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Ladies and gentlemen the man the myth the legend elon musk can just not stay out of the news it had been only like three or four days he had been out of the news and he just sent a tweet that has torn up the internet all right he just sent out a tweet that says i just want to thank the short seller enrichment commission for doing their incredible work in the name

Change is so on point he is trolling the security it’s an exchange commission now at this point in time guys this is unbelievable this is unbelievable just when you thought okay finally elon musk is gonna get it now like he’s gonna understand like he needs to cool down okay he goes and trolls the fcc jorge let’s look at some of these you know responses to his

Tweet all right quote the raven who’s kind of i don’t know if he’s necessarily a short seller and tesla but he’s definitely very negative even he is like bro what the f are you thinking even like short sellers are like are you serious like this cannot be you cannot be saying this okay people are posting funny memes out there like the michael jordan ones stop it

Get some help like like it is unbelievable okay this person says i have lost 30 years of my life savings all in tesla thanks to your tweets please stop please examine your behavior this is totally unacceptable if you continue this self-destructive path you will lose all of your supporters and your good well from your diehard tesla long’s like me all right first off

Like that tweet let’s just address that i don’t know why somebody would have lost all their life savings in tesla why would you put all your life savings in tesla like you should never put all your life savings in any stock i don’t care if it’s the most sure thing you’re ever sure about in the future okay you should never put 100% of your savings in one stock like

It’s it’s idiotic it’s absolutely you know the one of the worst thing one of the worst financial decisions you can ever make and you say well what if it hits it big yeah you know what if you hit a big on the strip like you should never put all your money in one stock second part i want to say like like honestly like that’s a truthful common sense of you know he’s

Definitely hurting a lot of shareholders out there by these continuous tweets over and over well look at a chart in here in just a okay and one last thing i wanted to say about that is i don’t know why you would have lost your life savings in the stock unless you were playing call options or something okay this one’s here says same here basically lost 30k of my life

Savings and almost gone now once again the stock even after hours it’s not down like that much like in the stocks at 0 or something so i don’t understand why these people would have lost all their money but it says love tesla and really believe in it but the last two or three months have been incredibly painful financially investing in tesla it doesn’t help being

A single dad blah blah blah this one here says i don’t have much but i believe in you and your vision unfortunately what the little i have to invest in tesla i continuously lose months worth of savings due to your tweets please think about us so mall people this person responds paper losses until you sell don’t sell when low good luck this person says this isn’t

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Helpful to tesla as a company or your spacex spacex ambitions of life on mars why would you continue to poke at it i’m a hundred percent backing that comment right there this doesn’t help anything it hurts everything okay regardless of how funny elon thinks this is or what not this literally damages everything this is not this isn’t a smart idea this isn’t a list

Be funny type moment okay this is like like this is serious this hurts everything across the board all right this one says dude i have friends that work for you your tweets are killing your employees please stop all right so tesla had a hard day as it was it was already down about four and a half percent in the in the regular trading day but a lot of stocks were

Down huge day so it’s not like tesla was only stock down but then after hours it’s down another three plus percent based upon this tweet and we’ll have to see where it ends up opening tomorrow and where it ends up trading yet we have some more people tweeting out stuff that i think it’s funny you may be curious what elon musk was doing when he tweeted about the

Short seller exchange commission here’s a pic taken right after the tweet it’s a picture of with elon musk of a head on scarface there you can kind of get the impression that says this guy says amazing you seem to work against us lungs and you know that’s somewhat true elon musk actually respond to that one he says hang in there if you were truly long-term it

Will be fine as what eon must says okay a girl here says i don’t have much but i believe in you and your vision unfortunately i invest what little i have into tesla and i continuously lose months worth of savings due to your tweets she says their elon musk like like what like you just say you would you would assume like maybe elon musk can finally get this time

This is the time elon musk can finally get he he’ll stay in lane he’ll just focus on numbers it was a focus on model three and tessa i’m building up and forget all the all the trolls and you know forget all the trying to be funny or whatever he’s doing out there and he sends this tweet list this absolutely set the internet on fire and then the biggest problem i

Have is elon is really playing the victim card heavy right now okay when these are self-imposed daggers he keeps putting in he’s playing the victim okay so if you know we’re keeping track you know there were a lot of short seller taxes is like going back three or four months ago you know worries about love model three production bah-bah-bah model you know eli must

Have talked about he was going through production hell he done in an interview on cbs and and what and whatnot so coming out of that all sense you know tesla start the stock starts survives okay it starts going up alright and then i’ll send this one day the news comes out about the saudis it our i’ve invested in tesla and the stock shoots up it’s like five five

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Plus percent saudis have invested the same day about an hour or two later either on tweets out why he’s armed i guess a private jet that you know he’s gonna take the company per hour is considering taking the company private and the funding is secured that was a false statement okay but that’s that same day the stock goes up all the way to about three hundred and

Ninety dollars a share all right then all sudden people start down maybe it’s gonna go private or anything like that the sec announces this she’s gonna start looking in the stock goes down and down and down all right then it looks like the ssc at the se c– in elan are probably going to do a deal a settlement talk you know it slap on the wrist type thing everything’s

Gonna be good cause ii thought it had been quiet and what does tesla stock starts to do he moves up and up and up it was up like over twelve percent like in a five day span and elon hadn’t said anything on twitter you know the assumption was although probably settle then all sudden elon says no i’m not gonna settle with the sec okay and this was a horrible thing

For the stock the stock just absolutely crashed that day in elan went from a position where he would have only had to be banned from the board as far as being chairman for two years and then he when he actually agreed to it now three years a fine was double everything like that then elan settles the stock skyrockets it was like okay yvonne’s gonna have better board

Oversight now he was gonna calm down the tweeds you know everything’s gonna be hunky-dory okay in the stock skyrockets all right then today the stock has a tough date mainly because just the market was in a tough day okay those was like oh there’s tons of stocks that were down two three four percent today so it was like elon musk’s you know tesla stock was only

One down so it has a tough date and then elon musk chooses to tweet this out after hours trolling the sec and it’s like like this is just the worst thing ever like like like like like they have such a big potential this company has such big potential and this is what frustrates the lung so bad about this it is is you know look at the numbers model three just put

Up look at the numbers model three just put up it was off the charts it’s one of the best-selling vehicle cars in america literally okay it’s a top-selling american car and it’s electric it’s not just the top-selling electric car it’s one of the top-selling cars period in all of the united states of america right now right it’s competing up there with honda and

Some of those guys at the moment alright and this is keep in mind this is even like the $35,000 model so you’re looking at all these numbers and everything so positive but when it comes to that front and what they’re gonna do in the future and then and then you have this come out and people people want to you know it’s interesting people want to treat you almost

Like he’s a god like he’s these ironman he’s he’s better than all of us mere mortals okay they want to treat him like he’s god but then when he tweets out stuff like this the same people want to say oh he’s just a human he’s just human he makes human mistakes it’s like wait a minute one minute you want to treat him like he’s a god and then the next minute you want


To say oh you treat him like he’s a human like you got a judge in one way or another you either judge him as a human and he’s just another one of us walking around or you judge him as a god in guess what god’s in people that run huge companies they don’t troll the sec on twitter they don’t tell you say the company’s going private in their funding secured when the

Fun not secured okay they don’t make these continuous bad decisions over and over again they don’t say you know they’re gonna not settle and then also in a few days later they settle for a deal that’s worried worse for him and for the company okay they don’t make decisions like that over and over and over again you know here in the short term and it’s just like

You know and he feels like everything’s gonna be fine in the long term and maybe it will and i hope it is but at the same time like you just gotta look at this and it’s like how many more things can he do like every time you say this is the last time he’ll do this oh this is you know this is our 1500th chance we’re gonna give him now he’s gonna be good after this

And then he just he just does this again and again and again you know we don’t know why it is it could be he’s margined out heavy on tesla shares where he’s actually loaded up on margin if the stock continues to go down what ends up happening is he has to end up by getting margin calls alright that could be part of it some people are saying drugs i’m not gonna

Speculate on that somebody was at his house an actress was at his house you know a few months ago said he was doing you know hard drugs and whatnot with his girlfriend who knows about that i have no clue okay some people say he’s got some type of personality disorder who knows about that you know maybe does maybe doesn’t who knows okay but whatever the situation is

It’s a bad look it’s bad for you can’t do this type of stuff as a ceo of a massive public company that has this type of valuation on it in that it has this type of potential guys anyways i want to know your guys hanging down there in that comment section on this situation like my goodness even short sellers are like this sir is this real lately like this is like

The best gift short-sellers could ever have forget the numbers like you like let’s stop paying attention that let’s pay attention you know these tweets over here it’s this short sellers like elon musk is giving the short sellers everything they could have asked for anyways i want to know your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section thank you for watching and have a great day

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