ELSE NUTRITION (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQB:BABYF) | RICH TV LIVE INTERVIEW – OCTOBER 23, 2019 – ELSE NUTRITION HOLDINGS INC. (TSX-V: BABY) (OTCQB: BABYF) (“Else” or the “Company“), a company focused on developing and marketing a real alternative to dairy-based infant nutrition, is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2019, Dr. Jon A. Vanderhoof has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Else Nutrition GH Ltd., the Company’s operating company which is located in Israel..

Hi how you doing this is richer behalf of rich to be live with a very special guest it is barack ornstein the director of digital marketing for else nutrition otherwise known as baby how you doing today brock good to be with you do well oh thank you for joining us and let’s get right back into it i did speak with have you tall earlier this week the ceo and i

Was really impressed with what you guys are doing so let’s just get started can you tell us a little bit about your role with the company certainly so my role is essentially a global director of marketing and digital marketing so really i’m taking the products that we have and the solution that we have and connecting with consumers and forming consumer connection

Plans and building the brand so we’re in the process of building the brand right now in advance of our first launch of our toddler nutritional drink in q2 of 2020 so a lot of demand out there coming to us already and we’re looking to answer a big market need that’s fantastic now else nutrition is a plant based infant formula what pains are you addressing in the

Industry so this industry infant nutrition has been around for a hundred and twenty years and it’s been dominated by two main sources cow milk protein and soy based protein and both of those are known allergens cow milk protein is you know not the best in terms of animal welfare many children are allergic to cow’s milk protein and can’t consume it and soy as

Well contains phytoestrogens which have been suspected to be not optimal for for children there it’s genetically modified so we’re looking to bring to the market and we are bringing to market the first all-natural 100% plant-based infant nutrition and formula so we like to say it else nutrition we’re not just the formula we’re a solution and we’re providing a

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Real solution and alternative to this marketplace and real innovation on the market that’s been stagnant so giving a real solution for parents who have children that suffered from cow milk and protein allergy or soy allergy and that number is only increasing and we’re also giving a real viable alternative for millions of families that are seeking clean label

Products healthier alternatives to support a healthier and sustainable lifestyle that’s incredible i love what you guys are doing and as a father myself of two children i wish this was around 12 years ago when my kids were babies growing up i almost feel bad that i’ve been feeding them milk for all these years i actually stopped giving them milk because after

The interview i realized that it’s not healthy so i’ve kind of gone away from milk and i’m excited that you guys are bringing this product to market now what kind of feedback or inquiries has else been getting from their customers great questions so even before lunch we have consumers finding us and these are hundreds and thousands of consumers that are coming

Towards us i personally take many of those inquiries and they really spend or they run the gamut so we have fathers mothers grandparents experts everyone looking to us and they’re asking when is this product coming we need an alternative the industry has been stagnant the current offerings don’t meet the needs of our children be they ones who suffer from allergies

And tolerances sensitivities there’s families that are looking for vegan solution to support a healthier lifestyle health care healthier family lifestyle so parents are increasingly aware of you know the ingredient panel on the existing options they’re looking for better for for their children offerings and it’s we’ve been getting a lot of emotionally charged

Inquiries so it’s really touching us and we’re really eager to bring this to market to provide a solution for millions of families that’s great can you describe the market opportunity and any favorable trends certainly so it’s really this coming together of many macro trends that we’re seeing so first of all children allergy is to have only increased over time so

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The number of families that are having to deal with kids who can’t tolerate milk or soy options or have high children who have sensitivities as only increasing and certainly we’ve been witnessing with the likes of impossible and beyond meets an explosion of plant-based industry and the plant-based market which is growing double digits across all food categories

So many of colonists that beyond means of infant nutrition and were humbled by that we’re really a focused on our vision of providing the foundation of nutrition for for generations to come and we’re really focused on giving a better cleaner alternative for babies and toddlers as well and in addition we’re you know we have very strong ip protection and patents

On our unique composition and this is really once in a generation that you’ll find something that this closely imitating the nutritional gold standard composition values of breast milk so we’ve really come on to a formula that’s not only tastes great but it provides all of the nutritional essentials that the little ones need that’s great the children are the

Future and we need to do everything we can to make sure that they’re healthy and i love what you guys are doing so what’s next for else nutrition so currently we’re focused really on commercializing and launching our first product to market which will be liquid and powder based toddler nutritional drinks and those are related to launched in the spring of 2020

And then we’ll be following that up with zero to 12-month infant nutrition formula following that and beyond that there’s a wide range of opportunities and products that we could launch also for adults for the elderly and those who may suffer from chronic conditions like crohn’s and colitis so we really see is our vision providing a foundation for a wholesome

Balanced nutrition for generations to come but we have laser focus right now on bringing to market something that’s really been needed which is a cleaner label all natural plant-based infant and toddler nutrition that’s great i’m so excited to see you guys grow i think you guys have an unbelievably great idea and concept and product here and i think it’s going

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To do quite well what makes else nutrition a good investment we have a large community of investors here at rich tv live over 60 countries worldwide watching rich tv live and companies like yours that are underappreciated undervalued underexposed why would an investor want to invest in else nutrition today so firmly believe that else nutrition that takes many

Of the boxes that one would be looking for in a strong and promising investment so first of all we’re backed by an expert and veteran team our founders have decades of experience in the nutrition market from the likes of abbott and nestle technical know-how that’s very very valuable second we are reading this unmet and latent need and a seventy billion dollar

Infant nutrition market that’s growing nine percent kegger and it’s expected in five years to grow to ninety billion dollars globally so a huge a huge market that we’re looking to disrupt and revolutionize and consumers are voting with their clicks now we’re getting tons of inquiries and you know when can we have this product in the marketplace and you add to

That very strong ip protection so we have a patent on our product composition in nineteen countries with forty five patents pending globally and a commercial ready product so we’re already we’re set to go in a number of months with our first product launch and all of these things really you know make us a good good investment wow we’re really really excited

Here to see you guys grow i think you guys are providing a need that has been long needed so congratulations on what you guys are doing and all your success so far and this is rich from rich to be live with our special guests from else nutrition otherwise known as baby barack ornstein the director of digital marketing thank you for watching have yourself a great day brock and do it

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