Facebook HQ Lunch and Vlog

I got the chance to visit a friend at Facebook and visiting was sort of like going to a theme park. Lots of free and good food. Free arcade, accessible bikes, coffee, among many others. Come with me on the vlog to check out their campus.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i am at facebook headquarters and visiting with a friend’s friend we’re gonna have lunch over here so i’m gonna take you guys along and show you what’s on this campus well no one else will write that talk i’ve actually never been to the facebook campus so visitor new and interesting kind of like going to a

New museum or something camera was on this thing or here this is actually a very efficient way to get from one campus to another it’s great i know for a fact that this bike lane was not here before this campus got erected this particular road that i’m on right now who do we have here hey cherry mermaid do you know your phone’s about to fall off you’re right back

Pocket yeah take it do you feel that it’s there who’s ringing who’s back there last time i did this i flip forward and did like a somersault don’t do this only a professional can recover and vlog at the same time see that’s the sign one hacker way thanks go underneath here park nice hat where’d you find this wonderful rose hat you look like a flower now i want to

Be fit to know we’re downtown facebook sweet shy they’re actually very truthful with this sign because they do shock them until they’re dead how comes i mean hold on i need to check facebook while waiting in line at least i need to take a picture of me taking a video of me being on facebook a third party versus nevermind i’m tired this is the menu i think i’ll

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Have brisket brussels sprouts broccoli i don’t know what sauce and a corn bread smells good can i have a half this and half that more rib please that’s good yeah that’s it i had enough juice hey there’s murphy today let’s look at the meat over there okay do not touch do not eat do you want some pastries cranberry orange muffins who love you can make your own

Cappuccino i use it after you thank you it’s so little food again it doesn’t quite work are you supposed to put milk on it first or part all the way you can make a reverse lead to the work no the pinetree that’s the way you like it we were supposed to get ice cream oh boy done that’s a lot of work it’s worse than three the game as a store like cufflinks socks

No bite you don’t need it the frame is too tiny for me scratch it off with your work like i did with this pair you no longer see the logo they have facebook logo at the bottom this is yeah it reduces your traction and you’re gonna slip easier it’s a facebook fox and then you make up not to sound facebook blanket baby con sweatshirt blanket what’s a favicon get

Back on the bike this is one of those employee hauling busses oh he’s letting us go never start from inside this building this is the bay area in there the barton bridge to the right that’s a 92 perched on barton bridge is that that way some ping pong tables down there oh nice this reminds me of the high line in new york thanks for watching everybody and coming

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With me to this facebook headquarters place oh little teepee climbing thing don’t forget to subscribe and ring that bell icon

Transcribed from video
Facebook HQ Lunch and Vlog By BeatTheBush

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