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An Apple Lightning cable has electronics built inside the cable with an authentication chip. I open up a knock-off cable to see what’s inside… Get the real one here for not much more: Amazon Basics Cable in white 6ft (about $9):

Hey everybody this is beat the bush and today we’re gonna talk about this knockoff iphone cable i went to china while ago and i didn’t bring my iphone cable with me and then i went to all these stores looking for one and i thought maybe if i just bring my portable charger and my phone with me i can just connect the cable to make sure that it charges first before

I buy it when i was in the store plugged it in and then immediately is that oh it’s charging and then so like within a second i’m like okay since it looks like it works i’m gonna buy this thing cost 25 yuans which equates to roughly four us dollars i really knew before buying this cable that they put an authentication chip inside the cables but when they brought

It back and i plugged it in for a longer duration roughly ten seconds twenty seconds or so it then it rejected it i’m just going to dig into this connector so it’s actually a really good looking cable i think it has these gray clearish end caps this side for the lightning connectors and i like the cable here it is like this flat cable look if you remove this side

That’s where the microusb is i guess i can still use it as a micro usb connector even though doesn’t work as a lightning cable i was thinking most electronics if there are any it would be inside here so not that i need to prove that it doesn’t work but i’m just going to show you that it doesn’t the usb is on if i plug it in okay nothing happens i did this before

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There was a system update and then actually a lightning bolt appeared here it wouldn’t even charge a little bit because before it would charge like maybe for 10 seconds and then some other prompt popped out now i promised cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this phone yeah it just won’t charge use a real cable see their charges you

Can see here bought it for twenty five gone guess there’s nothing on the outside here let’s go one level deeper into this this looks like his injection-molded so they probably put this thing inside a retainer and then squeeze plastic in here so it covers everything inside it’s likely going to be bunch of wire so let’s just open it and see so there that’s all

Plastic there’s some kind of chip here so i’m pretty surprised that it didn’t work even though they put in what looks like to be a fake authentication chip here there’s two chips one of them i assume it’s a regulator it provides power to the authentication chip so the ipod gets connected to this and it would start up a sequence and ask this little chip hey what’s

The secret handshake and it will be like oh rumpelstiltskin it’ll ask it different questions but then this thing should process it and then spit back out the correct answer so i guess even with a knockoff chip they can change the challenge question so that it cannot respond correctly anymore whatever it is this doesn’t work and for some reason when i plugged it

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In initially it did work and then it didn’t work so this leads me to believe that since there’s all these chips here they probably did get it working at some point and you can plug it in and charge it and then at some point they change updated the software and then so that you can no longer use this all these table became just trash if you really think about you

Needing to spy a special cable just to charge something is a bit ridiculous they require you to buy this cable which is like 20-some dollars maybe you can get it for cheap these days so you don’t have to actually buy the apple brand one apple actually sells these chips to third party which are very costly one of the cheapest one you can get is from amazon i’ll put

A link down below for that as you can see from the cable it’s kind of interesting to see what’s inside just for your reference you got to make sure you know these things are not just wires going through there’s actual electronics inside this stuff i guess they do have the right to charge you for the cable but in principle this is a cable and it’s a piece of wire

And they’re trying to control it so that you have to pay extra for this wire um that in itself it’s a little strange you pay a premium for apple products and you know they make sure that it’s a very closed system so they can control everything so when you buy cable just make sure it’s a made for ipod approved and it should charge your phone no problem hope that

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