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EV Technology Group (EVTG) (EVTGF) (B96A) – The Future Of New Ev Brands? – RICH TV LIVE – August 4, 2022 – #evtechnologygroup #interview #richtvlive – Wouter Witvoet, CEO of EV Technology Group (NEO: EVTG) (OTCQB: EVTGF) (DE: B96A) announces that it has entered into the Definitive Agreement to acquire leading British Tier 1 supplier and specialist manufacturer, Fablink Group Holdings Limited (“Fablink”)

Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hi how you doing today i’m your host rich on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest wuder whitwood the ceo and chairman of ev technology group symbol evtg in canada and evtgf in america how you doing today woodr doing very well thanks a lot for having me on

Always a pleasure very excited to have you on the show my first question leads to and for those of you that don’t know eevee technology group is focused on acquiring and partnering with iconic brands and significant growth potential in unique markets and electrifying them ev technology group has a busy few months with a couple of exciting announcements to talk

About can you start by telling us about the moke acquisition and what it means for the company yeah we um when we started ev technology group you know with my vision of you know rather than building um a completely new car ban from the ground up we actually acquire you know existing brand equity that is there and then turning that into um into an electric car

And since we you know invested in moak earlier uh last year we you know we kind of made the decision and this is something we we really won’t have as an anchor investment within the company and for me you know the moc is is one of the most iconic high brands um that is out there it’s also it has a global reach so you know on july the 20th we announced that we now

Have agreed to fire 100 of the company and really looking forward to you know kind of building that uh that brands out on a global scale congratulations and the company also began trading on the otcqb under the symbol evtgf recently and gained dtc eligibility can you talk a little bit about that yeah so we really wanted uh since our canadian listing of course

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Opens up our you know investment for canadian investors really wanted to target an american audience as well there’s a huge demand you know for the moog in gated communities um you know we’re we’re um uh we’re at some point we’ll launch a low-speed vehicle a moat for uh that’s suitable for golf courses and and i think it’s a really interesting story for the

North american investors uh especially in the united states as well so we made that quick um uh dual listing on the otcq yeah it’s really phenomenal that we now have a you know wider audience that uh that can invest in our stock congratulat congratulations for listening on the otc qb now the moca brand as a whole ev technology group subsidiary milk france has

Made some significant headway this year with electric milk orders generating over 500 000 euros following the opening of an initial pilot of its direct consumer sales can you tell us more about that yeah we started um we started really small with a small pilot to sell out promote and they were immediately sold out within within a few weeks yesterday we started

With um where she launched the direct to consumer website that now complements the um the the cosmo the flagship store from mob that we’ve um that we’ve created in central bay and those two together are really sort of driving the growth for um from moat to come we you know the the initial orders that we received for the pilot um you know it’s now a multiple of

That and looks like we’re going to be sold out of all the production capacity for uh for for this year already for the for both in france and for in the united kingdom wow congratulations that is unbelievable success now mock france also recently signed an exciting partnership with gomcano what is the significance of that deal when you try to operate a luxury

Brand you need to think about of course your sales strategy but as important is your after sales strategy so um it’s not feasible for uh for for a smaller manufacturer such as smoke to have its own employees servicing warranties etc so rather than having that on our balance sheet we partnered with a with a local firm called go go mcconnell which is effectively

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Like uber for mechanics but you never know they show up in a with a mode hoodie uh and a hat so there’s a full service that looks like it’s a moke service but actually on the under the hood it’s go mcconnell coming uh coming to the client in case there is any issue what are what other brand types are you considering acquiring so when we look for other brands

What we look for is something that is iconic and that has existing brand equity so what you can typically look for and this is the case of moog it’s maybe reddit communities there’s an owner’s club there’s people still repairing these these cars and it’s close enough to where we are today um uh that people still remember that brand or still have a feeling for it

So that’s what we’re kind of looking for we are in talks with a number of different exciting um you know acquisition targets following most and um uh yeah i’m really excited for keeping uh shareholders and future shareholders up today here rich tv live we’ve got investors from all over the world in our ecosystem what milestones should those investors and future

Potential investors in evtg look out for for the next for from evtg so we started the company last year and we’ve gone extremely quickly but since making the first investment in moke in september of last year we listed the company we’ve now agreed to acquire 100 we’ve also been looking at and been updating our shareholders that one of the key things that we’re

Looking for uh in our group is not just the brands but also looking at like critical manufacturing partners that we can make you know that we can take within our group either in terms of a strategic partnership jv or an acquisition so i think what investors should be looking for is uh follow-up check to check the new press releases see how we get on with these

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Acquisitions and how we’re building out the brand the second thing uh we just launched the moca direct to consumer website it’s um it’s very much um you know a restart of the brand now that the most electric is in the market so following some of the milestones there in terms of you know how we convert our you know 7 000 or so registrations of interest to orders

I think would be something to really look out for and how we execute on those plans and if investors want to learn more about ev technology group how did they get in touch with you so my email’s always open um we haven’t we have a website edtgroup.com where you can find more about the brand you can get in touch and people can always email me at the voucher

W-o-u-t-e-r evcgroup.com if they want to learn more or or have a question around the company thank you so much for your time today i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we

Love to bring you undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities before they explode and i want everyone to put evtg on your radar on your watch list if you’re in canada evtgf in america we believe it has a chance to be a huge winner in the electrification of vehicles thank you so much for the ceo woodr whitbot for joining us today thank you so much for

Joining us today and we’d love to have you back thanks a lot for having me today it’s always a pleasure if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching bringing the winners bringing the news we bring the ceo interviews bringing the analysis and we’ll bring it to you first thank you for watching everybody and have a nice day you

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