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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today, i’m gonna talk about extreme budgeting now in order to do this i’m gonna show you a little bit of my budget so that you can kind of follow along and see where you can cut a little bit more as compared to my own budget i have a new pair of glasses on firmoo.com sent me these glasses these are prescription glasses i went

On their website and just kind of filled out all the prescription information because i have some laying around from my contact lens asks you for other information, but it tells you how to do it to measure the distance between your pupils information in and this came in about a week or two or so this pair costs about $30 i paid when i went to korea and bought a really cheap

Pair of prescription glasses i just want to let everyone know that i’m not really farting really loudly whenever i’m talking see if i move myself around this is just my couch okay before i get to the recurring part of the expenses i just wanted to cover a little bit of general things that you should be doing in order to save a lot of money these are just saving methods

That i generally employ most of time which is eat at home whenever you go out bring a water bottle so that you always stay hydrated and you don’t always have to like go to some store and ask for some water you know you would feel bad if you have to just go oh can i just get water and not buy anything so it’s better to just bring your own bottled water and then you won’t

Get a headache if you get dehydrated but i still do it as a social activity so whenever you know friends want to go out i just you know just go with the flow anyway, then this is really important if you don’t want to like lose all your friends another one being not buying expensive cars but it’s really really old and i drove it for a really long time so that you know by

The time cost of it is really low you can save some more by learning how to fix your own car i did this by just researching online and also watching other people’s youtube videos every once in a while you would come across really good coupons or something that offers things for free you should not be shy about using these keep them and make sure you use them, and if you

Make sure you use them then it would kind of displace you buying something else so you should aggressively attack using really really good coupons i’m not talking about you know trying to clip all the coupons like the 25 cent stuff sometimes you have like really good ones like i don’t know buy one get one free type of thing or like you know no purchase necessary those type

Of things then i say really aggressively go after those coupons i also save energy and yes you can buy led bulbs for $2 each which is a dollar fifty so you just gotta have to watch out for them, and you can get led bulbs 60 watt equivalent if not already you should replace all incandescent light bulbs with cfls now for really really infrequently use light bulbs then you


Might be able to leave them use it like two minutes a day or something then it might be cheaper to leave them as incandescent i don’t go on that many trips in comparison to other people for me it just kind of stresses me out whenever i go. i’m more tired so i only do maybe one international trip a year, which is quite a bit for some people and a couple of local trips every

Single year as well. i don’t go to that many expensive restaurants anymore you’ll know that i showed my budget before and i used to have maybe about a 400 dollar budget per month for restaurants now it’s gone down to close to something like 150 or a hundred dollars a month because i ate out all that much less i live in the bay area, and i think not living in san francisco

Is a choice. i could very well just pick up and move there and start renting as some people would do but i purposely don’t do that i know rent is so expensive there, so this is more of living in the places that has really really high rent. i used to buy a lot more electronics, but these days i’ve kind of scaled back a bit, and i don’t always jump on the latest and greatest

Things but you know i don’t buy the iphone x and i don’t have a 4k tv now onto the budget part and i’d like you to go along with this video and just kind of you know have a mental image of how much you personally spend you might have to dig up your bills or something to try and figure this out i’ve carefully reduced it to as much as i can and i review it all the time and

I’m like you know can i reduce it here or there? and i do know that i can reduce my internet usage in a couple months so that’s what i’m gonna be doing the first thing is trash service, and i’ve downgraded this to a no landfill bin overflow trash bags that you can use and so i averaged about $14 a month for trash service water is about thirty one dollars you know thirty

Dollars. i think this is minimum for me basically i probably can push it some more, but you know this is about of my comfort level and you know i really don’t want to try any harder gas electric runs on average per month this is average over the whole year about fifty four dollars. it can probably be lower, but this is also i know other people might be you know higher than my

Average other people might be lowered in my average but you need to have certain things on i have you know lights on and things like that so this is just what i spend gas can vary a lot from person to person mine’s about 120 it does not really matter what you compare to me in this case because more importantly is that you know you need to go to work? you need to do certain

Things you need to visit friends and family the more important thing is to get your gas at a cheap price and also get cash back on your gas the next one is motorcycle insurance. i average about 13 dollars every single month i do have a motorcycle not really a motorcycle actually i have a scooter car insurance runs about $43 for me per month. this is one way insurance now

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I choose not to insure my car because the value of the car is only six thousand dollars these days, and if i ever crash it or break it. i can just as well probably get another car for $6,000, and if i don’t get two way insurance for i don’t know five years or something i might be able to pay almost half of the car just for not getting the two way insurance groceries runs

Me about $120 a month just for myself of course now i’ve reduced my meat intake by quite a few you know i average about three ounces of meat, of fish, chicken meat or what what not and then i increase the vegetable intake, and i feel like this is really healthy for me i also don’t buy much packaged foods some very very limited items of packaged foods every single month or

So i don’t buy soda at all and i made it a point to not buy beer your grocery budget as well as being very healthy for you restaurants runs me about $100 i don’t purposely go to restaurants myself. i don’t like go pick up food ever this is mainly as a social thing where i go with people to to restaurants to eat internet runs me about fifty one dollars a month. i think i

Can probably bring it down to about thirty or forty dollars after my current service plan ends in another three months by the way if you want to really low internet rates always know what’s available to you and know when your contract ends and right before your contract ends call your internet service provider quote them the cheaper plan that you’re going to move to this

Forces them to give you something comparable without quoting people are just gonna go no no this is all that we can offer for you. so you need to have this leverage in order to get your price lower and lower for the internet car and school loans i don’t have any of those i bought my car outright with cash school loans i have zero school loans which greatly greatly reduces

My recurring expenses every single month. i don’t have a cellphone plan landline it just doesn’t exist a cell phone plan. i use a free version this freedompop thing a lot of people would disagree with using that because it’s an inferior service it’s kind of annoying to use there’s only one gigabyte of lte internet some would say 500 megabytes, but you have to add all these

Friends and family things that freedompop friends they call it and then you can add it up to one gigabyte so i don’t pay anything zero per month you might be puzzled by this, but i have video about that i don’t have a monthly service plan with any of those i might get it in the future. i might get hbo go or something but currently it’s at zero i normally just go rent dvds

With a free code so even renting dvds doesn’t cost me anything movies. i average about one or two a year that’s why you see the average per month. it’s only $1 now i only go watch movies that are worth watching in the theater and when i do go xd clothes this year and also about last year or so i’ve been getting them from banana republic and i’ve been using their credit

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Card in order to get points and with those points i got a lot of free clothes that i spent really really little on maybe all together i might have spent you know i still have to spend a little bit like a dollar or five dollars but altogether maybe like twenty dollars or so per year so it’s not very much at all if you add all those up it’s about five hundred fifty dollars

Of expenditure of recurring expenditure of course now $550 is not everything that i spend every single month i also need to you know have some fun money over here have some money for gadgets and things i need to buy laptops need to buy this mic. that’s hanging off the view over here just things for youtube you know things i want to play with and things like that so you know

I just kind of estimate about a hundred dollars there, and then another five hundred dollars for fun money for travel so five hundred dollars a month you get about a six thousand dollars of kind of leeway but you know if there’s a really good opportunity where i absolutely need to do something let’s say, i need i have a really good opportunity to go on a voyage or something

Around the world maybe it’ll cost like ten thousand twenty thousand dollars then you know i can just very well do something like that and you know i won’t be too worried about it the point here is that the recurring expenses. it’s so low that whenever i do need to spend money i have to consciously go and spend it all those other recurring things. it’s automatic if i just

Sit here and just you know vegetate i would still spend five hundred fifty dollars because those are automatic bills however for things that i have to go out and you know spend time to spend money this is a really important factor because if you have to spend effort in order to spend money then your automatic mode is actually a really low expenditure i hope you enjoyed

Comparing your recurring budget to my recurring budget and maybe you can see some things that are really really different between your budget and mine and make some changes if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below or you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook you can

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