Even Amazon Warehouse Wont Hire Me

I applied to a job at Amazon Warehouse and I didn’t get hired. Here is what happened.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush i regret to inform everyone that i did not get the job at the amazon warehouse this video is brought to you by weeble by now if you haven’t gotten a weeble account yet you probably won’t ever get one but this is a way to support this channel so if you don’t have one all you have to do is deposit just five dollars and

You can get two free shares of stock value that up to two thousand dollars check out my referral link down in the video description below now i’m not trying to jerk you guys around over here i really did apply for this job i really did intend to stay for one entire month but something came up i did not refuse the job they never offered it to me it was just a lucky

Coincidence and then i was able to go somewhere else i can remotely work anywhere in the world so that’s why you see this entire new living room area i am not in the same place i keep on moving around you know wherever life takes me i just go over there because i can just hang out at a different location but i’m gonna kind of disclose where i am a little bit later

I’m gonna show you guys around now let me run you through what happened over here i initially applied for an amazon warehouse job i worked there for about four shifts maybe 16 hours or so and then i immediately quit after that because i felt a little bit too sick and i thought well you know i really wanted an entire week of just not working at all to recover

Because you know usually it takes me that long to recover so i didn’t think they would allow me to take sick leave for that long or i didn’t even try i just said hey you know what i had enough i’ll just you know quit the job and you know that’ll be it so a year later or so now i decided hey i didn’t get enough of it i really want to try it again to really get a

Good feel of what the job is like plus you know i can do a little bit of exercise so i applied to it again because they were giving away like a thousand dollar bonus and they divide it into different ways in the beginning i heard they’re gonna give it to you um 50 of the bonus uh the first month 25 the second month and 25 after that the last time i heard of it it

Was something like 25 every single month until it’s all paid out now they didn’t really tell me why i didn’t get hired initially i got a tentative offer but i did not get the finalized offer now because they didn’t really tell me what the reason is for not hiring me they often do this they don’t have to tell me so i can only guess what the reason was the first one

Being well maybe they looked at my records and saw that i only worked for one week before and it’s like hey we don’t want to train someone all over again and you know waste their resources they don’t want someone that you know just quit so soon although it is my belief that most people don’t even last over one month so maybe you know if you work maybe three weeks

They might be a little bit better about this but one of the reason could be that i didn’t work long enough the first time so it was only one week so then they see this and go hey you’re you’re a quitter you know we’re not gonna hire you again i would think this is not an issue because if they’re gonna give you a one thousand dollar um sign on offer right this is

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An incentive for you to stay for a couple of months then yes you know i definitely would have stayed i would have tried much harder to uh work this entire month the second thing that could have stopped me from getting hired is the drug test it’s not that i was gonna fail it or anything but the first time that i took the drug test there’s this little cotton swab

Thing on a stick right i stuck it on my cheek and when they told me to take it out to put it on my other cheek it like completely broke off it was like held together by by a few strings but i’m like oh no you know let me let me like try not to do anything and i just kind of left it on there and moved it to my other cheek because it didn’t get saturated enough so

Then it failed the first time because probably the cotton thing broke off so i went in for the second time and this time i made sure to you know not not tear it off or anything so it was definitely completely saturated there’s this little blue line that shows you your saliva has completely saturated it but the strange thing about this time uh when i went in was

There was only one other person this whole facility they can accommodate you know like a dozen people at the same time but not many people were there to you know check people that are trying to sign on as an employee when i checked in this person just sort of rambled a lot and i wasn’t really sure why they had to like keep on telling me so many things they they

Just kept on you know talking about this or that and then at one point they said oh if you you know eventually don’t get hired or anything you can always just you know just start all over from the beginning so this is very weird thing to say to me because i already signed up right i signed up from the very beginning i came in for a drug test and i came in for a

Second time so to tell a prospective employee uh to just you know forget you let you sh if this doesn’t work just do it all over again this is a ridiculous thing to say first of all they took a little bit of time reading my file i guess maybe there is something they had to watch out for there’s like oh my god a youtuber is trying to sign up for our job or whatnot

So it looked like he he was going over something and then after he went over this then then you know he started talking about all these things that that sounded a little bit suspicious to me it might just be in my head or whatnot but um it almost seems like i took the drug test and they never even sent it in because um on my application you can go onto the amazon

Website and it’ll tell you your progress and you know you give them their i9 forms immigration forms and then your drug test goes through background check right i did the background check and they did not do my drug test the second time um at least that’s what it appears to be because the error from the very first drug test did not get cleared out so it meant that

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They did not submit even the second drug test maybe you know this might all be just me overthinking things the third reason could be that someone ratted me out because i announced that i was going to get a job there and i got one or two comments one kind of jokingly and another not so jokingly that they’re going to you know report me to amazon or whatnot so

This could be a reason am i mad at this no it’s probably fully my fault because when i made that video announcing it i just thought i might just push the envelope a little bit because it’s kind of fun to bring everybody along and just go hey you know this is what i’m doing you know after i do it then i tell you guys about it but apparently you can’t do these kind

Of things you can’t announce what you’re about to do and i want to correlate this with real life not just like youtuber you know doing some kind of wacky stuff but this also happens in real life when you plan to do something if you haven’t really finalized the plan yet and you just tell the whole world sometimes some haters someone that doesn’t really like you

Acquaintances that doesn’t really like you i don’t know whoever right even family members even maybe some people that are close to you maybe they don’t like what you’re doing so they’re gonna actively do something to make you fail at it so maybe someone watching these videos of mine you know their hater or something maybe they don’t like whatever i’m doing and then

They cause me to fail so luckily this is not that big a deal for me because you know i’m only doing it for fun i may be able to apply later i may be applying to other jobs i would say i saw this coming but i didn’t really expect this to um really happen and sure enough it did so take this as a lesson learned so if you ever do something big right something that

Is not fully finalized yet you know like maybe you need to finalize a contract with someone you need to negotiate with someone right if you tell the whole world you got a hater over there they might might not like you and then they’re gonna go around your back and then they’re gonna talk to said person and then go hey you know this person i hear they did so and so

You know and then when you go to negotiate this contract that person that you’re negotiating with is going to have like a bad image of you and then you know this contract is going to fall through so this is so important i mean this is like i don’t know this is kind of like a life lesson from like a father to a child or something you know whenever you’re trying to

Do something don’t don’t announce it to the world do it quietly and then when you when you finalize it when you’ve done it and you know nothing can ever change it then yeah maybe you can announce it just like i did the in the very first round with this amazon job i did not tell anybody about this i went applied work there i finished the job i quit and then i made

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The video so then that video actually went through it was actually something entertaining that people can see if you’re going to tell people you really really got to make sure whoever you tell your plans to they have the best interest for you you sort of kind of know these right the people closest to you you can tell those things too but when you announce it to

Like within probably even your your your small group of friends your clique or something that might not even be a good idea because you know who knows who knows what kind of enemies you have laying out there now the final thing is it does not really matter which one of these it could be these are just guesses it could be just kind of conspiracy theory right i

Don’t know which one of these it is but luckily it doesn’t matter because it does not affect my income really you know other than you know i can’t go work there all that much and you know make what is it 20 i don’t know like couple hundred dollars or so so it turns out that if i were to work at that place i wouldn’t be here if i kept to my word so you know i might

Have to do something where i stayed near the job where i applied and then work there for a month and then come over here a little background why i am just moving all over the place it’s just you know due to this covid thing i can move here or move there and then it’s just kind of fun to visit different cities and stuff so um that’s what i’m doing i’m just kind of

Touring places while i’m making videos i brought you know my studio lights and stuff brought my camera brought my laptop everything with me so that’s why you might you know sometimes see a different background going forward i’m gonna be particularly more ambiguous this time i may or may not apply to this amazon job again i may or may not apply to any of the gig

Worker places again i may or may not apply to fast food places or different kinds of jobs there’s like a whole array that i can choose from if you don’t really care about the money you just want to go and work there there are a lot of choices but many people try to give me suggestions on which one to go to but this is kind of like a personal choice i did the

Amazon one because there’s something that made me very interested in it if you just tell me hey i did the uber one people told me to do the lift also i didn’t really want to do the lift because uber and lyft they’re kind of similar so then i didn’t have much enthusiasm to do lift because it’s largely similar thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed

This update and i apologize for you know not going through with this and you know telling you all about all of it but frankly i think you know the experience will likely be very similar i’m going to stack boxes on pallets i’m going to do it for an entire month maybe i’ll get a little bit more money out of it and that will be it thanks for watching this video don’t

Forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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