ELSE NUTRITION HOLDINGS INC. (TSXV: BABY) (OTCQX: BABYF) (FSE: 0YL) – RICH TV LIVE – June 25, 2021 – the plant-based baby, toddler and children nutrition company , announces its plant-based protein shakes for kids have reached Amazon’s top positions in hot new releases in the baby and toddler nutritional shakes category as of June 20, within days after launch. Amazon updates the rankings based on sales performance of new products.

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Analysis join our trading club at richpixdaily.com and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from we have rich tv live with our very special guest ham yutal yitzak the ceo of else nutrition

How you doing today i’m you tall hi i’m doing very well i’m very happy to be back and then thank you for having me always a pleasure i’m a big fan of else nutrition not only have you done extremely well as a stock but the company is doing great work especially for toddlers and infants and children now for a little recap else nutrition is a food and nutrition

Company that has developed clean and plant-based products for infants children and adults since we last spoke what’s new with else nutrition so yeah it’s uh you know it’s quite difficult to recap everything in a in two sentences because it’s being a lot it’s been a while i think we splash spoke in november so it was uh just um a couple months after our launch

Of the toddler nutrition so since then we’ve seen very fast growth on our ecom and platforms as well as um started selling on the retail space and there we see very nice growth but it’s just the beginning we started on february and we’ve expanded our team in israel as well in north america quite dramatically we have a very very strong team in so many spaces

And we’re building a new team in north america for expansion and marketing with hcps and all kinds of stuff is happening we’re trying to locate um a new capacity for um production in europe as well in the states so many things are happening concurrently and working very hard on the clinical side so i suggest we dive into the details and um speaking and get

Into into its question so i can uh really provide more information great hammy tall else just announced some impressive first quarter results at the end of may can you tell us about the company’s progress in q1 sure so um the revenue growth that we reported in q1 uh are based on the fast growth on our online sales as well as the first large orders that we got

From distributors that serve the retail space so we’ve seen for example we’ve seen um over 1.1 million canadian and dollars and which represents about 90 growth over the revenues of the fourth quarter in 2020 and we’ve seen an increase of about 300 percent versus the revenues of our first quarter in 2020 and it was the first quarter to recognize the formula

Revenues from the retail market and with the formula revenue specifically we’ve seen 150 percent growth and quarter over quarter um of about 900 um thousand canadian versus uh 350 in the fourth quarter of 2020. we’ve also seen um an increase in the number of orders or in the um over 66 from amazon and and an average basket increase and or 15 quarter of a

Quarter so these are these are the major numbers from from q1 i love that everything is growing everything every number is growing all your numbers are growing right so that’s really really good news for investors and for the company now the company has also grown its online sales you touched on a little bit there can you tell us a little bit more about your

Online sales sure so else started its u.s online sales in august 2020 as you remember and it was um first and introduced on our e-store and later in september it was introduced on amazon.com and i think two months old after that on november we were already ranked best seller on amazon and infant and toddler nutrition new releases which is quite exciting and

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So the initial online sales on these two channels our e-store and amazon demonstrate a very very um good trajectory of growth we’re growing over um 20 month over months and we’re also expected to accelerate this because we are introducing more products into into the virtual shelf and into the shelves and in general and i’ve just seen our previous launch a

Few days ago of the kids nutrition drink and there will be many more and and just one more figure the amazon sales are actually doubling every three months this is also quite exciting super exciting growth i love to see growth we love to see revenue that is always the biggest catalyst for any company with the plant-based industry growing so rapidly can you

Tell us what where you see else nutrition one year from now i think in a year’s time there will be so many different things uh with with the case of else i mean we definitely will see um many new retailers listings and launches we are currently in discussions with about i mean with dozens of retailers that represent around 5000 additional doors currently

We’re listed in on 900 doors since february and we’re selling already in 600 of them but i think that um towards them the next i mean in a year’s time we’ll be seeing uh thousands of doors or else um we’ll also be looking at canada i mean looking in terms of bringing a product that’s compliant to the canadian regulation and currently we’re just shipping to

Canada not comply to the regulations so we can’t sell in canada and there’ll be many new product launches in terms of new products serious uh product lines and some of them will be catering babies from six months already that means a very long term um life that value of of each client because loyalty is the name of the game here um and there will be um

Penetration to new geographies which we’re working on one of them is europe as well um and we’re working on china and that will be i think in the second part of the next year um i think there will be results coming from the clinical studies so we will be able to have claims on certain products which are clinical claims and all sorts of things yeah that sounds

Great sounds like you guys are on the right track and obviously the plant-based industry has grown so much when we started talking a couple years ago almost two years ago to the day now i remember it was like the beginning of the plant-based industry now there’s so many other companies getting into the plant-based industry and you guys are almost veterans now

Of the plant-based industry so it’s exciting to see the evolution now at the beginning of spring this year else nutrition signed deals with two massive u.s distributors can you tell us more about else nutrition’s growing presence in the united states and what these milestones mean for the company and are there any other strategic partnerships you’d like to

Highlight sure so first of all we we did on board and already are shipping products through those two major distributors the largest in uh in north america unifi and key great and um together both of them are covering um almost the entire retail market in the us which is about 60 solid and i mean all together they cover about 60 000 doors which are potential

Doors for else expansion that’s incredible and they already opened 14 of their distribution centers and for else which is quite amazing and considering the the very uh short time that we are um operating together um so i think that means a lot for else in terms of trust in terms of um the fact that these two um major distributors actually and it it means

Credibility it means trust in the product trust in the company trust in our capabilities to supply to to support the supply chain to grow um and they’ve also uh onboarded us to i mean keihi onboarded us to their elevate um program which means supporting uh a growth a high growth brand in everything it has to be with their platform and systems we were selected

Amongst thousands of brands into a very very unique and exclusive program with them so that means a lot to us and so the retail sale started very early february and sprouts farmers market which is a competitor whole foods with 350 doors and then we expanded into several additional natural food and grocery retailers and independent stores so as i said and we

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Have big wine rayleighs and then natural grocers it was 160 doors and afs which represents 300 potential doors and many many more so currently where we’re listed on 900 as i said and already selling to 600 and that is ongoing on an ongoing trajectory for growth all the time wow and are there any other strategic partnerships that you’d like to highlight at

This point that you maybe are working on or you guys are planning to put together so um there are we are currently negotiating at least two strategic partnerships very major ones but you know we’re negotiating so i really cannot disclose that at this moment but um stay tuned and uh one more thing that i i maybe forgot to mention that we are also international

I mean we are we have been listed and already started selling on iherb which is um a major international platform online platform that serves um actually consumers from 180 uh countries wow so we potentially were available over the world for every mom that wants to purchase the brand it’s just a matter of you know awareness and marketing and we intend to be

Very active on that platform as well very good wow you guys have really grown and it’s exciting to watch the evolution you really announced and this was the news that we were looking at today we were talking about we’re breaking on rich tv live today you recently announced the launch of a second product a nutrition shake for kids age three and up what has

Been the market response so far and do you have any other products coming down the pipeline this year sure so i mean to be honest the kids nutrition drink was just announced today officially in a pr but um so it was soft launched a few days ago and it’s a very short time to to tell what’s the market response but for as far as we see now that the velocity

Was quite quite impressive and we we see um from reviews from the the few reviews that we have seen from consumers that they are quite happy with our taste and solubility even i mean despite the fact that our sugar levels are very low compared to our leading competitors and that’s that’s something we’re very proud of i mean having a great taste with a very

Low level of sugar and so we see we see great responses for now but let’s let’s be patient and look for more valid and solid responses and uh from the market do you have any other products coming down the pipeline this year that you guys are working on so for sure so as i as i already mentioned there are several product lines that are coming into the market

This year already already some of them were already produced but um are in different stages of packaging or ready to go to live to the market and i’m talking about a series for six months babies whether it is um a complementary nutrition product with high protein and i’m talking about um liquid product that will be by the end of the year or the beginning of

The next one and and we’re talking about different products for different territories because as you said as i said regulation is different in every country so you have to adapt and you have to create a different slightly different product for each each country but mainly these are the major product lines that will be um available very soon on top of the

Kids nutrition that has just been launched and there will be many skus additionally with different flavors and all different kinds of additives and you know immune boosting and all these kinds of additives that we add on a natural basis to those products so there’ll be multiple skus for else wow it’s been a wild year so far already into june we’re six months

Into the year we’re halfway through the year almost what can we look forward to for else nutrition i know you guys have been super busy can we look forward to anything in the next coming months for the rest of this year yeah so i think um i think whatever i’ve already described here is a lot to wait for i mean we’re looking at new territories new product

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Lines i mean expansion expansion expansion all in in so many you know facets and aspects and we’re looking at um new claims as i said clinical claims which will also accelerate growth and um attractiveness of our products with new you know customers and new um audiences all over the world and what what i can tell you about something new that’s really really

Happening and i i’m not sure i’ve mentioned that is that parents are actually um speaking about amazing things that our product is doing to their babies and they have they’ve actually tried everything that’s in the market i mean cow’s milk or soy which is whatev whatever it is in the market there’s nothing else and nothing helps in cases of allergenicity or

Intolerance or all kinds of irritations and they’re speaking about healing effects of our product for their babies and they’re so thankful so we see great future for that company just because of that and um that’s the most important thing that i have to say for for our investors and for our customers that that actually creates that the base the basis for

Success for for a brand because you see the product really provides and really really creates makes a difference makes a difference and changes lives for for so many families i agree 100 as a father myself i wish this product was around when my children were babies my kids are teenagers now so uh not as much of a focus uh with this product for teenagers as

It is for toddlers but your products are also for adults as well right so your products are pretty much covering everybody now from infants and babies all the way down to that yeah yeah we haven’t launched our products but we are working on that to get there and when when company decides that it’s the right time to currently we’re trying to focus on on the

Young young child and nutrition but definitely we are working to create additional um you know lines for adults that’s great that would make the same difference for them i’m sure that i think that’s a great idea now there’s going to be investors all over the world that are going to see this interview that are going to ask questions what’s the best way for

Them to get in contact with you well i think i’m very responsive on emails that’ll be the best way to get me and so yeah and and else care our info emails we have a great team very responsive as well so you can also get in touch with them and they’ll forward it to me thank you so much for your time today the ceo of els nutrition ham you tell hit zach keep

Up all the great work every time i speak with you there’s more big news there’s new markets there’s new products revenue has really grown congratulations to getting over that seven figure mark and i know that the numbers will only continue to grow thank you for your time today hemitaw thank you so much great and then looking forward for the next one soon

Thank you so much for your time today have you tall now for those of you guys that are watching remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in any companies that we talk about and in saying that if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the

Video everywhere and subscribe else nutrition has been one of our biggest winners uh about two years ago we started talking with hem utah when it was at 30 cents today the stock is trading well over two dollars in canada it’s also trading the united states so it’s been a huge success it’s been as high as five dollars so it’s been a very big success for a

Community so i still believe that this is a company that has a lot of growth potential and i still believe is undervalued under-appreciated underexposed and has an incredible future so if you guys agree with me or you like to comment on the video please do so otherwise thank you guys for watching have me tell keep up all the great work look forward to seeing you again soon you

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