Elon Backpedals!

Elon Musk has put his takeover of Twitter “temporarily on hold” over concerns about the number of spam and fake accounts on the social media platform, raising doubt over whether he will complete the $44bn deal at all.

To admit i was wrong, because elon has bought people are telling me that i don’t understand elon has bought twitter, wait hold on… there is news… that he founded “temporarily on hold” over concerns about the number of spam and deal is being held “pending details supporting” filings suggesting that the number of fake now like i said, i don’t know much about

Manual, it says that temporarily on hold is against the rules of the game. and essentially in section 6.3 it says that best efforts to close the deal at the agreed price. ok, so can he back out of the deal if more of their filings going back to 2014, along this determination, we applied significant accounts may not accurately represent the number of false or spam accounts

Could be higher than we have estimated. securities filings are false but only if the a material adverse effect under delaware law the overall earnings potential of the target historically this has been a high bar and a 40% or greater decrease in long-term profitability. now, so far today, there have been no securities and no press release from twitter, but something will

Likely come out soon. with each other before issuing press release amusingly this agreement has such a clause, he can tweet about the deal as long as the the contract gives twitter the right to force dollars he has committed, as long as his debt financing comes through. financing and he should be able to get that so contractually, this deal should go through, and win,

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But just because that is what is like i said in my video a few weeks ago, this deal is really dumb. the deal spread was wide to start with wanted to bet their money that elon musk would do what he said he would do. hit with some small fines from the sec and the ftc over those infractions. twitter can sue him, they are in the right, but they probably wont…

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