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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hi how you doing today i’m your host rich from behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of eevee technology group wuter whitwood how you doing today woodr i’m doing great thank love for

Having me on my pleasure very excited to learn more about your company today and the ev sector is a very fast growing sector the first question i have for you today is ev technology group has a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles can you tell us a little bit more about the company and how you’re working towards this goal i’m a massive

Petrolhead so it’s it’s in a way it’s controversial for me to uh to start a car company um in the ev space but what’s been happening over over the past few years is that we’re now making a transition where evie is moving from let’s say the early adopter phase to the early majority phase and in in that phase what i’m seeing is that there’s almost no sort of

Fun vehicles out there that actually makes you want to drive an electric vehicle rather than for as a pure utility so at ev technology group what we’re doing is we’re taking rather than building uh brands from the start we’re taking existing brands and making them electric we started doing that with our first investment in moki international which you may

Know from the beaches in miami santro base and bart and and helping them make uh make them electric in them in an electric world and thereby helping uh promote the joy of driving where we currently are now the adoption of electric cars is booming and the industry is growing very rapidly why is this shift towards electrification so important right now of course

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There are climate goals that we all want to achieve and i think if you want to achieve those climate goals a really big part of this will have to be the electrification of our of our daily commute what we are doing at evtg we still believe that people want to own cars it’s an experience it’s something that they want to want to enjoy if you will so we’re helping

Make this transition to a to a carbon neutral world by by still bringing back the joy and motoring by bringing iconic brands to the electric age what sets ev technology apart from other companies in the electric vehicle space there are very great companies such as rivien lucid of course tesla that have raised a significant amount of money to really build a

Brand from the ground up in addition to of course building the platforms that support their vehicles but that’s but that’s difficult but that’s hard what we do at evtd and what’s differentiated we rely on existing technology that is out there and existing brands that maybe have the cult following the um the users already behind that vehicle if there were only

A product on the market and that’s kind of what we’re doing and how we’re differentiating ourselves towards the players that are on the market now several european countries have pledged to go all electric by 2030. what are some of the ways that ev technology might capitalize on this huge shift of course it it helps if if governments are are signaling the

Market that from 2030 they won’t allow petrocars sales anymore so the catalyst that is in there is that even niche brands and sort of maybe smaller series production brands uh older than the oems need to come up with a plan for ev i i can tell you many of them do do not have a clue how to make that transition so where where’s the real catalyst for us is that

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That’s the market opportunity where we can be we can be a technology provider we can be a route for them to market into that electric uh world and that’s where we find very exciting partnerships starting with mohawk can you tell us more about the moke electric the company is launching this summer the mooc electric is one of the vehicles i’m very excited by if

You’ve ever been in miami beach or in zimbard or in central play you’ve seen these cars around they what we’re producing is effectively a real it’s it’s a real car to mulligate it you can go 60 stick 60 miles per hour so it’s it’s a really um a first segue into this market of taking some of these leisure uh vehicles into the electric world now ev technology

Has a leadership team an extensive combined operational and investment experience can you tell us more about their unique skills and what they bring to the team leadership team if you look at it it combines effectively the division in terms of the you know the capital markets with the with the brands um that have an iconic and cult following but but crucially

You need to wait to bring that to market in terms of the engineering and both the manufacturing so we have a combination of all those different different factors in our in our management team that make it make for it a very successful successful team and successful business what are some of the major catalysts coming down the line for evtg that investors can

Be watching for so what i definitely think is that there are brands that all need to make make a decision on what they’re doing on their on the ev space we’re of course watching the market on what makes sense what to develop what makes sense to partner what makes sense to own as evtg yourself whether it’s manufacturing batteries or other parts of the supply

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Chain i think that’s really where the opportunity um is is for us and will you spare you’ll see movements and us making decisions over the coming months and months and years to come we’ve got investors from all over the world that are going to be watching this interview if they want to learn more about evtg where should they go you can go to our website evt

Group.com they can find our investor presentation latest materials as well as some of the news releases that will tell more about our business super excited to learn more and watch you guys grow and evolve thank you for joining us today the ceo of eevee technology group evtg on the neo exchange rooter whitboot thank you for joining us today wooter i would

Love to invite you back if you ever have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss on the show thank you for joining us today water thanks so much for having me i’m looking forward to coming back always a pleasure now i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes if you like the video please smash the

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This is rich from rich to be live saying have a nice day we’ll talk to you soon you

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