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How to play the Monopoly game so you use as little time as possible to collect the pieces. You essentially should not tape the pieces as that wastes tape and takes a long time to find the location on the board. Just open them all at once, sort and keep them in the 4 game pieces per page state. Then you look up which ones are rare as determined by the internet.

Probably going to pretty this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you the most time efficient way to play this monopoly game from safeway now this game officially ends may 9 2000 17 but they’re going to give away tickets until they run out what basically happens in this game is you by various qualifying products and then you get one ticket for each of these

Products that you buy however now that the game is winding to a close you’ll find that a lot of stores are just handing these tickets out freely and then they’re just giving a huge stack away like this just for buying a few items now they have various good prices and it’s certainly not worth it to try to buy more tickets by buying more items so if you normally buy

Our groceries there and you happen to get a few tickets yeah go ahead and play it certainly not worth it to get more tickets because the odds are winning are so low it’s even less than the lottery however if you’re going to get a whole bunch of tickets like this you need a really efficient way to process through all of them because it’s certainly not worth it to

Use this game board and stick it on every little position there is because you’re going to end up wasting a lot of tape let me go over the prizes that i already want from playing about 230 tickets now keep in mind when i’m playing this game is actually fun for me so you might go oh this is a waste of time to bagels we’re here and i eat them already hamburger bun

There’s four more big ones right here five prompt flour or french bread a lasagna thing i have to a on sour cream a coca-cola a potato salad over here a french bread and right here yet a piece of cash five dollars this is the actual $5 so it’s handed to me you go to the customer service and they give you the cash this is my game board just to show you what i have

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You see i started with taping at all now i’m not going to ever do that again but you do see that i mark all the rare positions over here just so that if i get a rare one i would know right away in the future i don’t recommend to put these pieces on the game board anymore just look up the rare one and if you happen to have the rare one then you can go back and try

To get all the other pieces if you’re wondering where all the rare pieces are i’m going to put a list later on in the video what you do is just get three or four of them like this and then just tear off the ends and then leave that just like that and then you just keep on doing three or four of them depending on how well you can do it you handle this for a while

Your fingers do tend to get a little sticky from all the ink i think you want to keep them all in the same direction because that makes things faster okay here’s the last one took four minutes to do the whole stack of about eighty six pieces this is all the end pieces trash so i’m going to pull it out like this and dig my thumb under and separate it apart and open

It and then put it here now you see i already got a free doughnut or bagel over here and i’m not going to read any of this right now is just opening them all up i just started about thirty seconds ago and i’m going to do it faster and faster as i get used to this motion it seems like if i share it open sometimes it has trouble ripping apart so i need to attend it

Dig my finger underneath and pull it apart like that since they’re giving a lot of these away the instant game ticket winners don’t matter as much anymore okay now at this stage what i recommend to do is just split them all up into categories coupons online access codes these kind of digital content codes is not very valuable so i separate them out online access

Codes instant winner coupons these are the shutterfly things which are pretty useless look i got some free bananas i got some bananas before so this is a probably my favorite one because it’s actually a fruit and it’s healthy for you i think i got some salt over here and then right now these are pretty easy to care off see all of them can tear off like that this


Maybe i’ll split in the two now there are three types of coupons here there’s these online codes which if you have 20 of these you can get about $5 off of a fandango ticket but i’m not sure if you can stack them so you know your mileage may vary there are these nickelodeon things which gives you online content which is just basically useless unless you’re a kid

Over here these are a lot of the coupons and generally they’re not that great a coupon you got some you know semi good ones but the really good ones are the actual free stuff free donut free salt free banana more game pieces more more game pieces for you donut more game piece more game piece so in this batch over here i didn’t get all that much good stuff now

Let’s process all these game pieces and see which ones are rare here are all the rare and semi rare game pieces the summary rare ones are indicated by this little star for any given monopoly game after some time you’re going to find on the forms online that people are going to start telling you which ones are the rare ones now this is going to be a very big time

Saver because you can do this just say all your pieces like this without putting on the game board you take one and you look at xd there’s no xd here so you know this one is not rare so you can move on sd sd not their jd jd not there hc hc not there this whole thing is not rare we can put this aside and not even stick it on the board now i’m going to move on we

Either look at if it’s an 8 or a 9 if it’s 8 we know it’s in this area if it’s 9 over here so it’s 8 x which i know it’s over here is c it’s not there aw aw b not there a dd a dd not there 8 z a is ea not there and if you do this enough you might almost memorize some of them already there’s some overlap between 9 and 8 so sometimes you might mistake in a 9 for

An 8 and then you would look over here and go oh i have this piece but then it’s really an 8 so then it’s not a rare piece after all for example maybe you had a 9 cc right but then you looked over here and you’re looking at cc oh good i have a really rare piece but really it’s a 9 cc so don’t get too excited make sure you at cc and it’s an 8 so out of this whole

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Pile i did get an a db which is a semi rare you got to realize that semi rare does not mean you want you still need the very rare one this list is not definite but i am pretty sure the rare pieces are correct the semi rare might be not as semi rare as it says it is so here’s my stash this is about 300 game pieces times more of course you can imagine how much tape

You would have wasted if you stuck all this on your game board so i hope you enjoyed this quick method of playing this game i estimate all the goods that i received plus that $5 it’s about thirty dollars in total i’d say i spent about half an hour to 45 minutes for each 100 game pieces so that’s about two hours worth of my time and in return i got about fifteen

Dollars worth of goods for each hour now the peel of $15 an hour just for my case is not very good but it’s kind of like the lottery if the more you play the more you might win but the probability is so slim but of course you have to play to win i guess i wouldn’t consider it work really because while i’m doing this i actually have a great time of trying to figure

Out how to make it the most efficient picking it on this thing wasn’t so fun and i’d say looking it up against that cheesy to see which one is the rare pieces is actually not all that fun so overall it is fun for me so it really depends if you like this kind of stuff don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re going to use

My method to process all your tickets if you happen to have a whole bunch of them if you’re interested in supporting channel i have an audible link down in the visitor efficient below also a game play i have a patreon over here and forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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