2 percent to 220 to 2025 and the adult nutrition market is valued at 1.6 billion dollars what do you guys think comment down below let me know what you think if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first element nutritional sciences just

Another company we brought to you first it’s your boy rich remembers to be live and i’m up you

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Element's Rejuvenate(TM) Now Available in Over 8,400 Walgreens By RICH TV LIVE

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