European elections: who won in clash of candidates?

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Well will this europe girl in the next five years in the next ten years in in a new world order will be completely different as today what’s killing europe and what’s hurting our societies is indifference of well-meaning people they should speak up they should say where they stand then they can shape the future people must know that the decisions on european level

Have a direct impact in that they’d like to have a look and decide for yourself don’t let other people decide this was the first debate that had both the two favourites but four in favour of the center i tpp and timmermans of the party of european socialists as well as some of the smaller parties the liberals and the greens the candidates place on the stage was

Drawn by lot but turner that you had the center-right parties the conservatives and the liberals on one side and the center-left parties socialists in the greens on the other side and that’s kind of how the debate went there was a pretty clear right left divided like why did he vote and his group vote against exactly that in the european parliament the socialist

Candidate with the temperaments was against more cooperation on defense for example on foreign policy and said yeah we have to be realistic and he he doesn’t like dreams i think we need dreams we need vision i think the main dividing lines are about how you go about creating more security i think there’s a strong difference between scott keller myself on the one

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Hand and give off stopped month with labor on the other hand in terms of social justice i’m a man of free trade i believe in single markets the european single market that wants to strengthen with a single market i think socialists are not so clear in these fields it was on economics where the center-right parties emphasized trade whereas the center-left parties

Talked more about tax redistribution and social justice very harsh austerity agenda which has not been leading to growth and development at all good i want to do is now to invest in innovation to have openness for trade and we have to cut red tape we could also see this on security we’re both center-right parties want a european fbi skeptical and other security

Policy was about whether to cooperate more on defense so what i think we have to do is really european arms and i believe that it is possible european army of 20,000 people thank you 2024 why not give me the list of national parliaments who will give out of their hands the decision on sending troops into harm’s way give me that number the candidate of the leading

Party that stands to get the most votes in the election is manfred weber of the epp but he also seemed to have the most few defendant he doesn’t have as much experience as some of the other candidates especially france timmerman socialist candidate who’s sitting commissioner vice president of the commission and who many times attacked weber directly timmermans on

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The other hand came across as the debater who was most at ease with concise messages even though his party trails fight a lot behind the center-right in the polls there are also many topics on which these candidates are more or less in agreement for example on the importance of climate change sustainability of course kahala the green handed it comes with perhaps

The most credibility and the most radicalism in her proposals have a co2 price on every single co2 tone that’s being emitted and then repay the income from that to each and every single citizen so if you have a lower income and you have lois you to me you will have a benefit you will have big plus on your account if you earn more and especially if you emit a lot of

Co2 that will not be the case we have to do these changes in a social acceptable way and you have to do it also in a way that our industry can lift business and they also agreed on the seriousness of corporate taxation and the difficulty of taxing corporations multinational corporations it is unbearable that big companies are making billions of profits in europe

And paying no taxes we need to change that immediately i’m scott keller you are still in the lead in terms of time discipline so why don’t you answer the question first why unfortunately we only had one woman on the podium and perhaps a bit sarah typically she was the one who kept best to her time whereas you had some instances of older men talking over one another

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And not finishing on time spew on the debate in my own opinion that wasn’t really a clear-cut winner who is likely to do best in the elections in a couple weeks time if acacia this in the end depends on you and how you

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European elections: who won in clash of candidates? By Financial Times

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