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Hey you can focus jeremy hey good thanks hey i’m just about to make a video can you do me a solid real quick can you just send me over the reports for all the top free apps in the app store as well as the top grossing apps in the app store can you send me over all that ios data immediately thank you so much yeah make it quick i got a video do thank you bye hey jeff

Bezos is jeremy how are you good thanks hey congratulations first off on the wholefoods deal i know that’s still going through and what now i hope you guys get it done so congrats on that yeah awesome stuff man hey i need a about to do a video real quick i need some data real quick i need top 20 selling electronics on amazon today i need that all that information

Over to me asap yeah yeah it was done thank you okay there’s many subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re looking at how snapchat facebook amazon and a company named activision blizzard as well supercell completely are dominating out there on the internet landscape and what i mean by

This we’re going to look at some actual facts today facts not not opinions and things like that we’re looking at the top 20 selling best selling electronics on amazon and you will see how many of those are actually amazon product it’s startling then we’re going to go ahead and look at some of the top free apps on ios and you will get to see the way snapchat and

Facebook truly still dominate even with all the apps that have come over the years guys those two companies are just dominating look at that and then we’re lastly we’re going to look at the top grossing apps on the app store ios app store which means the ones that are actually making money bringing in money like are selling their products or selling their service

On their guys so we’re going to look at all that and all this is publicly all this is publicly available data so i know i did the skit before but you guys can see all this yourselves like this is not some kind of private data this isn’t like you got to pay for this or something it’s a beautiful thing when you can look at actual statistic and look at actual facts

On product selling or doing nowadays in the internet age guys this is damage investors have never ever had up until now so let’s go ahead and look at some of this guys let’s look at the amazon related things first so what we’re looking at now is we’re looking at the best selling products in electronics now this is a sunday when i took these screenshots this

Video probably won’t come out till monday or tuesday but this is a sunday that’s selling electronics and this is pretty consistent usually so number one amazon fire stick with alexa them might not come as a surprise to a lot of you guys next one number two best selling electronic product on amazon is actually to echo dog number three oh guess what it’s another

Amazon product that is the echo the the big one another echo dot the light version number four then number five we finally have an on amazon product it’s a sense of bluetooth headphones these little bluetooth headphones itself like twenty thirty bucks they sell like crazy guys number six another amazon product amazon fire tv then we have some rear fujifilm mini

Instant camera stuff do you guys know anything about that that’s always like up there those those little like things you can do photos with it’s always up in the top twenty it’s crazy then can go at number eight number nine another amazon echo but this is a white version number ten and the fire hd you look at how many amazon products it’s ridiculous number eleven


Is the roku express hd streaming player number twelve i’ll guess what another amazon product the fire seven inch tablet number thirteen gopro this is the best i mean i’ve been tracking gopro sales on amazon for over a year now the highest i’ve ever seen a gopro product ever as far as the flagship camera guys this is absolutely amazing number thirteen best-selling

On electronics now the price has dropped fifty dollars i’m not sure if gopros taking the hit there that $50 hit not sure if amazon’s taking the hit maybe they split inside okay this to a $50 discount gopro you take a $25 hit it was on you take a $25 hit i don’t know regardless even if gopro is taking the hit i’m happy because that’s our super high ranking like

To get in the top 20 is ridiculous nevermind to get you know up to number 13 there so i don’t know who’s taking hit could just be amazon just like you know we’re going to try to scroll the other retailers we want to the gopros we already make great margins on it because i bet you gopros probably selling those for about 250 bucks a pop to amazon so even if amazon

Sells over 350 amazon still makes $100 profit guys so it’s not like amazon’s losing a lot of money there next one i’m number 14 is a fujifilm type thing there another fujifilm thing at number 15 is have such good sellers number 16 some hub thing number 17 on different kind of roku number 18 is another ordo this is just like a powered surge protectors i think you

Plug in your electronics to number 19 another pair of headphones and number 20 that new amazon things so that covers the top 20 selling electronics you guys can actually see the top hundred basically almost every category amazon has you can see the top hundred best selling things so if you don’t want to even look at electronics you want to look at this category

That category you can actually take that and just type into google i best-selling you know whatever product on it on you know amazon so that’s selling fitness products on amazon or something like that and you’ll see a page and you can click on and you can actually see all this data and track it every single day i think they update it like once an hour guys so you

Can see it all the time if you want on amazon so just google that if you’re interested in that kind of stuff in your business or like i him next one up now we’re going to look at the top free apps on ios now this is in the united states of america so it might be different in europe it might be different you know in asia and some of those kind of things but this is

The united states of america top free apps so this means the apps that were downloaded the most setting so number one is some kind of weird game popped up there sometimes games just you know they go viral on weekend or whatever and you know everybody downloads it and then they kind of fall off but youtube and snapchat are usually one into it from when i track it

It’s almost always snapchats usually number one and then youtube’s a lot of times is number two and then instagram is usually around a three or four spot right now like i said that game is number one but i guarantee you for all him less than a week that will be way knocked down there then we look at number five that’s another snapchat related product there that’s

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Bitmoji that is owned by snapchat so snapchat has two of the top five most downloaded apps guys that is that’s really freaking good they’re the only company that has two apps and the five there and obviously instagram is owned by facebook so facebook has one there then we look at facebook again comes in at number six the messenger app then we have another google

Related product to google maps up there number seven and then facebook comes in at number eight so in the top ten there we see – snapchat products three facebook related products into google related products so you can see as far as the free downloaded stuff those ones really dominate in the advertising revenue those companies make that does not go through ios

That goes through their own companies so you’ll never be able to see what grossing numbers they’re doing on ios or anything like that you can’t see that level of detail because that’s not going through apple when an ad comes on snapchat even if it’s on an apple device or google device or facebook or instagram or any of those right that’s going through the actual

Platform even though it’s on that device so you’ll never get to see the revenue numbers and those kinds of things for refers specific regions and whatnot guys so it’s very interesting just to see what one of the top downloading things and so like anybody out there that ever says like you know facebook is dying or snapchat dying or whatever like you just are not

Looking at facts the facts say that soccers represent false like look at the top chart for most downloaded things every day their facebook related products their snapchat related products guys so those two are dying like you okay then the whole world is dying like there’s nothing health care anymore because they completely dominate that top 10 guys spot think about

That snapchat and facebook five of the top ten most downloaded apps day in and day out or related to those companies absolutely ridiculous absolutely ridiculous this one i really love to pay attention to this is top grossing meaning you know either ads are being shown on those platforms that go through apple right or this means really like people spending money

On those apps so let’s say i’m playing a video game and i want to pay for extra lives or something so i got pay 99 cents for an extra life and i buy it right there or i want to you know pay for netflix on my iphone or whatever like that type of stuff it goes under top-grossing so let’s look at this here soap indoors jumped up to number one pandora usually is not

Number one but where whatever reason they’re number one today this is usually a pretty consistent list top grossing but and or jumped up there so they’re number one for the day clash royale is the number two top grossing that is owned by company name supercell you cannot invest in that company is a private private company somewhere out of europe i cannot remember

I think it’s finland i believe super sells out of finland then we have netflix come in at number three then we have clash of clans another supercell game guys look at that imagine how much money supercell is making that finnish company holy smoke us to apps in the top four tough proposing on the ios app store in the united states of america and pretty much worldwide

There’s you know they’re they’re up there number five is an activision blizzard own own game there i mean king digital technically is the one that made that game it’s an old investment of mine but activision blizzard bought them out last year so now activision blizzard’s is the one getting all that money from candy crush then we look at number six pokemon go that’s

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Still up there i’m surprised it’s up there that high they’re tender i mean i know tender made money off of me no you paid for stuff i thought it was an ad based platform but that’s our number seven mobile strike number eight game of war number nine youtube how i would you to be up there number ten well because youtube has youtube red now so people can actually like

Pay for that so you don’t have to see ads and whatnot and like i would say like one out of every thirty or maybe one out of every forty people are actually buying that based upon when i look at my analytics on the backside like how much revenue i’m getting from youtube red versus just people watching ads it’s about like like what i get from ads is like thirty to

Forty times bigger than what i’m getting from youtube red so just based upon that i’m assuming like one out of every thirty or one out of every forty people actually are buying that youtube red and that’s why youtube even shows up on top grossing number eleven candy crush another activision blizzard own game there then we got spotify double down casino toy blast

And hulu and that kind of tops off the top fifteen so what can we what can we make out of all this amazon a great selling electronics products i mean it completely almost own it is like what was that ten or twelve or maybe even i didn’t count ten twelve maybe 14 of the top 20s selling electronics on amazon or amazon products unbelievable then we saw snapchat

In facebook dominate the top free apps out there guys and it’s not even close so anybody that ever wants to say anything about those platforms are not as popular or whatever at the lie the facts the facts when we look at the fact that it’s not what it shows so the facts show that those are by far the most popular things that people are downloading out there and

Then as far as grossing as far as money coming in we see supercell a private company just owning stuff we see activision blizzard definitely making a lot of money off that and we see pandora which is a stock that’s been hammered actually the number one for today i’m gonna have to start tracking that more and seeing exact consistently up there number one or is that

Dropping back down i know they have not just the ad based platform now but i know they have a you know a service that it’s kind of similar to an apple music where you can pick your songs and you listen to anything anytime you want and things like that guys so very interesting stuff to pay attention to there let me know if you guys ever look at this data or i just

Enlightened you and i talk to you to look at this data or if you care about looking at it or anything or if you can you know make any generalizations about anything we looked at i would love to hear from you guys anyways the book is linked in the description if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we

Talk business and entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner we have away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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