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If you have joined your family business, it becomes your responsibility to make it more successful & more fruitful. Watch this amazing Finance for Non-Finance training video by Vishal Thakkar to know some powerful tips for your family business.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru vishal tucker is here today to discuss one very important topic family managed business now friends are being an adjunct professor with sp jain global in dubai sydney singapore and mumbai i get exposed to a lot of family managed businesses who come to me as my students

We run a gf mb program where i make them understand financial and posting aspects of business where we say business is money now today my topic of discussion is to chart a growth path of a child from the time he enters into college and comes out to create a courier of his own now friends what happens is that when a student a typical student who is from a family

Business background comes to college he does not know what he wants to do with his life but he is very sure that i don’t want to do my family business why further reasons best known to him now what happens is that this student if he is hardworking he works hard studies takes a management degree and starts working in a multinational company after working there for

25 10 years he realizes that this is a rat race and he is not reaching anywhere in life so he decides to quit one secret he hardly has few options with him maybe consulting maybe starting his own business but given the scenarios today it is very tough so in the end he resigns and goes back to his family business now here you have an unmotivated dissatisfied soul

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Who has wasted 15 years of his life trying and experimenting to do things and finally resigned it to family managed business we’re his only motivation is to continue doing business and the message that he would pass on to his next generation would be the same that whatever you want to do you do but don’t know family business because family business is in any case a

Last resort so we at aifmd which is asia institute of family manage business and not for-profit enterprise are running business clubs around colleges to make students aware that family manage business could be a great option for you right at the start your family has struggled for so many years to start this business from zero and they have brought it til 10 if you

Are highly motivated to join your family business right from your college days what happens to you is you have a wonderful opportunity of taking this business from 10 two hundred one hundred two thousand and thousand to ten thousand you really need not do the struggle with your parents or your grandparents did when they started from a scratch hence family business

Is not just an option but the most wonderful and aptly suited option for you because you are being trained to do your family business not in the school or college but right from the time that you were born in this family all the conversations that you had at dinner tables all the family values that were installed into you right at the start helps you to create a

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Courier where you are not employed by someone but you create employment opportunities for more number of people in the economy think about it family managed business is one of the top most business categories globally and especially in asia asian values of family bonding are so strong that it is very easy for one to grow family business to a next level altogether

We have several several examples we’re a close family bonding has created very large businesses examples like reliance industries examples like sun pharma can aptly tell you what happens when you join your own family business and take it to the next level so friends here we are not trying to add work just advocate family manage business but we are trying to tell

You that this is the best career opportunity available to you if you are a student of today and you belong to a business family ask someone who is not from business family and he will tell you that what a great platform you already have available which he will struggle to create for his life think about it for family managed business finance accounts costing and

Many more topics stay tuned to our channel financed you so let us understand what venture capital is venture capital or popularly what we call as vc is a big pool of money

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