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Oh my goodness can a guy just like watch some college football and hang out with his kids oh man it just seems like there’s so much dang news coming out today you got the warren buffett stuff now it’s an elon musk selling tesla stock and i’m like oh my goodness so all right three core things i want to talk about in this video i want to talk about elon in his history

Of tweeting about tesla stock and those sorts of things okay as somebody’s been in this company for several years now i’ve been through a lot when it comes to elon and his tweets okay talk about that we’re going to talk about kimball musk and the selling out of some shares uh this past week and what i think is going to happen there okay which i don’t think anybody’s

Even talking about yet and the last thing we’ll talk about is if i’m gonna sell tesla stock because of this if i think tesla stock’s gonna crash because of this in those sorts of things okay so uh all i ask in returns that you guys smash that like button for me for posting another uh weekend video i don’t usually post too many weekend videos but i i don’t need to

Show you guys the tweets i think everybody’s seen uh what’s going on elon musk’s twitter page right and he put out the tweet that he’s uh might sell uh 10 of his tesla stake very soon if uh the poll goes a certain way and essentially the the poll looks like it’s probably gonna close at yes to sell uh ten percent of his tesla shares how all that plays out when it

Plays out like does it does he absolutely go through with it does he sell like this week next month over a course period of time and then one big block trade um is it kind of a you know closed behind our behind closed doors type deal right which is more than likely it would happen if it was a big block uh trade like that so i mean there’s there’s so much there

That it is completely unknown and everybody can speculate this and that and this and that okay now what elon musk what i’ve seen him do in regards to tesla stock many times is elon musk usually is the guy that’s trying to it seems like get tesla stock down most of the time okay so you know he did the the the first famous tweet the one that really blew up for

Elon musk in terms of tesla stock price was when uh this is i think back in 2018 now he was considering uh well basically he wasn’t considering he’s like he said that he was uh you know going to likely take the company public at 420 a share funding secured right which on a split adjusted basis is an insanely low number now like that’s really you know ridiculously

Low compared to where the stocks at now i think that might have if they did go if they did take the company private back then i think um market cap at that closed deal would be something like 40 billion or 50 billion dollars something like that uh maybe 60 billion but i think it probably would have been the 50s and so think about this for a minute right uh you know

Today the company is a trillion plus right and so that was the first time and there’s been other time periods where he’s you know straight up said sell tesla stock in the past there’s been time periods when he’s tweeted that uh you know tesla stock price was too high i don’t know if you guys were around for that that was a 20 20 thing uh there recently he seemed

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Like he’s trying to get the stock price down a lot recently and what’s happened with tesla stock very recently it’s going on this massive run right and so it seems like he’s trying to kill the run any way possible which is kind of interesting he basically said about the hurts deal all they haven’t signed the contract yet and uh and those sorts of things right he’s

Also uh talked about you know if the the hunger organization or whatever could prove that you know uh six billion dollars could solve world hunger he would sell tesla stock and now he’s just like straight up saying you know considering selling ten percent of his tesla stock and asking people if he should so needless to say if you look at the history over the past

Three four years in regards to elon musk’s tweets it seems like most the time he’s almost trying to get tesla stock down now sometimes those things do get tesla stock down in the short term but it is very very short-lived even the hurt situation recently right where the hurts deal is announced tesla stock shoots up huge on that elo must comes out and says whoa

Whoa whoa they don’t even sign the deal yet right you would think oh man that would that would you know hurt a tesla stock in a major way wait i’ll send this positive catalyst of of hurts maybe it doesn’t go through now they haven’t even signed the deal a lot of shorts and a lot of folks in general like ooh ooh watch out tesla stock i think it’s about to tank right

Look what’s happened to tesla stock since then okay so something there uh in regards to this latest situation a lot of folks are you know looking at that and being like this is going to tank the stock it’s going to crash the stock and we’ll come back to that and kind of give you my perspective on that but neither say you know if you if you’ve been following elon

For a little time a while now it seems like he he tries to get the stock price down most of the time okay so now there’s a sketchy situation very very sketchy situation involving elon’s brother kimball musk and uh you know what looks like he you know a bunch of shares were just sold i think it was over i want to say 100 million dollars is what’s being reported so

That is a large number and it just happened uh i think you know within the past week now here’s the thing with that and that’s absolutely going to be something that gets the sec’s attention the securities and exchange commission now whether the sec launches a formal investigation of this is another question but there’s no doubt at all that this is at least going

To make them look and be like whoa what happened here kimball sells a bunch of shares not a small amount either we’re talking 100 mil plus is what’s being reported and then uh elon’s also over here a couple days later tweeting that that he wants to sell tesla stock wait did kimball get out in front of this thing because he heard from elon right and so there’s no

Doubt in my mind that the the securities and exchange commission the sec is going to look into this it’s just a question of whether they just like kind of look at it and just kind of like i don’t know or whether they launch a formal investigation into the situation which could get messy i mean you know those investigations you never know what you know where things

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Will turn there but that could potentially get messy and so i don’t think a lot of people are even talking about that yet but in my opinion this is this is already going to be on the scc’s radar they’ll be looking into that this week okay it’s just like the only question is whether they launch a formal investigation of this situation or not okay and so yeah that

Shall be interesting now let’s go ahead and now let’s chat for a moment about uh tesla stock price let’s talk about if this is going to tank tesla stock price let’s talk about if i’m selling tesla stock because of of elon musk potentially selling shares or anything like that okay so in my so first off in terms of i you know i know there’s a lot of folks that are

Like oh man tussle stocks on a tank on on the back of this i’m just telling you guys like i’ve seen a lot of these things and it sometimes causes like a one-day downdraft and then you know it’s right up like tesla stock does its own thing regardless of what elon says positive or negative about this company it does its own thing okay that’s just the way the stock

Has always been back in the day elon musk uh i don’t want to say he tried to get the stock price up but he would you know talk about the future of tesla and all these big things and all these things they were going to do and stuff that you would think would move the stock price up right and how they were going to have certain growth rates and a lot of him just

Talking up the stock and in how much you know this company was going to do in the future a lot of times it never moved the stock a lot of times the stocks still moved down and investors back then were like oh my gosh like all this good news elon says all this positive stuff and the stock price moves down like what okay and like i said i’ve seen many times elon say

Sell tesla stock i’ve seen him say you know tesla stock price too high you know uh taking trying to take the company private at an extremely low valuation at that time right and so you’ve seen all these things play out what does it really add up to at the end nothing they meant nothing they meant something maybe in the very very short term and then boom the stock

Price was right up tesla’s been going on a run is this the run killer probably not but maybe it is okay you never really know how these situations play out but you know at the end of the day a tesla stock’s going to go down or up it’s going to make its own moves elon does not dictate that stock price at all okay he matters a lot to the fundamentals of the company

But in terms of the short-term stock price over a 3-6 12-month span does it matter man it doesn’t matter that i’ve watched that stock it’s its own beast i’ve watched that stock go up in uh you know a a down market i watch that stock go down in an up market okay that thing does its own thing tesla stock is its own animal and if that stock goes down i can tell you

It’s not going to be in terms of like you know several weeks it’s not going to be because elon must tweet it’s not going to be because you know he says something positive about the company if it goes up this just it runs its own race it does its own thing you have uh you know gamma squeezes in that stock it’s just it’s a crazy stock and it does its own thing okay

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As far as me you know am i going to sell tesla stock because of this no i’ve considered selling some tesla in january of 2022 if the stock continued to run and so if it doesn’t continue to run and it goes down i’m likely not going to sell any shares if on the flip side it keeps going up a bunch let’s say it has a one or two day dip and then boom it just resumes

This uh upward trajectory which i wouldn’t be surprised at all about because i’ve seen this you know this just continued to happen in tesla um you know that that would make me consider selling stock but not because elon musk might sell some shares here and there because at the end of the day you want to understand like almost every ceo is selling shares of their

Stock almost constantly especially if they have big positions like jeff bezos sold out of a lot of shares of his stock over time steve jobs famously uh held a very very small amount of apple shares when he came back to apple and look what happened to apple it went from a company that was almost bankrupt to the biggest company in the world right yeah so needless to

Say i i never try to dictate you know um if a stock price is going to go like my in individual move like if i’m going to buy a stock sales talk i never make that move based upon whether a ceo sells or buys that stock or something like that so that’s just kind of some more food for thought there and at the end of the day in regards to everybody watching this video

I don’t think you should be making your move based upon elon musk buying or selling the stock whether he does that or does not do that at the end of the day run your own race if you think that the stock’s massively overvalued you have better places but the money respect go put the money in in other stocks and better stocks that you think are going to outperform if

You think tesla’s still going to continue to be a b stock over the next five plus years and you feel comfortable holding the position respect hold the position okay each person is different and i don’t think any of us should make a move based upon whether elon is buying the stock or selling the stock if elon came out tomorrow and said he’s buying 10 billion with

Tesla like that doesn’t change my personal opinion i value this stock a certain way i think it should be valued at certain numbers which i’ve covered on the channel many times extensively over the years and specifically very recently and so yeah that’s that and that’s my two cents on this whole elon musk selling tesla stock situation so hope you guys enjoy this

As always i record you a weekend video smash that thumbs up that’s all i ask and i got a bowl my bull is very hungry the hungry bowl did you download it yet ios android got a big update coming uh as soon as uh apple approves it i think it’s coming uh either tomorrow night or the following night so uh excited about that but anyways guys much love as always also we

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