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So i had to do it i had to do it once and for all i have to expose all this epidemic that’s going on on social media of oh look at my lamborghini look at my ferrari look at my rolex look at my chain look at my givenchy clothes this shirt cost a thousand dollars look at my private jet look at my big house this epidemic that is happening on social media now started

With one guy about two or three years ago had spread all across social media and it’s an epidemic and i got to talk about four reasons why this is some bad stuff guys that’s going on and i think it’s i think it’s a really bad thing for a lot of different reasons that i’m going to explain here and literally started one guy a couple years ago in his garage and now

It’s all across social media you go on instagram and you see all these people flex in trying to put all this money up look at my new watch and look at my new car and this all is like flexing type stuff right you see it on here on youtube with several different people with advertisers trying to throw it in your face oh you know follow me here’s me getting in my

Helicopter here’s me doing this here’s me doing that trying to show this lifestyle to give themselves some kind of credibility and therefore they can sell a program or something backed by that and it’s an epidemic and it’s driving me nuts so number one the first thing that i actually don’t care about that a lot of people care about is whether a lot of these people

Are renting their their stuff i don’t actually don’t care about that i don’t care if somebody renting their lamborghini for the day or renting that house and trying to show a lifestyle that they don’t really live then i actually don’t care about some people that’s the thing they get tied up and they’re like all you don’t let that person’s rent in that car that house

I don’t give a because whether they had that lamborghini or don’t have that lamborghini or they have that fancy rolex or they don’t have that fancy rolex that means nothing to me what means something to me is whether their information they’re giving out and if they want to charge for that that’s fine but if they’re if they’re charging for something that’s good

Information that’s fine but if they’re if they rented all this stuff and they’re giving out bad information or if they actually only end up giving out that information it’s all a net net loss in the end for me i’m just like why why do they need to porch this type of lifestyle why do they need to act like oh it’s so grand and this and that guys this is what drives

Me nuts here on social media it’s just this whole i need to look super rich so therefore i have some type of credibility so then i can sell a course or sell a package or whatever and it’s absolutely epic and something i hate is when some of these guys will then get called out on the fact that they rent stuff this is the part that kind of bothers me about the whole

Renting when they finally get caught that they’re renting that house or they’re renting these cars and all these kinds of things and they’re leasing it or whatever they get caught and then they try to say oh well i don’t i didn’t buy this house because i don’t i don’t want to spend all that money on a house you you rent a lamborghini in a bentley and you’re you

Got that rolex on you got that chain and all these expensive clothes and you don’t want to buy a house oh come on that just makes me sick like think with your head like like people anybody that had any clue about financial matters will look at that and like what so you’re going to rent all that stuff you’re going to own all that stuff but you’re not going to buy a

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House like come on man in that house that you live in la just appreciate another half a million last year that you rent out like come on do like like real people that are smart financial wise like they can read through in a heartbeat and some people that aren’t that smart and aren’t that intelligent with some of those channels kind of a track they’ll look at that

And they’ll say oh yeah that makes sense yeah yeah yeah yeah give me a break dude you got four different fancy cars at all costs over a quarter million that somehow you own but no you can’t buy a house you can’t put a down payment on a house that just appreciate another half a million last year give me a break that’s such a bunch of bs it’s like just be truthful

Man be honest so number two they’re flexing to make themselves feel better some of them like to claim oh i show off about this lifestyle i show off all this cash in my pictures and my videos i show off these fancy cars because um that is what people want no no you’re doing that because you feel better about yourself it’s a douche move to show off all that stuff

Especially if you’re forcing it on people and you’re doing it in your advertisements that get forced into people’s faces oh that this such-and-such thing with all these fancy cars and all these fancy people will somehow and you’re forcing on people it’s no different than being at the gym and you picture yourself you’re working out and some guy comes by and he

Starts flexing it flexing in your face you like dude get the outta my face like what are you doing like oh big huge guy like that is equivalent of the douchebag move these guys are accused and i throw in these lamborghinis and these bentley’s in these houses in these clothing and all this expensive stuff in your face that’s literally the exact same thing as

Somebody in the gym who comes up and they just start flexing in your face it’s literally the same thing especially if you’re paying if you’re paying advertisements to force it on people in their face not like somebody clicked on that video purposely like somebody’s getting forced that in their face it’s just off it makes me roll my eyes number three they act like

Letting some of these people act like that’s the only way to get attention that’s the only way the only way you can get attention on social media is if you do all this stuff and you have all these you know this fancy lifestyle shun that’s the only way i’m going to be able to get attention absolutely not if you have good material you preach on your channel or your

Instagram or facebook or wherever platform you’re on you will get attention you will get attention you don’t need to show some kind of lavish lifestyle to get attention can you get attention that way absolutely you can get attention that way the same thing that’s basically the same mindset that hip-hop is used for years anybody’s followed hip-hop for a long time

Hip-hop has been like 15 20 years ago they started using the champagne lifestyle on the private jet in the yacht and the cars and all their music videos and the chicks dancing around is bombed and it exact the same mentality does one of these business gurus are also using that part really business gurus that’s another subject that are used and now they usually

Look at their lot of their videos chicks in bikinis oh look at a lot of their videos they go all these fancy cars and it’s they’re trying to show like a hip-hop lifestyle and they’re thinking that’s the only way to get attention it’s a hundred percent false if you give out good material on your channel or whatever it is you can get attention i was on nobody i’m

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Still nobody but i was an extreme nobody when i started my channel in 2016 this youtube channel not here now we have 43 thousand subscribers and i’ve never once done a video oh look at me in my lamborghini oh look at me and my new fancy watch and look at my new chain and look at my fancy clothes hell no i by h&m closes and i go and buy them on sale for like

10 bucks so that’s what i do i don’t ever do that and look at the audience we’ve attracted look at gary vaynerchuk’s channel guys approaching 700,000 subscribers he’s getting like usually most of his videos you’re getting twenty to fifty thousand views within the first 48 hours very good view to subscriber ratio there and i’ve never once ever watched a video and

I’ve watched 20 30 40 videos of hips i never watched any videos where he’s like look at this new thing i just bought look at my new fancy car look at this look at that i’ve never seen anything he’s just giving out business advice in like you know people can follow him and if they like them they like them but he’s built a extremely loyal following by not having to

Show off all that stuff so there is a bunch of bs net oh i can only get attention if i show off if i show off all this stuff absolutely not you give out good and you will get people to follow you i on living proof of that exact same thing guys i’m living proof i give out what i feels good other people feel like that and that’s why we’ve built 43,000 subscribers

And i was at nobody in 2016 and i’m still nobody but that’s fine i’ll be unhappy with my audience i have and the last one number four here guys this is probably the biggest problem i haven’t it they are basically teaching the people out there that things or the end goal the lamborghini that’s the end goal the big house that’s the end goal the the fancy necklace

That’s the end goal the fancy clothing that’s the end goal and i don’t think that’s the end goal and i don’t think that’s the end goal people should want or or need the end goal for people and the reason people should care about personal finance care about entrepreneurship care about investing and trying to make their money into money it’s not so they can go buy

More things that’s slave mentality the reason they should do it is for freedom for free birth freedom so you can do what you want you can wake up at the time you want to wake up you don’t have to listen to your boss you don’t have to listen to this person in that person you can do what you want to do each and every day and not just so i can i can you know become

Richer so i can buy all this stuff that’s literally slave mentality let me just buy all this stuff let me try to get a mortgage let me try to get this let me try to you know take out debt so i can get all even more things so i can make myself feel good and it can be keeping up with the joneses and then guess what i just going to keep working and keep doing things

So i can keep up this type of lifestyle that’s in my opinion not the way to live and i think a lot of my subscribers understand that the end goal to make more money and get more money is for freedom not for buying more stuff like i’ve worked i’ve worked for years a company named kwik trip had to get up at 4 a.m. every day 4 a.m. day in and day out that was horrible

Like i never want to go back to that that was awful i think if ever was not fun at all i’ve had to clean up off fours i’ve had a clean off toilets like i’ve had to do all these nasty stuff i’ve had a workout in 120 degree heat for 10-12 hours working for my dad’s company like i’ve had a do hard-ass work and i don’t want to go back there so i make money i do


My thing for freedom so i don’t have to go back there and do those kinds of things not so i can go buy a fancy piss or fancy that to make myself feel better it’s about the freedom in the end and if my freedom is i want to go buy something fancy then i can do that but the things are not the end goal the freedom is the end goal in deciding when i want to wake up

It’s great feeling now that i’m an actual business owner i own two businesses that i can wake up when i want to wake up i don’t have to wake up when somebody tells me to if i want to stay up all night i can do that it’s my own life if i want to go on vacation next week somewhere i can do that it’s not like dependent upon someone else guys so freedom freedom is

Literally the angle not the bentley not the fancy house that’s not the angle if that’s part of your freedom fine but that’s not the angle it’s freedom and freedom from doing what you want to do and being able to live a halfway decent lifestyle so that is why i want to call out you know all these it’s it’s just an epidemic here on youtube it’s an epidemic all over

The place if people feel like they need to show off a lifestyle so therefore they can get attention and that’s just my feeling on guys and i i don’t care if i get a ton of thumbs down on this video because it might be controversial and some people might like those those guys out there that you know show off these fancy lifestyles in that i don’t really care if i get

A hundred thousand thumbs down oh well you can go and i know my subscribers you guys will hit that thumbs up button so that’s what matters in the end my actual subscribers not the people who just click on this video just to click on it and come stick up for their guy and whatnot guys so hope you enjoyed this today on my channel is all about preaching practica uh

Practicality is that the right word practicality you know i talked about nine to five figure businesses is it is it multi-million dollar lifestyle absolutely not when you have two five figure businesses you can live alright you’re not living a ball in lifestyle there were two hundred thousand is that some kind of you know epic story of maybe if it was zero to two

Hundred million or something like that then it would be an epic story i’m about peachy preaching practicality on this channel it’s about trying to build actual goal it’s about trying to build a five-figure business which is realistic for most people to build a seven figure eight figure business not very realistic unless you do it over a long period of time guys so

I’m about preaching practicality and you know what this whole you know i got all these fancy cars and houses it’s not practical on the end guys unless you work your ass off for a long time or you get really lucky with a really good idea guys so practicality that’s what it’s all about hope you guys enjoyed this if you just came across this channel you may want to

Subscribe we talk personal finance news channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market more than anything making your money into money thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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