Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. CEO Bryson Goodwin (ACDC, CRYBF)

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. CEO Bryson Goodwin (ACDC, CRYBF) – RICH TV LIVE – June 29, 2021 – Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (the ” Company ” or ” EV Battery Tech “) (CNSX:ACDC.CN), (CNSX:ACDC.CN), (OTC:CRYBF), is pleased to announce that Chief Executive Officer Bryson Goodwin is being interviewed on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network. The interview will air this morning at 9am PT on: and will be available on Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. social media platforms shortly thereafter.

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Join our trading club at richpixdaily.com and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest bryson goodwin the ceo of acdc extreme vehicle battery

Technologies corp how you doing today bryson well very good thank you thank you for having me always a pleasure very excited to learn more about yourself and your company and why don’t we get started by you telling me a little bit about the ac dc systems which are advanced and how advanced are we talking the ac dc our technology uses ai integrated battery

Management software so our rai integration is is head and shoulders or light years ahead of anybody else’s as far as control and access to ess solutions wow that’s impressive and blockchain ac dc expected this year can you talk to me a little bit about that uh absolutely i think i think as everybody looks at electric vehicles and the adoption of such uh we’re

Starting to come to realize as a society that there’s no real infrastructure in place or and very few companies that are that are able to access or install that infrastructure and that was one of the biggest things that we focused on as a company was infrastructure and what’s required in order to meet the coming needs so our our ai integration is primarily

Uh battery management solution but conversely it allows smart grid integration allows two-way communication with the grid and it’s important that everybody understands that as as we move forward with this solution you need two-way integration you need to be able to communicate with the grid and the grid needs to be able to communicate with you the reason

We brought in blockchain and blockchain is vital is because that’s a transaction if you fill up your ess solution at midnight or first thing in the morning when power’s at its absolute cheapest and the grid accesses your ess for drawdown power when it needs it to prevent brown outs or blackouts in the middle of the day or at the most expensive time of day

There’s a transaction there there’s there’s a there’s an arbitrage there’s a transaction there’s a monetary exchange of a credit and that has to be tracked when you consider that across you know hundreds of millions of homes and you know hundreds of transactions a day the only system robust enough to manage that is a blockchain solution is is blockchain

So we’ve integrated blockchain into all of our technology from the beginning we’ve we’ve had this vision of where we’re going and i’m pleased to report that we’re on track we’re we’re basically from my perspective right in the sweet spot of our business plan and delivering these ess solutions delivering our products and having that blockchain backbone in

Order to manage those transactions in the most secure manner possible it gives our our products and our technology an absolute leg up against our competition wow that’s really impressive electric vehicles ai technologies and blockchain you’re talking about some of the hottest sectors in the world all combined into one so let’s talk a little bit about bms

Patented battery management systems how does that work with ac dc so a bms typically right now every battery in the world has a bms it has a battery battery management system but they’re not robust they’re not they’re not ready for where we are today and they’re certainly not ready for where we’re gonna be in five years um our system is ready for today but

It’s scalable right up to ten years out as far as as far as our our research shows um and having an ai integrated bms just means that we have remote maintenance remote monitoring we can balance the batteries remotely we can reroute around problems remotely so if you’re in a remote community in your ess solution when some of these communities rely exclusively

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On on these solutions if you want to get away from diesel and you want to go to wind and solar and we install an ess solution and there’s a problem we don’t have to send technicians or you don’t have to pay to have technicians helicoptered up we can fix those solutions uh fix those issues remotely in in most circumstances uh if there’s a problem that needs

A replacement we can reroute around so you continue to get the homogenized power you need and we can schedule a replacement part for when it’s convenient when something else is going up there so really it’s it’s the backbone of where this industry is going and and it has to it has to be done you know people put these things off but we’re well ahead of the

Curve on this so you guys are also offering multiple product offerings can you touch a little bit on that absolutely all our products when you look at the basis of them they’re all essentially various versions and incarnations of an energy storage solution tied with something else they’re all designed and and thought the thought process is for integration

Into the the network for integration into the infrastructure and to be the primary supplier of that infrastructure so initially we came up with a small smart wall series which is a home based battery system multiple ports of entry you can you can run solar into it you can run wind into it if you’re next to a river and you put a river generator in you can run

A river generator into it and it will store that power for when you need it so it homogenizes power in your home it gives you the access and the control to use the grid when you choose or not it’s uh it’s stackable so you can bring in 10 of them uh you know you could bring in more than 10 but it wouldn’t be worth it we it would be better for us to give you

A titan at that point which is the next one the titan is an industrial grade grid integration uh typically a container size battery in in for for wind farms solar farms grid homogenization um if you look at england as an example they’ve announced that they want to go full green and put in wind farms and tidal farms and and all these power generations well

When you see a wind farm or a solar farm or a tidal farm attached to that that you don’t see is an ess solution there’s always there’s ordinary there’s always a system of storage in the background that most people don’t realize is there and it has to be there because wind isn’t intermittent and when wind is blowing hard as an example the grid can’t take that

Kind of output from wind turbine so it goes into an ess solution and then it’s it’s sent out in an appropriate amount that the grid can control and and have so that’s what our titan series means and and we’re in latter stage discussions right now and working through it’s a very technical system so it requires engineering and we’re working through those with

With a number of interested parties uh the smart wall we should see our first shipment of that product into north america by the end of july initially most of those are allocated for distribution centers and retail locations so you can go and look at them touch them um we also came out with the rv freedom battery which which has had a huge huge success

It’s it’s it’s unbelievable the number of people that want it it’s it’s not just for rvs but that’s where we’re targeting it but you can use it for any sort of you know remote instant battery usage um and those the first we took for the first delivery of those the full production of those has already been shipped and all of those went for stress testing so

That they can get the highest designation the final product that we’ve we’ve released recently a news release that we’ve done deals on is the smart charging stations which are which are a direct addition to the eb stuff smart charging stations are are an interesting uh interesting niche in that in order to install a charging station you have to upgrade

Your line from the grid because it’s got such big draw and the faster it charges the bigger the line you have to pay for so some of those you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements to your electrical requirements our solution has an ess attached to it which takes a lot of that expense out because you’ve got technically you have two

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Sources of power you’ve got the battery and the grid you can install a smart charging station at a fraction of the cost plus it allows you to peak shape which is a huge bonus right yeah absolutely this is one of the hottest sectors right now obviously tesla’s been a huge success the ev battery market is advancing very very quickly how do you see the ev and

The battery market advancing in the future the whole world is going here you know you you look at i’ll use ford as a perfect example of where we’re going you have the government in in in this case let’s talk about california you have california who’s demanding smart full smart grid integration and most people don’t realize that’s right to the level of the

Electric vehicle that’s parked in your garage the state of california is demanding access to that vehicle to prevent brown outs so if your car is parked in your garage and charging and they have a massive power draw and they need power they want to be able to communicate with your car and have it release power to the grid it’s essentially a giant battery

Where we come in in that front is our smart storage our smart charging and and our smart batteries are all two-way communication already so that’s already done whereas nobody else is so as ford has just released their lightning one of their cell features on the lightning is you can power your house in a bra in a in a blackout from your ford truck which is

Which is absolutely phenomenal and and you know good afford to put a positive spin on spin on something they had to do but it’s it’s where the market is going everybody’s gonna have this but where nobody’s considering is the infrastructure side which is what we cover we cover the infrastructure side so great ford ford is giving you access to that car but you

Need an ai integrated battery management system in order to draw the power out of the car put the power back in the car and manage when and how you deliver power to that system do you want to charge your car in the middle of the day no i want i want my ai to choose the cheapest time of day the grid wants to take power from my car okay well i charged my car

At one cent per per watt and right now the the grid is paying four cents per watt well there’s a transaction there how am i keeping track of that that’s where our blockchain comes in we’ve bundled all of this together to the point where it’s easy for the consumer it’s absolutely 100 in their control they can see it on their phone and nobody else has done that

Here rich tv live we’ve got investors all over the world they’re going to see this interview they’re going to be learning about the company it’s extremely important for us to understand the share structure can you break down a little bit about the share structure and how you plan to attract institutional as well as retail investors absolutely um currently we

Have a large share position and it is a question that comes up uh why is your share position so large and my answer is the same i i am not i’m a big contrarian from a north american perspective and that i prefer large share counts a large share account gives a proper valuation of a company it gives the appropriate amount of liquidity so that if you buy your

Shares and you need to sell you can get out if you want to buy more shares you can buy in we and as a perfect example of having a large share count and how it benefits the shareholders in the company is evie was picked up by an etf and the whole reason they picked us up is they can get in and out of the stock when they want there there’s enough liquidity

In the stock and there’s enough of a proper valuation of the stock that they see it as a smart investment it’s in the industry they want but what a lot of people don’t realize is that institutions and and funds they have an absolute ironclad uh rule about how much they can buy based on liquidity and usually it comes down to a math equation of listen you have

To be out of a stock in four or five days so if you can’t sell a stock within four or five days you can’t buy that stock full stop if you can only sell a million shares in four or five days then all you can buy is a million shares and that’s that’s a that’s a philosophy that follows through on all the funds and all the institutional buyers but you know from

A retail perspective a retail investor can look at the stock and they can look at what it’s traded at over weeks and months and they can make an educated decision because they see the liquidity is there they see the valuation is true and honest and they know that with the share count that’s out there for an institution to get managerial or board control they

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Would have to buy an insane amount of stock so it’s just a safer investment for for retail and it’s a better investment for institutions what sets ac dc tech apart from existing technologies existing technologies meet today’s requirements simple as that if you have a battery system it meets today’s requirements our our systems are designed around 5 10 15

Years out a perfect example of that would be large grid level integration of container size batteries our titan series our ai integrated excuse me our ai integrated battery management system will allow daisy chain or grouping of 50 of those containers the next nearest competitor can only do 10. and it’s it’s a significant difference and it it indicates

The level of technology required to manage that many systems is already set up in our system plus we have the two-way communication we have remote management remote maintenance remote monitoring and nobody else is really doing that not yet they they they see they need to develop it but they haven’t developed it yet and from from our perspective and in all

Honesty i think that once it’s become known what we have and we clearly demonstrate what we have developed i think it’ll probably be easier for one of the larger panasonic’s or whomever to just come in and and take take that over wow like we don’t we don’t produce batteries we produce battery systems so you know we get we get actual cells from some of the

Best battery manufacturers in the world depending depending on what the what the engineers require if there was one thing that you would want shareholders or potential investors to know about ac dc today what would it be um you know what i think i think the one thing that i would like to leave with people is is we’ve been at this a long time you know i know

From a public company perspective it looks like a couple of years but there was years of work in the background we decided to go public when when it was appropriate based on the development of the technology and the issuance of patents and products i think that that what i’d like shareholders to know is that we have given and i have given an inordinate

Amount of research into where the market’s going i’ve read papers i’ve read you know government statements and we have positioned this company to be the infrastructure and the ess provider for where the market is going we’re not jumping in to supply today’s stuff we’re doing it in a cost effective way so that we’re competitive with today’s prices but our

Sell feature our main cell feature when we’re talking to people is listen you put these systems in 10 years out when it when it goes full two-way communication it’s it’s on it’s done you don’t have to spend more money you don’t have to upgrade your you know you don’t have to tear all your power out and put in new boxes it’s all ready to go and you know that’s

That’s the thing that that i want to leave with investors is this is a business this is a long term business we’re building a company that’s great well you know what thank you so much for your time today bryson goodwin the ceo of acdc if you guys like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember

Rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we discuss or talk about here on the show now in saying that this is a small cab company that i believe can be considered very undervalued under appreciated underexposed based on your technology you guys are in some of

The hottest sectors in the world all combined into one i think it’s a very interesting company i know our community has been investing and trading ac dc a lot so thank you for that and if you guys are not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first put ac dc on your watch list put it on your radar i think it

Has incredible future and incredible potential thank you for your time bryson and we’ll talk to you soon thank you very much enjoy your day and thank you for watching everybody have a nice day we’ll see you soon you

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