Elon Musk Secret Plan With The Tesla Cybertruck Release

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Well guys last night was the tesla cyber truck event where they unveiled the electric truck of the future at least in tesla’s opinion we’re gonna go ahead and look at this truck we’re gonna talk about this truck we’re talking about the specs this truck okay but the main thing i want to get across in today’s video is something not a lot of people are talking about

And i believe elon musk has a secret plan with this entire event that i don’t think a lot of people are even comprehending or paying attention to unless maybe you know a lot about marketing and attention in general okay let’s take a look at that truck i mean just look at it look at that truck oh my goodness the angles gotta get the angles my goodness i mean you

Know what can you say about the truck i mean the public hates it let’s be completely honest i mean most of the comments and most of what i’ve seen out there there’s people like hating it even like tufts will share holsters a lot of them are like you know don’t like the truck and you know it is what it is it’s probably the most polarizing vehicle i’ve seen and i’ll

Maybe ever i can’t think of a more polarizing vehicle than this one right here i mean let’s just be honest like look at it from the side i mean you know most people just hate it does just be completely honest most people hate that most people are talking down on this truck and i mean it’s like something we’ve ever seen i mean it literally looks you know you’ve

Almost always talking about he wants to go to mars it looks like something that you would drive around on mars i think it’s absolutely crazy and tesla’s definitely trying to go with the tough angle with this truck and no pun intended there okay but obviously they’re trying to make it look tough and obviously with the exoskeleton they’re talking about using ultra

Hard 30x cold rolled stainless steel and during the presentation they take out a sledgehammer and they slam it onto the truck and what not so tesla definitely wants to get across the point that this truck is tough and you can use this truck every day in the field and it doesn’t matter it won’t get done – this thing is just a beast here we see the truck from another

Angle kind of a sideways angle but a little bit of the front and i mean there’s no other way to basically put it this truck is the most polarizing vehicle probably ever released in the history of the world looking it’s absolutely crazy okay it’s absolutely crazy now i gotta say from the back from this angle with the tailgate open i actually think it looks really

Good i think from this angle it actually looks really really freakin cool okay and then this one shows you basically with the tailgate closed from that rear angle i actually think that looks cool and i realize some people might actually hate that but you know honestly i’m not a truck person so i’m probably not the best person to judge the truck but let me know what

You think about the tesla cyber truck in the comment section i really want to hear your guy’s opinion and i do realize my comment section will probably be the most positive in respect to this because i’m gonna have a lot of tesla shareholders watching this video so i mean of the comment sections that could possibly add up be out on youtube you guys will probably

Be the most positive but i really want to hear your opinion on the design of the tesla cyber truck what do you think about the looks of it okay now let’s go ahead and take a peek in the interior in terms of the actual event where they unveiled this tesla cyber truck yesterday they didn’t actually show the interior pretty much at all and i gotta say the seats look

Pretty damn cool okay i do definitely like the seats and i definitely like how everything is all glass okay meaning the roof is glass just like a model 3 for instance and then the front has a massive window in it as well so it’s just really like a tall glass a steering wheel is really interesting i mean look at that steering wheel it is definitely not like a normal

Steering wheel so i don’t know if that will be the standard steering wheel when this actually comes out or if they’ll switch that to just like a regular steering wheel we will have to see as elon must has talked about before if you guys didn’t know he believes that eventually they’re gonna take away the steering wheel okay so basically once the cars can fully drive

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Themselves and once it’s you know legal to basically do that he actually wants to take the steering wheels out of the car so we’ll have to see what happens what making it that small is definitely a move in that direction okay here’s another look and this is with an actual atv in it which by the way that that atvs getting searched all over the internet people can’t

Find it i think that might be the best selling tesla thing ever because that thing was sick i mean that looked like a lot of day none but obviously this truck has a great suspension system so it can lower it can and as far as aspects with these particular trucks for the single motor rear-wheel drive you looking at zero to 60 in like 6.5 seconds or so looking at

About roughly 250 miles of range you’re looking at a towing capacity about 7,500 pounds and no one starts just under 40 k so that price point was shocking to me okay i mean this was about a shock here as a vehicle design that’s saying something okay i didn’t expect under 40 k cyber truck from tesla and i’ll make another separate video later today on my other

Channel financial education – that will go into depth on if this truck is going to be able to be profitable at you know thirty nine thousand forty k because that is a really really low price point when you’re talking about an electric truck that has autopilot in it is a lot of different features that the base model will have okay so we’ll talk about that later but

That for that price point that kind of shocked me to be completely honest okay then you have the dual motor all-wheel drive and this will probably be in my opinion the most popular one because a lot of people love dual motors and also this baby can get up and roar okay 4.5 seconds zero to sixty you’re talking about 300 miles of range which people really are looking

For that three hundred miles plus now you’re talking about dual motor all-wheel drive you’re talking about towing capacity over ten thousand pounds and a price point of forty nine thousand which is definitely a price point that a lot of consumers will love when you’re talking about those type of specs okay so if we’re just talking about the specs of this truck what

This truck can do as well as if you saw some of the videos where people were actually driving in it there’s actually a lot of headroom in the vehicle and whatnot if you’re talking about a lot of that it’s actually a really good truck the thing that’s getting everybody let’s just be honest everybody hates the design well not everybody but most people hate the design

Okay most people look at that and like what it has to do and it’s just like crazy okay by the way they do have another model now this one’s gonna be coming down the road okay this is called the tri-motor all-wheel drive talking about 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds okay that’s a supercar that’s a supercar when you have 0 to 60 in the low 3s or especially in the 2 you’re

Talking about super car speeds okay this one is supposed to be over 500 miles once again that’s gonna be a try motor all-wheel drive and on this one it supposed to be towing capacity over 14,000 pounds okay no once again it’s very interesting to me that the most expensive truck the one that’s gonna be almost $70,000 that one’s not expected to start production too

Late 2022 so the cheaper ones you should actually be able to get in the back half or 2021 or maybe the beginning of 2022 and they are taking refundable deposits okay so let’s talk about this for a moment okay let’s talk about this now that we’ve seen the truck now that we’ve seen the specs of price all those sorts of things what was elan mus thinking okay what’s

He thought must thinking what it was fronds thinking these two guys are the main guys that designed this truck okay and let’s look at a few of the other prototypes people and made out there and let’s kind of talk about this a little bit okay this was a prototype somebody in made and i mean if tesla comes out with something that looks like that it’s definitely gonna

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Get some attention because it’s tesla okay its tesla is releasing an electric truck it’s gonna get some level of attention as it is but is that gonna get like the crazy attention no okay let’s look at this prototype first off this prototype looks like it does have a pretty long bed it kind of almost looks like a test a semi in the front but it looks like it only fit

Two people on it okay so does that get attention yeah but it doesn’t get the cyber truck type attention this model looks really nice and this is what you kind of think about a traditional truck but look at that net it is super super small and once again it’s not gonna get crazy attention but when you look at this thing look at this thing okay the real cyber truck

Now we’re talking about attention and attention means money and attention means money and if you want to see how much attention the tesla cyber truck is getting go no further than google trends and you’ll be enlightened on how much ridiculous amount of money tesla is getting in free advertising right now and it’s gonna blow your hats off okay we go on to google

Trends and we see what is trend on the internet and there’s definitely some things trending on the internet boom look at that in green okay tesla truck over 2 million plus searches to put this into some context on how insanely trending this subject is right now look at the colts vs. texans game okay we’re talking about an nfl game we’re talking about the sport that

Rules the united states of america two playoff teams played each other last night and that has 1 million searches okay we’re talking about this tesla truck is over double of a trending subject as an nfl game that had playoff implications last night ok this is ridiculous how much attention this is getting this is getting attention that pretty much no vehicle ever

Has gotten and especially any truck there’s never been a truck that has trended like this or even remotely close okay i mean floyd mayweather the most popular boxer the most famous boxer in the entire world okay just came out of retirement at 42 years old he said he’s coming out of retirement and it doesn’t show up even as a blip okay so needless to say when you

Release a cyber truck that looks the way this one did it is gonna garner so much attention so much free publicity you want to see another graph that’s going to google trends a little more okay so tesla always has a ton of interest okay of the you know auto manufacturers they pretty much always have more interest and they’re more on the trending list than any other

Auto manufacturer pretty much in the world okay and if you see you know it’s just kind of does it staying interest over time and then boom cyber truck comes out last night and all the articles are written all the videos are done all over the internet all over social media and it has just gone off the charts okay the attention that is tehsils right now okay around

Cyber truck is absolutely amazing the amount of searches going on the amount of articles being looked at the amount of conversations and real-life around the water cooler as they say is just ridiculous okay this is a tension graph there hasn’t there been a vehicle that’s gotten this much attention ever the only other one i can think of is model three and outside

Of those two vehicles i’ve never seen anything you can even you don’t put on the same scale as this okay and by the way if you didn’t know test the cells of their electric vehicles so needless to say just the fact that tesla gets you know hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars our free advertising here today and over the course of the next few weeks this

Brings a ton of attention to their ad their cars oh like a model three oh like the model y like the cars that really run things for tests overall okay so the fact that they release the truck and it looks the way it does it’s extremely polarizing but it gets such a conversation going that we’ve never seen that we’ve never seen on an on a vehicle ever i mean if ford

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Release a new f-150 tomorrow no one no one would care okay no one would care no one would be looking at that it wouldn’t even show up on trending nevermind are even remotely close to the scale that tesla’s and it’d be quite frank if you show up at a party in an f-150 no one cares but you show up in a cyber truck and suddenly you’re the coolest dude at the party

And everybody wants to check out that thing they’re like what you’ve got a cyber truck this is attention on a whole new level now what kind of people love attention celebrities so guess who’s going to be getting the cyber truck as soon as it comes out celebrities which is going to get a ton more attention to the cyber truck and this is how things roll so elon musk

I think is ingenious because he realized you know we come out with a truck it a lot of people are gonna end up buying this truck i can almost guarantee you it’s gonna surprise to the upside the sales numbers of the tests of cyber truck because you’re gonna have a lot of people that end up getting it that fall in love with that design because it’s crazy because it

Different and you have people that just want to be different no different than some people will see this this hoodie i have on right now and they’re gonna say that’s the sickest hoodie ever and some people are gonna say that’s an ugly hoodie that’s what you call polarizing and when you get that much attention it’s gonna end up leading to a lot of sales for your

Company overall ok and let’s just talk about ear pods for a moment remember ear pods remember whenever is put in toothbrushes this was a real thing ok this was a real thing people were putting toothbrushes and the ears making fun of air pods and now air pods have sold better than any headphones in the history of mankind and it’s not even close and so needless to

Say people can make fun of stuff people can talk about stuff but in the end when you have that much attention you’re gonna end up getting a lot of sales because a lot of people will end up jumping on the bandwagon of it and it really doesn’t matter in the end if people love it or hate it as a company and as somebody selling something you just need people to feel

One way or another you’re whether they love this thing over there or they hate it you need them to do something the worst place you can be as a company is in the middle when you’re in the middle you’re not accomplishing anything but if you can get people to love it or hate it the people who have loved it are gonna buy it and the people that hate it aren’t going to

Buy it anyways but if they’re everybody’s in the middle no one’s buying in the end okay so i think this is super interesting i think you all must have a little secret plan here that no one really is looking at unless you really pay attention to marketing and business on a very high level because you realize the amount of free advertising tesla’s kidding right now

Is pretty much unparalleled ever okay and that that’s saying a lot for tesla the company because this is a company that has a ton of stories going for it all the time and a ton of things they’ve done that i’ve gotten a ton of attention including having elon musk as your ceo which is you know one of the most famous figures in pretty much the world leading your

Company but i mean this is just this is just on a whole other level like all you got to do is look at the data the google trends data we’ve never seen something like this ever is absolutely incredible it’s literally the biggest news story in the world right now think about that a company just released a truck and it’s the biggest news story in the world right now

Thank you for watching and have a great day

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Elon Musk Secret Plan With The Tesla Cybertruck Release By Financial Education

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