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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re doing a very important video i saw something today that piper jaffray an investment research funded and they polled 10,000 teenagers to see what are the most popular clothing items and food items and all these different things that

Teenagers are doing now why do the heck do we care about teenagers teenagers really don’t have crap for money right yeah but there are two main reasons one teenagers are the future consumers they’re gonna be the ones that are setting the trends and are using dollars buy things and over the next decades to come right that’s one reason why it’s very important to pay

Attention to teenagers too it’s important to pay attention to teenagers because for whatever reason teenagers set trends they’re trendsetters that’s the bottom line they decide what’s cool and i know a lot of people are like that’s so stupid why don’t a teenagers decide what’s cool i don’t know it’s just what happens it’s always been that way and it will continue

To be that way and there’s a lot of examples on why teenagers set things to be cool but one of the biggest reasons in my opinion is because teenagers a lot of times have the time to pay attention all these different things use all these different types of social media try all these different places and whatnot and pay attention all the stuff where when you’re an

Older person you know over 25 or 30 or whatever you’re too busy focused on your life and you’re too busy focused on i don’t wanna say get stuck in a rut but you’re focused on like trying to do whatever it is you do your normal like routine and whatnot you don’t have time to check out this new social media app or or do something different or whatnot you’re stuck

In the same thing you usually do and a lot of people don’t really want to try new things and whatnot that get to a certain age until the teenagers make it cool and then they adopt it to the future generations the older generations at that it’s the way it works so i’m going to share with you guys and show you these investment findings that paper jeffrey did they

Pulled 10,000 different teenagers from all across the united states 46 different states 55 percent of them were males 45% of them are females and leave me a comment in the comment section if you’re a teenager and you’re watching this and you agree with the survey findings if you agree with that and if you’re someone that’s not a teenager let me know in the comment

Section if you guys had any clue or any idea on the way that these trends work and what not so let’s jump right into this before i put on your screen tell me what’s the number one in clothing brand for teenagers what do you guys think it is what do you think it is what do you think it is on your screen now we’re showing the results and the top clothing brand comes

Into being nike 29% that is the most popular brand american eagle came in at 9% that’s a surprise to me the number to american eagles of public company nikes a public company forever 21 is 5% that’s a third most popular they are not a public company ralph lauren is a public company so you can invest in that one if you want that was number four in urban outfitters

Number three and that is a public company as well so the surprising thing to me on this clothing part is under armour not on there i was very surprised to not see under armour also very surprised not to see puma as one of the top ones on there interesting interesting let’s get back to it top handbag brands this one surprises me michael kors a public company is

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Number one number one michael kors has had a tough ride over the last let’s say two years as far as the stock price goes so i’m very surprised to see michael kors so far out there in front of everybody number two we had kate spade also a public company you can invest in that got number two coach isn’t another public company they got number three then louis vuitton

That does not come as a surprise to me louis vuitton be number four if this was a bunch of super-rich 40 louis vuitton would be number one without question you don’t walk around with a michael kors or a kate spade if you’re a millionaire and and you know you’re in your 40s or whatever you walk around with the louie vuitton it’s like the status symbol it’s like

Driving a ferrari or super upscale mercedes or something like that or range rover or something it’s like you have louie vuitton anyways back to number five is avira bradley and a brain call longchamp i’ve never even heard of that have you guys heard of longchamp no clue who that is top footwear brands we had nike come in number one no surprise to me their vans

Come in number two converse come in number three adidas number four steve madden number five once again this is footwear brands i cannot believe under armour’s not in that list i cannot believe that pumas not in that list it is crazy to me that those two brands are not didn’t make the top five on footwear very surprising to me very surprising is that surprising

You guys are my just flowing one that thinks maybe uh norma and puma are kind of cool brands i don’t know interesting back to it top shopping websites amazon no no question about it buy for amazon that’s the future for i would say millennials i would say even people in their 40s and 50s you know teenagers amazonas of the way that got number one easily nike number

Two that is that’s surprising american eagle number three ebay lucca ebay way down there number four gosh that one’s falling away now and forever 21 number five the surprising thing to me on clothing brands is a surprise hmm was in super high ranking cuz every time i go into h&m which i shall fight h&m so i see tons on teens in there so h&m not making

The list on any of those it’s really mind-boggling to me really my ball do you guys think hmm should be up there at i don’t know that’s very surprising to me that they were not on their back to the screen here the one thing i wanted to go over we’re looking toward the right side in the fine print they talk about a lot of different things and if you guys pause

The video and read all that you can zoom in or whatever but the one thing i wanted to look at was it’s the second prayer paragraph down it’s in bold black it says youtube outpaces cable tv for a survey first this is kind of no surprise to me it’s just big time that youtube is at now a head of cable tv and i can tell you i’m a millennial i count on the millennial

Generation and i can tell you that i probably watch 10 times more youtube then i watch cable tv i’ll be honest i find my favorite youtubers to be much more entertaining than anything i can find on on cable tv plus when i want to watch my favorite youtubers i can watch them and it’s easy i just pull them up on my ipad and boom i watch whatever video i want whereas

Cable tv i have to like remember oh i need to record that one show i want to watch or whatever and i have to go sit in the living room to watch it and whatnot and i what if i want you here in the office what if i want to watch it in bed in my bedroom what if i want to watch it wherever so you’re not a surprise that youtube’s outweighing cable tv now that’s about

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All i wanted to cover on this page so now on to the next page we go we see top beauty brands there we had mac number one followed by maybelline followed by a company named urban decay who i’ve never even heard of followed by covergirl and followed by too faced there was a company that i cannot think of the name right now but they just went public recently they’re a

Makeup company and i cannot wait babe what’s the name of that makeup company that just went public elf there’s a elf elf is the name of this makeup company that just went public recently and i’m surprised that ones down the list because i find that to be super popular or at least i’ve heard it’s super popular with like teenage girls and a lot of millennial girls

And whatnot the younger generation is company named elf you e.l.f is a ticker symbol if you guys want to look it up there just went public a couple weeks ago i thought that would be in the top 5 of makeup brands of beauty brands did make it surprising to me let’s go on to the next part here media and devices tuned consumption netflix number one not a surprise

37% not a surprise netflix is gonna be number one on there to me youtube number two youtube will take over netflix in my opinion someday there will be more people consuming youtube over netflix and i’m talking about teens i’m talking about millennials i’m talking about people in general i just feel like that’s gonna happen at some point doesn’t mean netflix is

Gonna fall off by any means i just think youtube’s gonna become more and more powerful as the content just gets better and better cable tv number 25 cable tv will continue to fall in my opinion no surprise there who came in with a little 3% so you can see video consumption netflix youtube or cable tv those are the three options right now in youtube i think it’s

Gonna outpace netflix too sooner or later cable tvs dying a slow death guys it’s dying a slow death i don’t know whether any other way to put it they’re trying their best but it’s gonna just fall and fall and fall over time next we’re looking over in the right hand side top restaurants we had starbucks come in at number 1 no surprise there alright the people love

Starbucks men and women teenagers everybody loves starbucks get a little sugar drink for five bucks number two we had chipotle and i wonder how much the e.coli effect is all those things that went bad with chipotle over the last year i wonder how much that affected this survey if at all i wonder if teams just kind of didn’t care about it and kind of gave sapote

Lay a pass because they love chipotle that much i don’t know or maybe chipotle would have been 20% have been number one that’s interesting i would love to know how much the coli did or did not affect chipotle still amazing it they could have had them big huge blunder last year and it could still be the number two restaurant for teams number two that’s it’s

Mind-blowing to me other companies eco like things that outbreaks have happened before and it tears them down forever tears them down forever so just as interesting number three we had chick-fil-a chick-fil-a oh i love chick-fil-a chick-fil-a number four we had a lot of the fast food places like taco bell mcdonald’s panera bread’s quick serve all a guard in there

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Are also i can tell you guys if you’ve never had in-and-out burger in-and-out burger would be number one by far if there was an in-n-out burger in every state unfortunately you guys that don’t live on the west coast united states you have no clue what in-n-out burger is probably because you’ve never been the one seeing one but i can tell you that would be number

One i can guarantee you if there was in and out in every state number one without question for everybody because everybody loves in an upper especially young people especially millennials teens everybody anyways we’ll go on next page up we are looking toward the bottom now because the top part just didn’t fit on there so anyways we’re looking more toward the

Bottom top social media platforms we had snapchat comment number one the snapchats just super popular among the teens i don’t have no clue about snapchat i’ve never used it have you guys used snapchat do you use snapchat that’s the one that’s just been blowing up lately instagram coming at number two that’s no surprise to me i actually thought that might come in

At number one i have used instagram before are they ever use it but i have used it before so at least i kind of know what that’s about twitter twitter comes in at number three twitter still stick it in there with the teens that’s very impressive a lot of people thought twitter was dead and look at twitter coming at the third the third one among teens that’s huge

That is really big that’s really big facebook coming in at number four so basically in a tie with twitter and then pinterest way down there now if you were to go back maybe three or four years ago and do this survey it would have been facebook probably number one twitter probably number two and pinterest number three back then instagram is just kind of getting

Rolling and then snapchat i don’t even think was creed back then i really don’t even think snapchat was around so you can see the way the survey can change in just a matter of a few years or whatnot then look over on this right-hand side this basically gives you the information i told you guys already ten thousand teens were surveyed by this the average age was 16

Years old so that’s that’s great so they pulled everybody from 13 to 19 average or 16 average household income a little high so 68,000 was average household income as i told you guys 55% of them or in emails 45% were female they did in 46 states and it was covered by piper jaffray so what do you guys make out of all this do you make out any trends or anything like

That the one part i was disappointed they didn’t show is tight top electronic brands among teens i don’t know if they’re planning to release that in the future or maybe you have to pay them to get that information or whatnot i really wanted to see what the top electronic brands were is it apple number one you know where’s fit fit in there where’s gopro in there

Where samsung you know what are the top electronic brands among the teams right now what are the things they want the most so anyways thank you so much for watching this together today guys i really hope this was very very helpful to you i hope it was very helpful and if you’re watching this you haven’t subscribed yet you may want one too i talk a ton about stock

Market investing maybe videos like this every once in a while i talk about business being an entrepreneur i also talk about personal finance i thank you for watching guys and have a great day you you

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