EU-UK summit on Brexit, China GDP data, Booker Prize

The FT’s Josh de la Mare highlights the key stories to watch for in the week ahead, including a crunch EU-UK summit on Brexit, figures from China on GDP growth showing the impact of the trade war with the US, and who might win the Booker Prize

Here are the top stories we’ll be watching this week the uk and the eu aim to agree finally on the first stage of brexit gdp figures from china will reveal the impact of the trade war with the us which will also affect the results of aluminium producer alcoa out on wednesday and the winner of one of the world’s leading literary awards the man booker prize is

Announced first to the uk brexit migration and the eurozone will be on the menu for a crunch one and a half day eu leaders summit in brussels this week diplomats are putting together a draft version of a political declaration on the eu uk future relationship the most sensitive issue of the irish backstop is expected to be thrashed out by eu leaders with the aim

Of getting a final agreement at a special summit in november the f t’s whiteville editor james blitz has this analysis things are always fluid with eu summit sand with brexit nothing is ever completely certain but it looks as though at this week’s meeting mrs. mae and the leaders of the 27 eu states will agree the first stage of the brexit deal in other words the

Article 50 negotiation which seals the divorce in which britain pays 39 billion pounds to leave the eu there is an agreement on eu citizens and of course that third and most tricky issue in many ways the question of what happens over the irish border well that looks as though somehow that is also going to be resolved if all goes well and the leaders leave with

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Article 50 signed then they will move to the next phase which is an emergency summit at some time in november where everything will be brought together the article 50 draft that they have and then the future framework for eu uk trade which will be a political declaration not legally binding but which will give some idea of where the uk’s relationship with the eu

Will be in future difficult to make firm guesses but at this stage it looks as though mrs may will come back to the house of commons at some point in november with a deal the question then of course is whether mps will give it their approval china’s national bureau of statistics releases its estimate for third quarter economic growth on friday investors will be

Looking for any weakness in the numbers stemming from beijing’s escalating trade war with washington the trump administration imposed tariffs on chinese exports worth fifty billion dollars annually in july before targeting another 200 billion dollars in september the dispute is so far had little impact in the world’s second largest economy and chinese officials

Are confident they can survive even a fully blown trade war with the us i’m doing all that i can wait yuma most haven’t y’all eat i’m sure you can kid it yeah sure you can when we do that you more isn’t it you’re blowin your voice when you heights come on you fight over some guinea chances and baba what you’re the whole reason she eats here felicia baba however

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With investments and economic rights already slowing because of a government crackdown on risky lending practices and devaluation pressures building on the renminbi president xi jinping has little room for manoeuvre investors will also be looking to see how the us-china trade war has affected pittsburgh-based aluminium producer alcoa which presents third quarter

Results this week and has seen its share price fall by nearly a third this year in late may the trump administration and post a 10% levy on imports of aluminium this comes on top of us sanctions on russian producer resul imposed on april which have caused widespread disruption in the global market for aluminium aluminium prices initially shot up by 30 percent but

Have since fallen by 20% the fts commodities correspondent henry sampson has more our co-chairs a fallen by about 30 percent this year so investors will be looking for third quarter earnings for any sign that alka is benefited from turmoil in the global aluminium market following the us sanctions against russian producer russell aluminium prices have fallen back

From their high level in april but perhaps more critically alcoa is a big producer of alumina the price of which has surged because russell was also producer andrew stiles production was cut from the market so investors will be looking to see that alko is benefited from this rise in the alumina price investors will also be looking at the impact of the deepening

Us-china trade war because not only as impact on on demand for aluminium but also the impact on chinese supply china is the biggest producer of aluminium and the remedy is weakened quite considerably and making it more lowering their cost of production so investors will be listening to see what our curse says about both global demand and global supply in the wake

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Of this trade war the winner of the leading literary award the man burka price will be announced on tuesday in london more than 170 books were submitted for the 50,000 pound award the 2018 man book a short list covers difficult issues from prison life to environmental disaster incest war slavery and marginalization it is also shortlist in which women outnumber

Men but when it comes to the big reveal on tuesday night the thorny question of whether an american will take the prize for the third year running will be on everyone’s lips racial kushner’s tale of female incarceration the mass room is up against richard powers novel about trees and people the overstory and that’s what the week ahead looks like from the financial times in london

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EU-UK summit on Brexit, China GDP data, Booker Prize By Financial Times

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