Elon Musk Sells B TSLA, More Coming

Elon Musk was forced to sell a huge block of his Tesla stock.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush elon musk sells seven billion dollars worth of tesla stock and more coming this resulted in about a 17 decline in the tesla stock since its peak today we’re going to look in detail what happened each day and what may happen over the coming weeks this video is brought to you by weeble get five dollars worth of free shiba

Inu just for trading one dollar worth of cryptocurrencies on top of this get two free shares of stock value between eleven and twenty three hundred dollars just for signing up and depositing at least a penny referral link down in the video description below first i don’t currently hold any tesla i sold all of my shares i may buy back into tesla i am a believer of

Tesla as a company as a whole in elon we trust and go dogecoin tesla reached an all-time high of 1 243 this past week it was trading around 600 and then for the next five months it gained about six to seven percent every month the past five weeks alone it then shot up fifty percent right around november six elon musk tweeted a poll asking should he sell 10 of tesla

Stock of his 63 million followers on twitter three and a half million responded 57.9 said yes you should sell the 10 of stock and then after this he said i will abide by the results of this poll whichever way it goes this is kind of odd to me because if you read the news he already had an sec filing saying he would sell some shares already this is the 10b 5-1 sec

Filing filed on september 14th so you have to ask yourself how many of these shares were actually pre-planned it turns out about one-sixth of it so at first glance you might think that he’s gonna sell anyway no matter the outcome of the twitter poll i think if the result of the twitter poll was no he would have just sold what he was required to which is about half a

Percent of his total holdings but in the coming months he would have still had to liquidate about 10 of his stake to pay for taxes on his stock options because he’s forced to execute them because they’re about to expire naturally you might question why is he selling because he is ceo of tesla and he’s supposed to have faith in the company so therefore hold almost all

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His stock the reason he’s selling 10 of his stake is to satisfy tax obligations it’s probably also because the stock jumped 50 within three weeks it literally hockey stick so if you ask me if it ramps up so quickly in such a short amount of time it probably is time to take a little bit of profits off the table i went and tracked down how many shares she sold every

Single day on november 5th tesla was trading around 1 22 on november 8th which is on monday he started selling shares on that day he sold about 934 000 shares by the way it’s not elon musk actually pushing the button selling here like like like by the sec filing is actually his lawyer aaron beckman by power of attorney for elon musk selling that much dropped the

Share price by about 4.8 percent the next day 3 million shares were sold dropping the share price by another 12 on wednesday another half a million were sold it seems like they went a little bit lightly here and the stock rebounded by 4.3 and then on thursday 639 000 shares were sold and it dropped a tiny bit at 0.4 percent and then on friday they accelerated the

Selling a little bit at 1.2 million shares and the stock price continued to drop by 2.8 in total so far 6.3 million shares were sold for an estimated value of about 6.6 billion dollars if you ever own a stock that has very little volume and you happen to sell like let’s say one percent of the total volume you would know that putting in such a large order actually

Have a dramatic effect on the share price itself i personally have moved some smaller stock share price by like 10 cents or so so if i were someone with a huge amount of shares compared to the selling volume you naturally want to kind of let it out slowly so that there would be buyers to buy the shares that you hold because if you drop an entire large block of it

On everybody on like a few minutes then you’re actually going to hammer the stock price very very hard whereas if you just kind of trickle sell it then you give buyers time to come in and buy up the share price and so the stock stabilizes a bit i think this is what they’re trying to do with the intention of trying to sell about 10 they’re trying to sell it a little

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Bit at a time and then another weird thing happened on november 14 which is just yesterday on sunday elon musk tweeted want me to sell more stock bernie just say the word so this is after the twitter poll where he says he’s going to sell 10 and then for me personally i believe he’s going to sell the 10 within a short amount of time so i don’t quite understand what

This is because he hasn’t reached the 10 sell threshold just yet he has another 10 11 million more shares to sell before he reaches about 10 i think what’s happening here is if bernie respond to this and say yeah you know go ahead sell some more pay more taxes then i guess he could be blamed for the tanking of the tesla share price no offense to elon i mean you

Don’t want a billionaire to be angry at you or anything haha no offense taken this reminds me of situations where if you’re a kid and you accidentally broke something and you quickly put it back and no one saw maybe you just want to avoid being blamed for it and someone else just happens to come up touches it and this thing falls right off and they’re like oh my

Gosh you know i broke it it’s like that because if bernie says hey yeah sell the stock and well you know he’s gonna get blamed let’s look at a simplistic prediction of the tesla stock although they’re probably trying to sell it not to tank the stock price or anything if this continues at the same pace we started with a tesla share price of one thousand two hundred

Twenty two dollars elon sells six point three million shares the price now is one thousand thirteen dollars this equates to about 32 dollars and 80 cents of tesla share price drop per 1 million shares that he sells we know that he needs to sell about 10.6 million more in order to reach this 10 threshold this equates to tesla share price being at 662 dollars

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Obviously the share price is not going to behave exactly like this linearly according to exactly what elon musk sells the market reaction itself to elon musk twitter poll is probably the significant factor here but if you look at this as a whole elon musk’s sales volume is significant compared to the entire market volume i’ve extracted the total market volume for

Every single day that he sold and you can see he’s selling between two and five percent every single day now two to five percent of sales is pretty huge and if you consider that two to five percent is actually all sales this obviously contributes to the downward pressure of the stock price i think he’s gonna try to not tank the stock price too much but with 10.6

Million shares to sell i think it’s gonna affect it dramatically short term i would not want to hold on to this if i know there’s a huge stakeholder just offloading so many shares every single day i might want to wait until all this is done and good before i jump back in of course this is all trying to time the market and this is really hard to read there might be

Other catalysts that could sustain all this selling and just keep the stock price right where it is obviously i don’t know where the stock price goes but i wanted to share with you guys how much she sold every single day and hope you guys enjoyed the data i want to add one last piece of data which was just released by the scc this was released on november 15th and

It details that elon musk has sold another 934 000 shares and tesla stock has declined another 1.9 relatively speaking this is another set of sale not as dramatic as the 3 million shares sold on november 9. this brings the remaining shares left of about 8.7 million so we’re looking at another eight or nine days of one million shares of tesla stocks sold in order

For elimas to reach this 10 of his holdings sale thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more you

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