Fidget Spinner! | 5 Ways to make Money off Viral Trend Fidget Spinners!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about five ways to make money off this viral trend of fidget spinners fidget spinners are these things you just hold in your hand you spin it and it’s supposed to help with like a dd adhd the product that was created like six seven

Months ago and it’s gone completely viral these two seventeen year olds created the product it’s actually quite a story they create this product and now they’re selling hundreds of thousands of units on it and there’s talked at these two 17-year olds have gone from basically no wealth at all to basically like millionaires in a matter of six seven months just from

These fidget centers so now before i even get into the five ways i just want to like give you guys some context here people it amazes me that people have so many opinions whenever these viral trends come up and they would rather discuss you know all this is so cool this is so dumb those kinds of things rather than make money off of it like when i see one of these

Viral trends or something like that like i think how can i make money off that how can i make my subscribers money off that how can i tell them hey here are some ways you can make money off this because why the hell do people just want to argue about this is stupid this is great instead of trying to make money off it you know think about a couple months ago or maybe

Six months ago was remember the thousand-degree nice thing that that was exploding on youtube on google like everything like videos are getting ridiculous amounts of views if you just have like a thousand degree knife in it or whatever people were arguing you know oh this is such a stupid trend blah blah blah meanwhile they’re watching the video so why they even

Watching the videos the stupid trend to begin with but people are arguing back and forth oh yeah this is all this is cool this is stupid instead of like going out there and creating money like hundreds if not thousands of people made thousands of dollars off that like people made ferraris off of that stupid trend well i shouldn’t even say stupid it has it’s not for

My if not for me to judge if it’s stupid or not i mean i enjoy watching guys slam dunk a basketball on each other’s heads like like is that stupid i guess who like to judge i’m enjoying in the whole time i watched 250 pound players like run into a other in football like is a that is my thing stupid like who like to judge what’s what’s entertainment what’s stupid

Who might a judge if facebook school or instagram school or snapchat school or twitter or whatever who might to judge people based upon what they want to watch so you know what their entertainment is like in the end of the day you know you can either choose to participate it or you can choose to sit around and argue about it so it’s up to you my thing is here we go

Guys five ways to make money off this viral trends so number five you can make videos here on youtube if you have a youtube channel or create a youtube channel and you know a bunch of different tricks you can do with these fidget spinners you can make like trick videos all about fidget spinners i looked just yesterday i was looking online on youtube here and i was

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Like searching fidget spinner and i was looking at how many videos had a hundred thousand plus views that just had like trick trick shots or trick you know fidget spinner tricks type thing and there was ridiculous amounts of videos guys like channels that are you know maybe have 500,000 subscribers it would have like 200,000 views on a fidget spinner trick video

Within the first 24 hours which is just ridiculous that’s just ridiculous i mean an average channel like that should maybe be getting the 30,000 maybe 20,000 views on an average video within the first 24 hours if they have a half million subscribers to be getting 200,000 just shows you how much of a viral trend this is so if you know hunch of tricks to do with

These things i would create a youtube channel that isn’t just about that so when if in when the trend does die because who knows this trend might go out for another week it might go out a month from now it might go out a year from now we don’t know you know these trends come and go so you don’t want to create it just about that but create a channel in like that so

We could kickstart things for your youtube channel if you’re creating you know a bunch of different tricks on there and you can make it fun and entertaining and whatnot and then you just kind of when this trending kind of dies off then you move on to something else and something else after that guy so that’s definitely one way you can make money if you don’t have

A youtube channel that you have to unfortunately in the new youtube rules is you have to get 10,000 views on a channel before you can monetize now unfortunately but if you already have a channel and you have 10,000 views in a the criteria of the video then maybe you can do that guys so that’s the first one number 4 you can make a website all about fidget spinners

And it will drive traffic from google make sure you know about seo tag titling things in the website make website pages about you know best the best fidget spinners you can buy best fidget spinners under $5 you know best tricks you can do with the fidget center and then have affiliate marketing on that website have affiliate marketing so every time somebody clicks

To buy one of those things you have linked there from amazon you get a commission on that you get 6 to 12 percent so you got to set up if you don’t already have it set up and you want to do this you have to set up an amazon affiliate marketing take program just type in amazon affiliate marketing into google you’ll be able to pull that up you’ll be able to set up

An account there it’s not rocket science there and you would make money off that you can also place google ads up on that website and then if people click on those ads they click on those ads but i think the real way is do the amazon affiliate marketing straight to these products you’re talking about in the videos or you might not be talking about them you’re

Probably you know blogging about it or whatever on your website or writing about it have affiliate links in there guys you can make a lot of money off that because right now there’s a lot of traffic driving to those websites but once again you got a d on this now because this trend could die in a week it could die in a month from now so if you spend you know three

Weeks four weeks setting up a website it’s going to be too late by then at that time guys number three you want to make social media type videos about pager spinner so an idea with the top five digit spinners under $10 you can make that you could put that on facebook then maybe people start sharing it you put that on instagram you could put that on twitter i don’t


Really recommend snapchat because snapchat doesn’t have like a discover feature where you can like hashtag and those kinds of things like you can with instagram twitter and facebook so but instagram twitter facebook even here on youtube you know making videos about all these different subjects you know that’s multi tack fidget spinner you could buy because i know

There’s a lot of them that now that are selling like five of these fidget spinners in a pack like what’s the best one people can get in those kinds of things you would set up affiliate links on there just like the other one or you get up straight advertising on it you can do product promos where you know someone’s actually making these fish spinners you have them

On you do a show about it or you you maybe do product placement where they pay you 500 bucks 200 bucks a thousand bucks whatever amount you’re worth you know to basically talk about their products in the video things like that guys number two you can buy phidias spinners in bowl from alibaba so alibaba is a lot of these chinese suppliers are making these like crazy

Right now you’ll buy it in bulk you might be able to get them for 50 cents a pop 75 cents a pop and then you can resell them on ebay etsy some of these websites you might be able to get 3 bucks for an idea we get 4 or 5 bucks for those kinds of things guys you know as long as you can get the shipping cost down enough to maybe let’s say you’re getting it where the

Shipping is only costing let’s say an extra dollar per fidgets spinner and you’re paying 75 cents so maybe your cost is dollar 75 if you’re able to sell that for 4 bucks you really make a pretty nice profit on and they’re selling like insane right now so the chances you’re going to get sales from that or higher than they’ve ever been right so that’s definitely a

Strategy you can do but that’s a little tougher for for most people because you’re going to want to buy in a huge amount of bulk because you want to get the price down as low as much so you might want to buy 5,000 10,000 and these things so you’re going to need to make an investment of a couple thousand dollars probably an n so that was a little more challenging

For most people because most people moon just have thousands of dollars sitting around to do something like this guys but that’s definitely strategy and it can definitely work number one number one is in my opinion the best one you can do is buy a 3d printer if you have money i mean 3d printers have come down great dealing in great deal cost over time make a fidget

Spinner that is the ultra premium come up with a design come up with a style that makes your fidget spinner your create with your little 3d printer like the best the creme de la creme a lot of people are competing right now at the bottom end you know the product came out those like i said those two seventeen year olds creative then all the knockoffs came from china and

They’re creating you know these ones that they’re trying to sell for two bucks or three bucks or whatever so you have a lot of people competing at the bottom trying to compete at the top try to create the best fidget spinner the coolest like the one that you know if the kid comes up and you’ve got 40 fidget stinger is like oh look at mine it’s been so much better

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Than your little ghetto thing over there you know that type of thing that’s a real thing like no matter what any product out there you can create an ultra premium product of that and as long as it is actually ultra premium you can sell it for an ultra premium price and people will buy it just because it’s the best i mean think about it there’s every product out

There you could possibly imagine this phone cases right a lot of people find cheap phone cases i buy cheap phone cases you know ones that cost three four bucks or whatever but there’s a lot of people that want the fifty dollar phone case the $75 phone case because it’s the best phone case and it protects your phone the best and these kinds of things guys so think

About that come up with a design i don’t know what the design is but it’s got to be a design that makes it feel like this is like the ultra premium this is the best digit center out there and then create that with your 3d printer start selling them on ebay store selling on amazon starts on etsy some of these have a website and then you know just go from there with

The production and if awesome you start building up and sales start coming in buy another 3d printer with the money that coming in and then buy another one that’s what those kids did the 17 year olds they started out on their school’s 3d printer right they started selling them and they’re like crap we’re getting way too many orders for the school to do so now we

Need to buy some so they bought eight and next thing you know they bought 30 and they open the factory and next thing you know it was like thirty 3d printers going full-time 24 hours a day was not enough so he started actually on at that point they started actually getting it done in china so you know it’s definitely a possibility out there that’s five ways you

Can make money off this fidgets spinner trend don’t think of trends as like stupid or argue about them back and forth think about them as how do i make money on this trend how do i capitalize on it because it’s either you’re going to capitalize on it and make a lot of money off it or some money off it maybe you won’t make a lot maybe you’ll just make 50 bucks maybe

I’ll make a hundred bucks off the trend but i guarantee you someone else is going to do it anyways so it’s up to you whether you want to make the money or you want somebody else to so it’s your call at the end of the day guys you can make your own choice thank you so much for watching if you took came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal

Finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips kind of a business entrepreneur type video we talked to stock markets the most of anything how to make your money into money thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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