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Holy smokers there’s ain’t no joke that you guys get two videos same day first off we got to talk about tessa some exciting news out of tesla and i think this is a very very intelligent move on elon must part to kind of be moving this way okay then we got to talk about nvidia and unfortunately some very bad results in video posted as far as their guidance goes

How that’s affecting amd stock mu stock and what now we’re gonna talk about all that so first off as far as the tests and news so elon must just tweet a few hours ago tesla just acquired trucking capacity to ensure model 3 can be delivered in the united states by december 31st if you order by november 30th alright he says skipping rail saves over a month for our

East coast deliveries all things considered it’s better to use trucks single load unload and direct to owner location okay um must also says we will also be using a dedicated roll-on roll-off fast ships for transporting cars to europe in asia in q1 major focus on minimizing time from factory to new owner did not fully appreciate the working capital impact and tell

Recently he says here okay so tusslin elon musk they want to speed up the amount of time it takes to get the car from the factory its finished okay to the actual end-user know this is a very intelligent move to speed up this process as fast as you can go and the reason is let’s say you finish a car that’s great you finished your car okay you’re not at receiving

Payment until you actually the the customer signs over all the contracts and whatnot so every minute that car just sits in a parking lot or at the factory or whatever all that time is less money that could be in your pocket the faster you can get that car to the customers the faster you’re gonna have the money in your pocket okay so i think it’s a very good move

That eli must has figured out like hey guys we’re gonna get these cars out as fast as possible as soon as they’re off the lines let’s get them out to the customers because this ends up helping out your working capital in a major major way cuz you just have a lot more money in your pocket and a lot faster amount of time alright then somebody says can you elaborate

On acquired trucking capacity how did you secure that you all must as we bought some trucking companies and secured contracts with major haulers to avoid trucking shortage mistakes of the last quarter last quarter you know i must said they were going through delivery how i remember like i was like three or four quarters ago they were going through production hell

With model three then it was okay now we get a lot produced and now we got all these delivery routes in so many cars to get to so many people all around the united states and you know that was something that honestly probably held back some of the numbers last quarter last quarter a lot of people were blown away by those results those results are probably still

Hurt by the fact that you know just deliveries was still kind of a mess at that point in time okay somebody said when will they just drive to the customers door you know must says probably technically able to in about a year then up to regulators i probably agree with that probably about a year and i wouldn’t be surprised if tesla’s honestly can fully self dry

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But regulators would never allow for that in that amount of time we’re probably looking at somewhere around maybe maybe like five years out at the earliest that we could actually get something done there i think that’s realistic okay if you get this joke here you are my hero okay says ilan buys t-series deletes it okay if you i’m not even allowed right on that

Joke but if you get that joke let me know in that comment section you are the mvp okay someone else posted on twitter yet you want to end up retweeting this and i guess they’re finally starting getting a lot of model threes out in europe to show off there’s a line outside the door just to come in and see the model three i think that’s very exciting in terms of if

He would lived in the united states like you could go and see model 3 for at least six months now at any of the showrooms some some of them you’ve been able to see him for about nine months now but a lot of europe has been left out so a lot of europeans are finally getting to see the model 3 in its full beauty and whatnot up close and personal so i think that’s a

Great thing we know tesla wants to start delivering to europe and asia and q1 and q2 so you know you got to get those cars out there get them in the showrooms let people test drive and let people sit in them things like that so i think that’s a great move all right now let’s talk about nvidia so nvidia oh boy guys hits rough after hours so nvidia is down massively

After hours around 17% almost around $34 per share it’s hitting a hundred and sixty eight dollars as of after-hours meaning that nvidia has blown through its 52-week low okay in videos 52 week low is 100 so after hours being that it’s a hundred and sixty-eight dollars it just blew through that like it was nothing okay and it wasn’t that long ago in video was nearly

Three hundred bucks to share so it’s just kind of been down and down now as far as mu mu is being affected negatively by all this and muse down about four percent after hours down to around thirty eight thirty five that’s still you know several dollars away from its its 52-week low amd’s got hit after hours as well over five percent you know a lot of these stocks

Can try to kind of trade in baskets amd’s down at around twenty dollars and forty cents after hours there and so nvidia kind of has a multiple bad news things come out today okay first thing was nvidia admitted that some of their are tx twenty atti boards are defective all right they admit that on their form which was some bad news already to start with nvidia

But the real bad news came when earnings come out okay and now at first when you look at these earnings you think man it’s not that bad why the heck with the stock be down seventeen percent or whatever after hours ernie’s came in a dollar eighty four excluding certain items versus analysts were expecting a dollar seventy one so that’s a nice beat that’s a nice

Beat on earnings okay revenue slightly messed came out three point one eight billion versus three point two four billion so if you’re just looking at the headline numbers of what they reported this past quarter for earnings and revenue you’d be like met why is that stock down this in that much it should not be down that much maybe it should be up but then you

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Dig a little deeper and you see with the guidance it is a really bad okay nvidia said that expects around 2.7 billion dollars in revenue for the fiscal fourth quarter plus or minus two percent and that is way off of what analysts were expecting analysts we’re expecting around three point four billion dollars there guys so we’re talking about a massive difference

In between what analysts were expecting and what the company’s actually expecting in this quarter and that is really bad news like that’s one of the worse misses i’ve seen a long time as far as guidance we’ve seen a lot of misses as far as guidance goes for this upcoming quarter by a lot of companies but this one is one of the worst i’ve seen all earning season

Okay as far as a miss there now as far as there are their current quarter they just reported that was around a twenty one percent rise and revenue so i was pretty strong quarter there’s nothing bad you can really say about its quarter in its fiscal second quarter earnings the chipmaker fell short of analysts expectations on guiding despite beating on earnings and

Revenue estimates the company’s cryptocurrency mining products suffered a hefty decline in that quarter and the trend continued in the fiscal third quarter and that is supposed to continue okay our near-term results reflect excess channel inventory posts a cryptocurrency boom which will be corrected nvidia ceo jensen said on the thursday press release in the fiscal

Third quarter nvidia’s revenue from original equipment manufacturers and intellectual property told 148 million which was down 23% year over year but above the fact set consensus estimate of 102 million nvidia clocked up a decline – the absence of cryptocurrency mining in the quarter nvidia had a 57 million dollar charge related to older products because of the

Decrease in demand for cryptocurrency mining q4 outlook for gaming reflects very little shipment in the mid-range paschal segment to allow channel inventory to normalize in videos chief financial officer said all right as far as the ceo he said this is surely a setback i wish we had seen this earlier so basically there’s too much inventory out there for a lot of

Invidious products now the cryptocurrency boom has died down in a massive way throughout 2018 and it’s just made up for a lot of excess nvidia products out there i think you know in nvidia when when the cryptocurrency was booming and videos numbers were amazing right they’re off the charts in video was kind of acting like cryptocurrency was just kind of this added

Little thing there and it wasn’t really they gotta you know impacting business i think nvidia honestly didn’t they didn’t realize how much the cryptocurrency wave was really impacting their numbers positively and obviously the ceo agrees with that he says he wish he saw it sooner i think they just didn’t realize how much of how many of their products were actually

Being used for cryptocurrency mining and now the cryptocurrency prices have come down massively we’ve seen you know in videos revenue fall down and down and down okay if you did know cryptocurrency is down massively this year bitcoin topped out last year around 20,000 it’s now around 5600 as i’ve taken the screenshot a theory i’m down to about 179 dollars alright

Market cap on bitcoins now under one billion etherium under 20 billion market cap now so that whole cryptocurrency waived the fact that that has died down in a big big way that is hurting invidious numbers in a massive massive way and they just they just honestly didn’t see how big of an impact it was having and the i give him credit for at least admitting that

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All right as far as nvidia goes is getting more interesting and video had historically been trading at super high p/e ratios and whatnot as of today and this is sitting a factor in the you know move that the stocks making after hours right as of today this stock was trading out a trailing p/e of around 30 or 40 of 25 which is still a bit high if you compare to

Most companies out there but nvidia still does have much more growth than most companies out there especially if you look out over the next five to ten years with so many trends kind of going in in in their direction and whatnot so it’s getting to be a more interesting stock now you know i’m gonna if this follows to somewhere around $150 i’m gonna have to really

Do a super deep dive in nvidia because i’ve always kind of liked that company it’s just never traded out of valuation i i could you don’t actually start buying in at this goes down to 150 level that’s where it starts to get real interesting now a lot of people you have always you know wondered with nu with micron stock okay what is this stock trade at such low

Pease you know everybody knows about this stock fund managers everybody out there mutual fund managers hedge fund managers individual investors why does mu trade at such a low wise no one willing to really buy mu you know it’s at a 4 p or whatever and the real reason a lot of people just don’t want to touch mu is you have a lot of em use biggest customers who are

Reporting really weak results and really weak guidance expected okay and basically the the more memory demand falls and falls guess what ends up following also their pricing okay and and once you know it gets down to a certain level also an mu micron and all the memory makers start making very small amounts of money on every bit they sell out there as far as the

Memory goes so for mu situation it’s definitely not in a good position right now because we see a lot of weakness a smartphone demand that that’s producing a lot of just weak demand from memory in terms of smartphones then we see amd we see in video with to some weak guidance there both those companies who are big mu customers and also you start to look at things

And you’re like mmm prices gonna have to come down massively for the rest of this year probably into 2019 and then we’ll see where it goes from there and so that’s really at the end of the day why a lot of people just won’t buy em you shares right there because they’re like where’s the bottom at here this is starting to get ugly as far as you know a lot of these

These end users that use microns of memory at the end of the day guys so we’ll have to see what happens with all that i would love to hear your guy’s opinion on tesla i would love to hear your opinion on nvidia amd em you any of those type of companies i would love to hear your guys opinion down there in that comment section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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