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Filament Health Corp. (OTCQB:FLHLF) (NEO:FH) (FSE:7QS) CEO Interview ✅ RICH TV LIVE – January 12, 2022 – Filament Health Corp. ( OTCQB:FLHLF ) ( NEO:FH ) ( FSE:7QS ) (“Filament” or the “Company”), commends the formal restoration of access to restricted drugs through the Health Canada Special Access Program (SAP). The SAP allows health care practitioners to request for patients, on an emergency basis, access to drugs that are not yet approved in Canada . Since 2013, Canadians have been unable to access restricted drugs such as psilocybin and psilocin through the SAP. Thanks to the amendment, this access has been restored as of today. #filamenthealth #interview #richtvlive #ceo #business #news #finance #stocks #trading #money #psychedelics

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of filament health benjamin lightburn how you doing today benjamin doing great thanks rich

Can i call you ben ben’s fine yep perfect well ben i’m really excited to learn more about filament health we’ve already been telling our community about your company prepping them for this interview prepping them for what could be a huge year for filament health can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with filament health sure

Um well the way i got involved was by founding the company so i was i’ve been involved right from the right from the very beginning right from signing on the dotted line um but what what drew me into psychedelics and and drew me to start um filament health was is the fact that i’ve spent my whole career um producing botanical extracts producing high value

Compounds from from natural sources and also commercializing new technologies for getting those kinds of compounds out of those natural sources so your ingredients for cosmetics ingredients for dietary supplements ingredients for pharmaceutical products these high-value natural extracts are present in in a lot of different products a lot of different aisles

Of the grocery store and of the health food store have these kinds of natural extracts and i’ve really spent my whole career uh working on those kinds of things and when the psychedelics industry was was kind of getting started a couple years ago um one thing struck me as really odd was that even though all of these psychedelic substances like psilocybin dmt

Mescaline they’re all natural compounds they were all discovered in nature but over time it’s become commonplace to manufacture them synthetically in a lab and while there’s not anything necessarily wrong with that approach we know that people prefer natural products right in in all aspects of your their life right they don’t take synthetic caffeine over a

Cup of coffee right they don’t prefer artificial sweetener over natural sweetener right so why should psychedelics be any different you only have to look to an industry like cannabis where people prefer natural products seven days out of seven right they you know there is synthetic cannabinoids but they’re poorly tolerated they’re just not not very popular

So it was really that the combination of experience in natural extraction of natural substances plus this what we saw as a big opportunity to um uh take advantage of the fact that no one was really pursuing the natural extraction of psychedelics and and that that’s sort of the the founding story of filament that’s pretty exciting we’re excited to see the

Company grow and evolve and we’ve been really following the psychedelic sector for a couple of years now and it’s really starting to gain steam can you tell us what are some of your milestones that have set you’ve set for this year for filament health and what shareholders can look forward to so um at the end of last year we’re really excited to announce

Um our biggest milestone to date which was uh getting clinical trial authorization by the fda for the first ever clinical trial using natural psychedelic sources this this is a fact that’s surprising to some right like all uh clinical trials approved by the fda up till now have been with synthetically prepared psychedelics and we’re very proud to announce

That we came along and changed that right now there’s a clinical trial that’s been approved um that will use our naturally extracted botanical psilocybin and and silicon um so i think the the the the most exciting at least for now um updates to look forward to over the next coming year is results from this trial right so first ever natural clinical trial we’re

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Looking for uh potential potentially to be able to prove that um people respond better to natural products um we’re also looking to prove that people might respond better to directly administering salosine rather than psilocybin and that’s something interesting too because this is the first clinical trial to directly administer a compound called salocine and

And people may have heard of this compound because it’s the active form of psilocybin um psilocybin on its own interestingly is not actually active in the human body it needs to convert into a related compound called solocin but because when manufactured synthetically salocin is very unstable it’s it’s become commonplace again to manufacture psilocybin instead

This means that no clinical trials have actually looked at directly administering solosin which we think will have a number of benefits compared to psilocybin so over the next year we’re going to look for results from this clinical trial as well as getting our extracts into a phase two trial uh in the fda so we’re going to look at the effects of our extracts our

Naturally extracted psychedelics in patients um with uh depression so those those would be two big big milestones uh over the next year wow that’s gonna be exciting to watch you guys really hit those milestones ben can you tell us about the management and the team at filament health especially their past success in the public markets great question um myself

And and many of uh our colleagues at filament we actually all work together at a botanical extraction company called matza innovation this is a a local vancouver area biotech startup uh which was founded in 2013 and then we actually sold that company in 2018. um that gave us a lot of the experience in making extracts and building a company and making a facility

Getting health canada licenses uh generating ip for patents uh all that all that kind of stuff um that was a private company um uh sold in the private in the private markets to to a public company um so so filament is actually my very first experience with a public company so that’s why it became very important to add uh expertise to the team um uh with

With demonstrated success in the in the public markets our cfo warren warren duncan is a uh reformed investment banker he uh he left a cushy job at coremark securities to come join us so he obviously you know knows the ins and outs of bay street really well um and in fact the the chair of our board is a fellow called greg mills um he’s the former head of

Rbc global equities uh so that’s just that’s just two examples of how um i’ve been trying to surround myself with people much wiser in the in the ins and outs of the of the public market side that’s great and that’s what it takes to be successful you need to surround yourself with people that are experts in their fields and that’s how you can really grow so

You’re doing all the right things now the company recently announced the health canada has restored the access to restricted drugs via the special access program for health care practitioners can you tell us how and what this means for filament health we’re very excited by this announcement by health canada that as you said they’ve they’ve restored access to

Restricted drugs so restricted drugs like psilocybin and cilicin are considered restricted drugs in 2013 vying an amendment health canada actually removed access to restricted drugs via the special access program so the special access program is a program that’s designed to allow canadians through their healthcare practitioners to request access to drugs on

An individual basis that are not yet approved in canada so for example these could be drugs that are approved in other jurisdictions or undergoing clinical trials uh here at home but they’re not yet approved as drugs it we have to be careful what we say because it’s actually illegal to advertise drugs for sale through the special access program but you know

What i can say is that through the special access program canadians can request access to experimental therapies and also filament health is one of a few canadian companies to have in-house experimental experiment experimental therapies in health canada approved clinical trials so i think that’s actually a very very exciting development for for canada as well

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Because we’re seeing that health canada itself is responding to the evidence in support of of of psychedelics as well as the desire of canadians right many canadians are already 100 convinced that psychedelics are safe and effective and that we should have more access to them and so this is health canada you know normally we don’t give the the government credit

For for listening and adapting but this is health canada listening and adapting to new evidence and new desires as they come wow that’s uh that’s a huge breakthrough now if filament health were to compare itself to its competitors in this sector what would you say sets you guys apart i think the the biggest thing that that sets us apart um amongst almost all

Psychedelic companies um is the fact that our candidates are um our drug candidates are in approved human clinical trials um and they also enjoy significant amounts of ip protection so if you look at the the clinical trials that are currently being run most of those are with you know un relatively unprotected or completely unprotected um uh molecules that are

Not patentable because they’re found in nature right what companies are trying to do to get around that is invent new molecules which are patentable but by and large those have a much longer drug development pathway ahead because there’s no history of safety and efficacy and it’s much harder to get into a human clinical trial in addition to being a naturally

Focused company we think that we found an elegant solution to this problem because we have a number of patented technologies employed in the manufacture of our drug candidates as well as the fact that our drug candidates are actually complex mixtures of all of the active metabolites of the psychedelic species so our magic mushroom product contains not just

Psilocybin but it contains silicin beocystine all these other secondary metabolites that you’ve heard of they’re they’re actually complex mixtures which are almost impossible to uh to replicate for competitors but they consist of these kind of classical molecules which have uh demonstrated safety and efficacy so we can both get into human clinical trials

Quickly but also enjoy significant ip protection if you compare us to other naturally focused um uh psychedelics company i think the thing that sets us apart um uh the most is is is our level of advancement right we have we have these we have these products in approved human clinical trials in the u.s and canada our facility is gmp we have dealer’s license

We’re permitted to manufacture any controlled natural psychedelic substance these are a lot of milestones that that people are trying to achieve but still have still have a ways to go wow congratulations on all your success so far ben can you go through the capital structure of filament health for our viewers and our community we love to understand the

Fundamentals of the company how much shares are on you know issuing outstanding how many shares are held by insiders can also explain a little bit about your plan in 2022 on how you plan to attract more institutional as well as retail investors great great question um the the company enjoys a significant uh degree of insider ownership um insiders and

Management owned about 65 of all the outstanding shares wow um as we were getting started um over the last couple of years the the natural story frankly uh did not resonate with an institutional investor audience they were basically didn’t think that well the whole thesis of the company is that natural psychedelics are possible right that’s the thing that

We’re trying to prove and i think we’ve done a pretty good job of proving up till now but that when we got started was not very clear to very many people especially the institutional audience on the other hand the kind of retail audience our extended networks our friends and family the the appetite for those types of people to invest was was was very large

Because of that by the time we went public we have almost no institutional shareholders in our in our investor base and almost almost 100 percent um uh retail investors but of course now that we’ve actually proven that it is possible to get natural psychedelic drug candidates into fda approved clinical trials that it’s possible to get ip you know we have our

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First patents got issued over the summer time um that it’s possible for natural to be gnp all these question marks that the more institutional audience had a year or two ago have been answered now we are looking back at the institutionals what i will say is um now that we’re listed in the us and we’re developing relationships with u.s investment bankers their

Analysts uh and their investors um i think uh in the next couple months it uh there’s some things being worked on that wouldn’t be wouldn’t be surprising to see some institutional participation in our in our stock that’s great now here at rich tv live we love to interview companies to find companies that are undervalued underappreciated underexposed if there

Was one thing you would want investors to know about filament health today what would that be i would say well i mean all those things you said i think do apply to us i think um i think the the one thing that um separates us from you know much from a much larger market cap is simply just awareness right um i would encourage investors to look at all that we’ve

Achieved right the number of drug candidates that we have in approved uh uh clinical trials issued patents um you know in-house manufacturing capabilities um revenue right um we we announced some a revenue generating deal a couple of months ago whereby we can actually license our drug candidates to other psychedelics companies uh who are more than happy to pay

Us for the for the pleasure of using them in in their clinical trials um i i you know i really think um operationally we have a lot to be proud of um so i encourage people to do their due diligence and compare what we have um and how quickly we’ve achieved it um compared to others and um and and use that to extrapolate into the into the future and who’s going

To be the successful horse to bet on we’ve got investors from all over the world that will see this video and this interview what is the best way for those investors to get in touch with the company if they have any questions or if they just like to learn more about filament health they’re welcome to send us an email hello at anytime you’ll

You’ll get answered by our friendly agent standing by 24 7. and definitely sign up for the mailing list on our website um we send out a lot of uh really cool information about magic mushrooms pictures of you know different different mushrooms and various stages of maturity a lot of lot of interesting things in in our mailing list so either directly by email or

Or sign up for our mailing list are the two good ways fantastic thank you so much today for your time today the ceo of filament health benjamin lightburn i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv

Live in saying that i do believe this is a very fast growing sector and a company that is very undervalued under appreciated underexposed put them on your radar put them on your watch list fill them in health you can see the symbol here in canada fh symbol in america f l h l f and thank you for joining us today ben and we wish you all the best of luck in 2022.

Thanks rich looking forward to coming back on the show in the next couple months yeah we’d love to invite you back and for those of you guys that are watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first let’s have a great 2022 let’s start off with a bang thank you for watching everybody this is your

Boy rich from rich to be live with benjamin leiper i’m the ceo of filament health saying have a nice day we’ll see you soon you

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