Fast and Ultra Compact Plastic Bag Hack

Folding plastic bags into more compact units has plagued men and women over the age of time. For the first time in history, allow me to introduce the fastest and most compact way to fold a plastic bag! Reuse those one time use bags. Reuse those reusable bags! Have these little compact nuggets in your car for when you need one. Don’t let it pile up in your kitchen and suck up all the space! Have fun!

This is a tutorial on how to fold plastic bags into these little nugget things so most likely is not going to be that big you probably squish them down a little bit kind of like like that right so you got three plastic bags right here squashed down somewhat but if you fold it it would look very nice like this and just a lot more manageable so let’s get to it

I’m gonna start with a one-time use bag you first straighten it out put your thumb in the bottom corner and also in one of the handles and just pull it apart like that and also do it to the other side pull it apart just kind of tuck that in and you just straighten it out a little bit fold it in half now fold it two times one two squish out all the air and then

Take one of the handles gently pull it back until this is the farthest it would go fold this up all the way to this edge right here that’s one time two time three time four time and now you have a loop over here fold it over itself flip it flip it so that it’s nice and neat and then you just wrap this around itself until you used up the whole loop so you turn

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It 180 degrees wrap it over turn it 180 degrees and wrap it back turn it another 180 degrees wrap it back now you got this self-contained little piece of bag when you need to use it just pull it open and it opens up pretty easily i’m going to do it with a reusable bag now put your thumb at the bottom corner and also one of the handles pull it taut and also put

Your finger at the other side of the bottom of the bag and also the handle and pull it taut now we flatten it out like this flatten out the handles if you need to and we just do the same procedure fold it in half fold it into thirds one two and squeeze out all the air from one side to the other wall squeeze it out fold one of the handles as far back as it can

Go this will vary from bag to bag how far back it will go and we just fold it in half fold it second time fold it third time and this is about good then we get back to the loop here and fold it onto itself just kind of flip it over put the handle over like that and then you twist it 180 degrees flip it onto itself and you see this time it only takes one time

For it to secure itself and just massage it a little bit to make the inside a little bit bigger in case sometimes you have a little bit of slack on here and now you get all nice and folded here are all the bags i folded so far this is one of my earlier prototypes and i tried to tuck it back into itself but this was a little bit too much work as you can see this

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Is a target bag i can just do it two three maybe i want to come back here and fold it into thirds instead since this is a little bit nicer flip it over twist on to oh this is gonna be a little a tight fit here okay sometimes you have these little tabs that are coming out these are from the holes that holds the bag onto the bag holder so you can just kind of

Tuck it in to be neat about it especially when you’re stuck in quarantine this is something to do you can clean up your cabinet with a lot of these reusable bags that’s just all over the place that’s all for today thanks for watching you

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Fast and Ultra Compact Plastic Bag Hack By BeatTheBush

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