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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to compare the feiyutech g4 qd q d stands for quick dismantling and the fei you take g4s which is the latest model let me just say that the g4 s is a lot better it costs about $20 more but – all the bad things on this one it’s definitely worth it to pay $20 more for this one now let me just say that

In its most simple mode it does work because see i can tilt it go forward and back and then i can do panning all the modes in this one is in the g4s but the deal breaker with this thing is that when you power off like this look at the lens tries to hit this metal part right here the scratching your lens now i don’t want my gopro to ever scratch because if you’re

Using this thing you are going to power it off and upon a lot of usage someday you’re going to hold it at this very angle and power it off and it’s going to come crashing down and it’s going to hit this metal piece right here and scratch your lens and boom there goes your gopro so just because of that i will not get this qd version i do have a review on the g4 s

Version and i highly recommend that one over this one and i’ll put the link over here another bad thing about this is that it comes with this little cable you have to put this in in order to charge it now this cable goes from this side and then this cable swings back over here and you have to actually unpeel this sticker and plug this weird connector in this is not

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A product when when you have cables flying like this this is not an electronics product it can easily catch on to something and pull your gopro right out and there goes your gopro whereas this g4s you just plug it in here and you can charge it by flipping the switch another bad thing about this qd version is that the mini usb plug right here it’s not attached to

This thing so once once this little little plug comes off you can easily lose it and in fact i just dropped it on the ground just now whereas on this g4s version you can pull it up but then it’s a little attached it’s like little things like that that makes it matter now this g4s is a 360 degree version it can like swing all over the place but there are dead spots

However on this qd version there are actual mechanical stops here see it stops you cannot swing it all the way around this roll definitely doesn’t work because you’re mechanically stopped over here and the tilt is also mechanically restricted see i’m hitting a hard stop right here and also on the upside i found that this is a little bit harder to put in and out

Of the gopro you have to kind of like push this in like this and and get it in there not too bad but i like this g4s attachment a lot better because you just flip in the gopro and then you just attach that bracket i can do it within two seconds this one takes me maybe like three or four seconds to do that just because this is um this is just pushing it and i got

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A slowly nudge it in there yeah see three or four seconds other than that both of them comes with two pairs of batteries the charger the cable to charge it with this little dongle thing to upgrade the firmware this g4 qd however doesn’t come with a case it just comes with this little foam thing so just because of the case it’s already worth twenty dollars more to

Me so before you go out and buy one of these gimbals i hope you caught this review so that you won’t buy this qd version don’t forget i do have links in the video description below to where to get any of these this one or this one but i highly recommend the g4s version don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down let me know which one you like better and

Don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching an interesting thing you can do with both of these gimbals is that if you kind of hold the top like this it goes nuts this g4s version does the same thing except because it’s 360 it just keeps on spinning i hold it what

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