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Hey guys it’s lauren here from the financial diet and today i’m going to be answering 6 candid and honest money questions for you and actually chelsea did one of these videos a few weeks back and i’ll put the link to that video in the description below so you can check it out so let’s get started so one time that being ignorant with money really cost me big was

When i ended up losing a debit card that my gym membership was linked up to and i totally forgot to call the gym and let them know and like six months went by where they were not getting paid and they’re like collections agency was calling me but i didn’t recognize the number so it didn’t pick up the phone and then i checked out my credit score which dropped

Like 20 full points and then i finally took like a fine-tooth comb to my finances to figure out what was going on and noticed that i had cycling grain charge for an old gym membership and i was like completely mortified and i called them and cancelled it but like yeah it was 20 points on my credit score that took a hit but i’ve recovered since but that was truly

A truly embarrassing so one money concept an idea that i’m still very unclear on sometimes is the jargon and the language used around financial concepts about running a small business um chelsea and i obviously run eft together and there are some things that are like when we’re doing our taxes that i’ll take a look at that and just like oh my god i have no idea

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What that means and that’s super embarrassing because like we own it’s like there’s no one else to worry about this or to take care of this it’s us and if we don’t know what’s going on like no one else has our back so we kind of have to like do more diligence to kind of learn those things and that is something i still feel embarrassed about when those terms come

Up that i just don’t know one small example out of many is a k-1 form which i just asked chelsea who was sitting off to the side of the camera and what that actually isn’t she told me i knew what it is one of the biggest money lessons for my parents that i just don’t follow is that they are so diligent about using and racking up and like organizing their airline

Miles so that they are constantly getting free flights and it’s like my dad is some wizard on expedia calm and like booking calm and he’s like we’re going on vacation of puerto rico for 10 days and we’re paying like $50 sounds like they’re so good about keeping those airline miles organized and joe and i are just like it’s just a process to me that it’s still very

Unclear how he’s able to do that and i try to pick his brains and it still just sounds like gibberish so one of my worst habits when an anxious are stressed is procrastinating which ends up with me spending just like a lot of money on little stupid things like for example if i have to work on a weekend you know instead of getting right to work all i go out to the

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Coffee shop and then i’ll like find another errand to run that’ll like stop at a store for like a piece of clothing that i absolutely need because i like don’t want to tackle the thing that’s really stressing me out so all kind of just like yet online shop or just do anything that will distract me from that temporary responsibility and it usually is something

That involves spending money so one money goal that i’m still not hitting which i’m embarrassed to admit here is that i’m still not investing at all on my own joe and i together have some of our money invested but i would be lying if i told you that i in any way manage those accounts i don’t know what’s going on and i don’t have any active responsibilities for

Them and i personally just i don’t invest but that’s a goal i definitely want to reach on my own for 2017 so something that i will reveal to you guys and i’m a little bit embarrassed about i got married in march and our flowers for our wedding cost like in the thousands of dollars like almost three thousand dollars and it’s actually very easy to spend that when

You have a big wedding and that’s just something when i look back on it and i’m like wow like the tfg community like does not support this like this is embarrassing they were beautiful but yeah it’s just a lot of money to spend on what essentially dies in like 24 hours so those are the answers to my six candid money questions and i hope you guys enjoy them and as


Chelsea said i hope you enjoyed how cringe-worthy they were because i certainly feel that way right now so as always thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and go to the financial dicom for more bye

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